Monday Matters!!!

-I’m BACK!!!!!! Not only am I back to running, I’m back to trail running.  I’m beyond glad that I took time off from running after the marathon because my mind and body are now recovered and ready to run again.

IMG 0233

Candice met me for 5 miles of dirt and talking while Brooke had her phone call with her dad at my mom’s house.  

I have no idea what our pace was because we stopped and took some walking breaks on the uphills and I just kept my watch going. 

IMG 0240

-It felt so good to slip my cascadia’s back on—>  here is my review on the shoes!  

IMG 0244

-I was a little picture happy this morning.

IMG 0241

-What it looks like when somebody writes a blog post while in pigeon pose because their hip flexors are tight:

IMG 0008

-HOW DID SHE FALL ASLEEP WITH AN ICE CREAM CONE IN HER HAND!?!?!  When I have an ice cream cone in my hand it is my first priority.

IMG 1167

Thelma & Louise.  DDP just makes road trips go by so much more smoothly.  

IMG 0011

-Fresh out of my mom’s freezer.  The lime one is beyond tasty.

IMG 0014

 -Just the usual:

 IMG 0204

-I had a fancy date last week and had this almost too gorgeous to eat meal.  It was a steak straight from heaven.  

IMG 9886

-Real life:  my Boston jacket on at all times and out of control hair.

IMG 9870

-Because wearing socks that match the insides of my shoes just makes me really happy.  

IMG 9935

-The winner of the Ray-Ban giveaway is:

Screen Shot 2015 05 04 at 1 51 54 PM

-I’ve had a lot of people ask me about what protein powder I use… Here it is:

IMG 0254

-I don’t know about you but salads never ever get boring to me.  It is alarming how quickly I go through my bag of sweet potatoes and my turkey burgers from Costco.

IMG 0249


Do you get sick of the same food easily?  Or could you eat the same things pretty much every day and be fine with it?

Do you use protein powder?  What kind?

Please rate your love of trail running on a scale from 1-10.

Did you run today?! Where?

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I don’t really get sick of food. I could eat the same stuff everyday (and sometimes do!)
I don’t use protein powder, but need to! I might check out that kind you posted about. I’ve had Muscle Milk in the past, but it didn’t seem to do much but add calories.
Trail running: never tried because I’m too chicken. But at least I’m honest!
I ran yesterday for the first time since my half marathon! It felt wonderful. Recovery really does help, doesn’t it :)


whaaaaaaat sleeping with the ice cream cone?!? what is that…. ANY food, thats my top priority.

I can eat the same food every day, so long as I get some sugar/desserts in there too hahaha i need my sweets!

I use protein powder, but i dont know what. my boyfriend buys it, and he got banana flavored last time YUCK. I can only put it in things, I can’t drink it on its own in almond milk, like I do with the chocolate.

I pretty much only run trails at this point! Living so close to all these mountains, its silly to run on the road! and no run today, rest day!


My hair always looks like a crazy sweat mop after I workout especially when it’s rainy and humid which thankfully isn’t often in the desert. I’m definitely checking out hide shoes I started trail running a new months ago and need something different than my normal running shoes. For protein, I love the new Vega mocha flavor. Add with just water and it’s pure heaven!


I eat the same thing every day, and I never get sick of it. I used to take my lunch to school every day from kindergarten to senior year, and it was the same thing… maybe a little extreme ;)

I have never actually been on a trail run. SAD! The closest thing I’ve came to trail running is country road gravel I guess. Which is not a pretty sight. I ran on the treadmill today.


Just curious…what was it??


I definitely get sick of foods if I eat them too often. I usually rotate between some regular meals/lunches. Right now I’m on a salad-kick which is probably better than the fries kick I was on before ;-)

I do not use protein powder – it is kind of expensive.

I did not run today – except to my car to grab relay batons…


I can eat the same stuff for only so long before I’m seriously bored! So funny that she fell asleep with that ice cream, she must have been exhausted. At least it wasn’t a lollipop? Too cute :)


I eat the same breakfast and lunch every day and never get sick of it: oatmeal for breakfast and sweet potatoes with nut butter and roasted veggies for lunch. Seriously, I am addicted to sweet potatoes and go through withdrawal when I don’t have one.
I did run today …on the treadmill because it began to thunder and rain but then it cleared up quickly! If I had know it wasn’t going to storm back I would have run my favorite path.


I use Only Protein. They’re a Utah based company and a very clean product. No GMOs or anything. I really like it. I get it at Harmon’s.

I just started eating sweet potatoes on the daily again and I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without them!


I did 9 trail miles this morning for mah birrrfday! I miss the days I was young enough to run the number of miles as the age I was turning. Lets be 9 for forever and eat unlimited froyo and candy and never have to worry? Kay, great.

Those Boston nails…still going Boston Strong. :)


I eat the same 2 breakfasts (eggs+guac+fruit pre workout then oatmeal+apple+almonds+flax post workout). You would totally think I would be sick of both of them but I look forward to them each day!!

Mondays have become my rest day! I love sleeping in a bit then having my morning coffee in bed. Makes starting the work week a bit easier I think. Running tomorrow!


I am such a weirdo! I can eat the same foods every day and never get tired of them. Luckily, my husband is the opposite so we’re always trying new things.
I love trail running and have a race on June!!
Today’s run: all over LA to get the “lay of the land!”


hahahaha 2.0 #lifeishard #gohard #andthengoharder #andthengoharderafterthat


I pretty much eat the same things everyday and never get tired of them :) though I occasionally mix it up, so that breaks up the monotony

I use Vega One protein powder – it’s the best!

I have a love/hate relationship with trails, so I would say 5.


Hahahahahahah that picture of sleeping Brooke made my Monday!

Also, I always mean to ask, how do you cook your sweet potatoes? Do you microwave them or stick them in the oven?


I eat the same foods over and over again. I do this for months and then one day decide that I need to switch to something else to eat over and over again.

Glad you got to go on your run!!


I get bored with my meals frequently. I try and change it up ever few weeks.
No protein powder for me. Curious to hear what others use. I can’t stomach whey protein.
No running yet. Taking another week off post marathon like a good girl. :)


My family thinks it’s weird I can eat salad all the time and still love it. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

If I could run on trails like those everyday!! I’m getting bored of these neighborhood streets in Texas…

Falling asleep while eating ice cream would be impossible for me. 100%.


I love Skoop B-Strong! I never liked protein powder but this is definitely delicious and one of my staples lately every day!


Ohmygoodness! I can’t believe Brooke fell asleep holding her ice cream! Too cute!


That steak looks AMAZING!

Since I’m single, typically what I do is make something big on the weekends and eat it all week. I only can stand eating whatever it is once a day, but some people can’t believe that I can even do that.


It takes a lot for me to get sick of foods. I eat mostly the same things every day. But I could never fall asleep in my ice cream! :). Brooke is adorable!!

I like trail running, probably a 7, because I rarely have an opportunity to do it.

I ran 4 miles on the treadmill today, because I only had 30 minutes and it was the most efficient way to maximize my time. 4 miles in 29:39 is fast for me! My new motto:#40isthenewfast. I’ve been speed training since December and turned 40 today, so it is my motivation.

I use Shakeology protein powder for my shakes. Vegan Tropical is my favorite flavor mixed with water, a banana, and a bag of frozen cherries.


I could eat a burrito every single day….but of course it would be nice to have a variety of foods inside. I’ve known to eat just about anything wrapped in a tortilla.

I use Vega Chocolate protein every once in awhile. I eat nut butter like it’s going to disappear so I’m set on protein for the most part.

I LOVE trail running, I’d rate my love at a total 10.

Not yet….It may be a running rest day since I haven’t had one in over a week but we’ll see….the weather is just too nice!


I just ran the Pittsburgh half marathon yesterday so taking a break this week.
I love Arbonne’s protein shakes both chocolate and vanilla. My breakfast everyday.
I did trail run once last year and loved it. Hoping to do more this year especially since my kids are interested in cross country.


I love that you are wearing your Boston jacket everywhere all the time! You earned it – so you might as well enjoy it ;) Brooke with that ice cream cone is hilarious!

I love trail running in the summer because I hate dealing with the humidity in the Midwest, therefore trail running is a great change of pace and usually at least partially shaded! Details!

Those yellow socks are awesome – might have to add those to my Mother’s Day wish list! Happy Monday… welcome back :)


I can eat the same food over and over again. Meal prepping is the best


I am going to do 3 miles when I get home from work today. My tri this weekend reminded me I need to run more!!!

I love running on trails except up here that means you deal with moose, bears and mosquitos bigger than both of those. I am doing a trail race this summer that should be a blast


It takes a while for me to get sick of foods that I love. Right now I eat roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli at least twice a day, and I am perfectly fine with that:) I ran around my neighborhood this morning. Apparently there are some trails not too far from where I live now, and I am hoping to check them out soon! I never used to get to run on trails when I lived in the city!


Love, love trail running!!! One of my favorite things to do! There is just so much beauty to discover on a trail!
I eat a lot of the same things every day, but I do like variety!
You look so happy to be back to running! :)


I eat the same breakfast and snacks every day and don’t get tired of it! I could likely eat the same lunch but my boyfriend gets tired of food easily and I like to cook, so I make something each night.

No protein powder for me.

Love of trail running = 8/10. I live in a city with a beautiful river valley trail system so often the first 2-3 miles of my long runs are in neighbourhoods and the middle 5-6 are on trails – those 5-6 miles are the best miles!

Today is a cross-training day! HIIT class with my momma bear.


shakeology! Protein AND super foods :)


I love to cook so I change up my diet quite a bit in order to try new recipes, but I never get sick of salads! I like to change up my dressings and toppings, though.

I use protein powder more consistently when I’m training for long races, but I really like the whole foods brand of whey and also tera’s whey- always vanilla so I can mix it with fruit in a smoothie.

Yay for getting back out on the trails! The first run back is always amazing! I really like trails, and I live by the shoreline trail so I really have no excuse for running on the road all the time…my run today was 6mi at a tempo pace.


I pretty much never get sick of eating the same food. I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost every single morning and yet I still wake up wanting it! No run for me today because of a final and a lot of rain.


I pretty much eat the same thing everyday and never get sick of it. Today’s run was on the trails with my dog! It was a beautiful day for it too! I use Plant Fusion protein powder, but I typically only use it after my long runs.


I can eat the same thing over and over again … for example, for about 2 months I had multigrain toast with vegemite, and a smoothie, for breakfast everyday. I’ve just switched to porridge because it’s getting too cold for smoothies!

I use Optimal Nutrition 100% Gold Whey protein powder. Low carbs, good flavours, mixes well – essential requirements for a good protein powder.


Ooooo fancy date?! Do tell. That steak looked AMAZING.

You made me want to buy those popsicles when I go to the grocery store tonight.


I could and pretty much do eat the same things over and over…that is how I roll.
I use protein powder…but not super often…I use Swanson Whey Protein Powder…yum!
I did 7.5 easy miles today…getting ready for a 1/2 on Sat


I eat the same breakfasts and lunches everyday! I also eat the same dinner for a few nights because of making too much. Luckily that doesn’t bother me!

No running today but I ran this weekend in Chicago:) Today was a travel day.


Trail running in my book is a 10+!!!! Love it!!!!

I do tend to eat the same foods over and over….. guess I am a creature of routine! LOL! Daily intake includes sweet potatoes, avocados, peanut or almond butter, fruit, and at least a piece of chocolate!!!! Fun sz hershey bar!! :) don’t judge!!! Salad mixed in there!!! On a splurge day……PIZZA


I am the queen on eating the same thing every day! That’s what happens when there is just 2 of you and you shop at Costco. It is amazing how similar our meals look ;)

Yes, I LOVE Spiru-tein protein powder-the Blueberries’n’cream is amazing.

Yes, I ran today…on my Woodway…and I do love trail running. Nothing beats it!


I’m with you in that I eat at least one sweet potato a day, so I go through them like crazy. Same thing with bananas. Bet it was nice to get outside and run without a plan in place for once!


I’m trying to work myself back into the post-Boston running game as well! I took 5 days off completely, but probably should have taken longer. This morning was an 8-miler, street running around town. Would have been MUCH better with a friend on the trails. Trail running = 9.3 (clumsily tripping on rocks & branches = -.7)

Never get sick of muffins for breakfast :)


Yay for fancy dates!


– My dinner is pretty much always the same! Turkey burger or salmon, yam with almond butter, and a salad! Never gets old!!!
– I don’t use protein powder. I used to, but now I try to get most of my protein through the other foods I eat. I still get a good 140-150g of protein a day!
-11! I LOVE running on trails. It’s fun and easy on the knees :)
– Today was my rest day, but trust me I dreamt about running in San Diego all day.

It’s awesome to see that you’re back in the running game! YAY!! :)


I like the same foods sometimes but most of the time I like to change it up. Or I will get stuck in a rut with one thing and then after a few weeks get sick of it, then the cycle begins again!

Love of trail running: TEN. Bonneville shoreline is just the greatest. I am really going to miss it.

Today I had my first run as an official east coaster! We just moved on Saturday. 6 miles on some super hilly roads in upstate NY today.


glad you had a great run!! And good for you for waiting until you were ready mentally and physically. It probably made it that much more enjoyable. I get on kicks where I’ll eat a lot of the same foods for a long time and then one day I hate it and can’t look at it. Me and eggs go through this… I ate them every morning for about a month and now I’m disgusted by them. I’ll probably like them again in a few weeks. Oh man I have issues…


I typically eat the same things every day and don’t get sick of them at all! I ate a similar salad for lunch as you and could literally eat it all the time. I love both of your sunglasses in the picture with the DDP!


Love of trail running is :10!!! I’m going to be reviewing a vegan protein powder soon, I’m new to protein supplements, so we shall see! Janae, your hair is gorgeous!!


I eat a lot of the same foods all the time. Breakfast is almost always an english muffin with pb&j – it’s a sickness.

I haven’t found a protein powder that I love, I’ll have to check that one out!

Trail running = 8

I ran on the treadmill today because it was 85 degrees out and I am so not built for that.


Hmm.. I’m interested in protein powder, but idk if I really know if I need it. Lol.
I didn’t run today. Restttt day :)
I could eat the same day everyday.!


I wish we had more trails nearby, I would love to do more trail running


I eat a lot of the same foods often and don’t get sick of them. I eat Wheat Thins with EVERY single meal.

I haven’t run on trails in a really long time but definitely hope to soon.

I didn’t run today. Mondays are typically my days off, but I did some hardcore planking and foam/lacrosse ball rolling. It hurt so good (and I sing that song every time…)


Brooke fell asleep with an ice cream in hand! What?! That is just pure craziness!

I can get bored easily with meals, but my lunch salads have been going strong for quite awhile now.

The Boy and I get a giant bag of whey protein at Costco. I can’t remember the brand, but we usually have both vanilla and chocolate on hand.

And, yesterday was a rest day… mostly because I had far too many errands to run. ;)


I use the target brand whey protein. It’s cheap and actually has similar (sometimes better!) ingredients/stats than more expensive brands.
I love trail running. It’s so much better than other running. Except beach running, running on the beach is my absolute favorite.


I wish Wisconsin had more mountainous trails to run on. It looks absolutely gorgeous and challenging but in a good way. I do enjoy trail runs but I don’t have any that are super close to my house. Brooke must’ve been completely exhausted in order for that to happen!


I tend to eat most of the same food each day, especially breakfast! I do like to switch up my dinners, however. I sometimes use protein powder, vanilla from the brand Gold Standard. I enjoy trail running but I have to admit it makes me nervous that I am going to trip on a rock or in a rabbit hole!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweet potatoes with guac, mango salsa and smoked turkey. I eat it everyday! I’ve never been a fan of sweet potatoes until I started following your blog. I saw a pic and it looked delish. The rest is history!
I’ve never run trails. I think I’m afraid of injury and critters. I have the Palo Duro Canyon in my backyard too. Maybe someday.
No running today. Just got a tendonitis dx. In a boot for 2 weeks. Blah….


I stick with a lot of the same foods because I have a lot of food allergies so it makes my life, intestines and head happier if I do! :)
My love for trail running is a solid 8.5!
Today was my off day but Wednesday I’ve got 4 miles on the docket!! :) (excited!!)


I have feetures socks and I love them. Love you guys too. I also love how much hair you jealous over here


One more amazing article on this blog. Thanks for sharing.


I was dying when I saw this because my mom has those same popsicles in her freezer. I’m not even kidding when I say she has them in just about every flavor! I counted at least 5 boxes the last time I was home!


That pic of Brooke falling asleep with the cone is precious! She must’ve been wiped out because I think she prob feels about sweets the way you do
I could eat the same things all the time but with little additions to keep it interesting.


That is so funny that Brooke fell asleep with the ice cream!

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