I ran 10 miles @ 8:18 pace with the girls.

IMG 7952

My brother-in-law came over and installed our lights and I love them.

IMG 7797

We had to start doing laundry at night so he could wear his Sandlot shirt every day.

IMG 7965

I asked my sister and niece to reenact this photo and my niece refused.

IMG 7607

I started reading this book when Heather recommended it to me and I CANNOT PUT IT DOWN (and I’m not even remotely exaggerating).

IMG 7868

I started listening to this book after Jenny recommended it (and I love Hope Davis narrating so I chose to listen instead of read) and I’m also completely hooked on this book.  I cannot get anything done between these two books.

IMG 7885

I came across this picture and teared up because, I promise you, I feel like I took this picture of them yesterday.

IMG 7898

I have thrown myself into the elementary cross-country team… as you can tell, I get into it.  

IMG 7970

I’ve needed an insane amount of caffeine to make it through above activity;)

IMG 7985

I’ve been googling short races to sign up for… Is this a mid-life crisis?

Screen Shot 2024 03 30 at 11 29 54 AM

We have a new roly-poly hunter in our home.

IMG 7974

I won Knox’s heart by putting Goldfish and Cheez-Its in the cereal dispenser.

IMG 7976


What is #1—> Goldfish, cheez-its, or some other type of cracker?

Random question from my brother… do you remember your orthodontist’s name (if you had one)?  

-He and his kids called me and asked me and I replied Dr. Broadbent within half a second of him finishing the question.  It may have been 25 years ago, but I’ll never forget due to the amount of pain I associated with his name every time I had to get my braces tightened;) 

Finish the sentence—> Recently, _________________.

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Always Cheez-its! Always =]

And wow now that you put me on the spot I cannot remember my Orthodontist – I hope it comes back to me today!

Recently I decided I want to make some changes. Not just wish for changes….but start doing the changes.

Love the throwback picture. It is such an honor that you allow me to be a part of your family.

Have a great WEDNESDAY <3


I’m with you, goldfish taste horrible to me (unless they are in tomato soup). I hope you can remember soon so it doesn’t bug you all day. Ohhhhhh I love that. I kind of had that same thing on Sunday too and I’m already feeling better with the change I made. That means a lot, thank you for letting me share them with you. Thank you, LC, you too!


My orthodontist was Dr. Youngquist. How could I ever forget?!


We will never forget their names. But don’t ask me to remember anything important in life haha. Hope you have a wonderful day, Allison!


Nabisco used to make crackers called Cheese Nips. They were the best. They don’t make them anymore and I’m really sad about that. I’ll eat cheez-its and gold fish (specifically the pretzel and flavor blasted cheddar mix ups) but they aren’t as good.
I never went to the orthodontist. The dentist said we all needed it but we couldn’t afford it. Some of my teeth are crooked and I get cavities in between my teeth because they’re crowded. I’ve been told more than once that it’s not really worth getting braces now.
Recently, it was the end of tax season. I switched jobs in September and worked 195 hours less this year than last year……….and I got paid more! I was actually able to train for a race this year. I haven’t been able to do a spring race in forever. I’m so excited!
have a great Wednesday!


How have I forgotten about Cheese Nips. They were so good. I have never tried the pretzel goldfish, I need to grab some. 195 less hours this year and you got paid more. Okay. That just made me so happy, Lee. I remember tax season always being especially stressful for you, I am so happy you were able to switch jobs. And what spring race, you’ll have to fill me in when you get a chance. Thank you, you too!


A cereal dispenser is something I needed in my life and didn’t know it. I think my 6 yo will love it. I ordered it promptly. I don’t remember my orthodontist’s name! Your blog is so heart warming and one of the highlights of my morning. Keep up the good work!


Your 6 yo is going to love it. It keeps them fresh (nothing is worse than stale crackers) and so easy for them to put in a bowl or in a baggy. Thank you, that really means a lot to me because sometimes I wonder if I’m just filling the internet with more randomness haha. But really, that just put a pep in my step. Hope your morning is off to a wonderful start. Thank you, Alyssa!


Aaawww… Little Brooke and Knox
I do not remember my orthodontist’s name. He was horrible! Wow, that seems like a long time ago, ha
Love your lights. Random question…. We are in dire need of new dinning room chairs. Do you like yours? Are they comfy? My goal is bto find chairs that are comfy enough to linger at the table after a great family meal.
Recently (ok, really just yesterday), I feel like my body has completely forgotten how to run. Like my legs didn’t have a clue what they were supposed to do. Has that ever happened to you? So strange. Hopefully today’s run will feel more normal.
Have a great day Janae


They were so mini together! Your subconscious blocked your orthodontist’s name out of your memory because of how bad he was. We love ours! I wouldn’t say they are extra comfortable because they are just wood… I do find people moving to the couch as soon as they are done eating so maybe these wouldn’t be great for your goal… but when you find those chairs, share them with me. Oh my gosh yes. It is completely normal. Especially after some massive long runs and workouts like you have been doing. They will pop back soon, just take the next few days extra easy. You’ve got this. I have a very good feeling about your half next weekend! Thanks Wendy, you too:)


Your book recommendations never let me down. Just finished a Kristin Hannah book (Winter Garden), waiting for The Women to be available, and immediately searched for Every Last one on my library’s online e-book site! Thank you kindly :)


This just made my day! Winter Garden is SO good and you are going to love every page of The Women… and Every Last One. Please let me know what you think of them and any recommendations you have for us. Have a beautiful day, Danielle!


I love the lights above the kitchen table! And my orthodontist name was Dr. Payne (no joke and probably not the best profession for him to pursue with that last name).

Recently I have also been renovating my kitchen and training for a half-marathon and stressing out about everything! I haven’t been serious about racing for years and now I remember why. I have zero chill when it comes to training for a race and trying to fit in my training/lifting/long runs/speed work etc in while working full time and managing the kids’ schedules has me about to lose my stuff some days. But we’re T-minus 2 weeks out from race day so I think I’m going to make it.


Thank you! The room finally feels complete. DR PAYNE… ummm the name matches perfectly haha. How. Are. You. Doing. It. All. KJ, my heart started racing just reading about it all. You are going to have an amazing race and if you have the time, I will need a detailed race recap. Cheering for you and happy taper coming up:). Have a beautiful day and good luck with the kitchen reno… so dang stressful!


Goldfish vs CheezIts vs ___: Do NOT give me CheezeIts, ever. MY kids – yes, they like them – my daughter loves the Hot/Spicy ones. (shudder). I prefer a wheat thin myself (but NOT a triscuit and Not a cheese cracker).

Orthodontist: Dr. Morang. easy. And that was 40 years ago? I go to the same dentist practice that I did since I started going to the dentist as a baby. My childhood dentist (Dr. Wilbanks) retired some time ago, so there is a new dentist at the office but he just took over the practice.

Have a great day!


I love your strong opinions on the crackers. I feel similarly about triscuits… they are horrible. Okay, that is so great you still go to the same practice as when you started. Thanks Melissa, you too (and I hope your daughter gets the spicy cheezits soon… my kids love those ones too)!


It’s been 30+ years, but I will always remember Dr Denny.

So glad you’re enjoying the book!! Just finished The Woman, and I don’t know if I have ever felt as much anger towards a fictional character as I did towards Rye!


That is how I feel about Uncle Bob right now… he and Rye are truly the worst. Keep sharing your book recommendations with me, I cannot put this one down. Hope you have a beautiful day, Heather!


Ok, I LOVE the crackers in the cereal dispensers that is too cute and amazingly functional. Also, your lights look gorgeous over your table!!

I had braces two years ago and my orthodontist was also my dentist and also grew up next door to me, so I better remember his name! Recently, allergies.


I loved my orthodontist, Dr. Osiek. My dad was a dentist in his building and they were good friends, so I might have an unfair advantage.

I go between Wheat Thins and Triscuits.

Recently I’ve been trying to up my protein game. I crush the carb situation, hah, but I am pescatarian and have not been great about getting in enough protein. I’d love to hear if people have ideas for high protein breakfasts and lunch. I have a few go to’s (protein powder in smoothies, egg salad or chickpea salad, spicy tuna wraps, avocado toast with sardines) but need some variety.


They need to make these crackers gluten free! But, it would be cheez-its all the way. They have so much more flavor!

I had my braces 24 years ago and it was Dr. Brady and Dr. Akad :)

Recently, I had ankle surgery so I’m living vicariously through everyone else’s runs!


I’m team Cheez-its, daughter is team Goldfish.

Thanks to your recommendation I’m flying through all of Kristin Hannah’s books!

My orthodontist did my braces 36 years ago. He did my mom’s and siblings too. He’s still working and now does my daughter’s, niece and nephews’s! He is so kind and looks exactly the same as he did all those years before! Crazy, right?!


My orthodontist was named Dr.Decay!


Recently I got assigned to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for a foster youth! I am excited to meet the youth and to get started advocating for their needs. Volunteers are so desperately needed — judges see many cases a day, children’s attorneys have 100 clients at any given time (here in Los Angeles County), the social workers have 35+ cases to manage, but I get to be the one person who can talk to the youth, the school, the therapist, the attorney, the social worker etc., and write a report that helps the judge understand what is in the best interest of the youth! Assuming all goes well I will work with this youth for 2+ years.

I am impressed you can remember your orthodontist’s name. Granted it was 40+ years ago for me but I’m pretty sure if you asked me when I was 20 I would not have known it then either! :)


Okay but where did he grow up because my orthodontist was ALSO Dr Broadbent and I have some words I would like to say to him again if I could 😂😤


Ortho over 30 years ago was Dr. Gobeille my parents joked that the amount my treatment cost paid for his daughters Stanford education.


Whenever a poll asks to name something generic that is better than the real thing, my answer is always “whales are better than goldfish.”

Not my orthodontist, but we had a dentist in our town named Dr Beavers.His logo showed a beaver with big buck teeth. Always made me laugh.

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