(Shorts, bra, shirt, shoes)

Good morning!  I had a good workout on Wednesday so I’m still riding that endorphin high…

IMG 8020

5 miles up the canyon and then we turned around and started our workout… It sounds a little confusing but it is actually super easy to keep track of in this canyon because there are triangles on the trail every 100ms so you don’t even have to look at your watch!

1 mile speed changes (100m fast, 100m float on repeat), 1 mile float (aka not easy but you can still talk), 1 mile speed changes, 1 mile float, 1 mile speed changes

By the last mile I was expecting my legs to actually tear off of my body but they didn’t, so that’s a win.  This workout challenges me so much because 100m sprints have never been my strength but it helps build those fast twitch muscles up nicely.

5:46, 6:49, 5:45, 6:45, 5:47—> slight down for those first 4 miles and then flat.  11 miles total at 7:15 average.

IMG 8002

We even made it to the gym to lift for 22 minutes before needing to be back for kids.  I am now up to adding 2 10 lb plates to the barbell for squats.  Watch out fall marathons…

IMG 8027

Sinkhole update—> There are cones there now.  Lauren was telling me about how she had to wipe gravel off of my face after my fall which I completely forgot about.  BE CAREFUL out there on the roads!

IMG 7999

Somebody has insisted that they be the one to put gel in his hair… so that’s going well.

IMG 8044

I asked Great Harvest if I could buy their butter too but you can’t.

IMG 8033

Our afternoon was filled with FaceTiming family members to show them that Skye lost her very first tooth!

IMG 8050

I made our favorite enchiladas (two less spicy ones on the right).  We have the Café appliances which overall I really love them (except for the dishwasher… it feels a bit clumsy and small)… the oven is my favorite because you can turn it on from your phone if you are away. We popped them in right before a game started, turned on the oven from our phone a bit later and came home to a hot dinner.

IMG 8052

It’s so nice to no longer be wanting to go to bed at 7 pm and to be outside instead.

And now he has a baseball to snuggle as he watches part of Sandlot.


Tell me about your last speed workout!

What are you making for dinner tonight?

Has anyone else been running in the same spot for decades?

-That canyon and I have been tight for 25 years now.  I have every turn and marking memorized.

I really want to try a new shampoo and conditioner… Any recommendations??

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We are going out for dinner tonight with my boyfriend’s parents, so we get the night off of cooking!

Was supposed to do a track workout last night, but had a tough day at work and was not feeling it. Did an easy 5 mile run on a new to me route, which made my mood so much better! Worth it to switch things up sometimes.


That sounds so fun! Knowing you get a night off from cooking makes the whole day better. You made the right call yesterday and I hope today’s work day goes so much smoother. Thanks, Mariah!


Congrats on the tooth loss! Hope she gets a visit from the Tooth Fairy! :)
I’ve been running at two park reserves in the area for decades – one near my work office (I’ve worked here for 17 yrs) on the south side of the Twin Cities, and one near my home, on the northern side. Both have perfect trails, plenty of miles, lots of trees, and I just LOVE every opportunity I can visit them…preferably daily.
Shampoo – have you ever tried a shampoo bar? I’ve been using one my sister in law recommended for the past year-ish, and I love it. It’s just from Target, so there are probably better bars, but it works for me! Can’t believe it took me this long to try one!
No dinner is being made tonight (I mean, we’ll feed everyone, but no ‘real’ cooking!) because it’s swimming night & our busiest night of the week. Tomorrow I want to do a lentil soup w/bread because it’s going to be a chilly day.
Have a great day!!


The tooth fairy arrived, thankfully it did not forget (because it seems to have been doing that every now and then with the older kids oops). Those park reserves sound amazing. I am so glad you have them to run. I haven’t.. I didn’t even know they existed. Now I must try one, thanks for the recommendation. Good luck tonight and your dinner tomorrow sounds like perfection. Thanks, Katie!


Kristin Ess gentle is my absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels so much cleaner between washes when I use it (and I wash it twice a week-ish even with running).
I told my boyfriend it’s his turn to make dinner tonight. I feel so burned out on working cleaning cooking all of the kid stuff (which I love but still haha) I need a break.


That sounds amazing! I have to check it out. Thank you. You do need a break. Big time. I hope he makes something that hits the spot for you. You are doing amazing, Mollie. I am so impressed by you. I only had one as a single mom, you are doing so much!


Wow, what a gorgeous photo from the canyon. I love a good morning run. Something special about being up before the world wakes up and being out in nature. When I lived in Provo I did most of my marathon training going up into the canyon. Now that I’m in Washington I do most of my training along the waterfront and the forest.


It really is so true… the world feels so quiet and calm. I don’t know what I would do without that time before the rest of life starts. Ohhhh I wish we would have gotten some runs in together when you were running that canyon. I bet your runs now are insanely gorgeous. Have the most beautiful day, Cara.


That canyon is so pretty!
I’ve been running our lake trail for years and still love it!! Depending on what I need, I can get anywhere from 8-10ish miles on that trail.
Congrats to Skye on loosing her 1st tooth!! That’s so exciting.
I have no idea what I’m making for dinner tonight, but those enchiladas look yummy.
Good job on getting that strength work in!
Have a good day Janae!


Okay, that trail sounds absolutely perfect. She went to bed with the biggest smile on her face to have finally reached this milestone (she was the last in her class)! Thanks friend, you too:)


We are having sloppy joes tonight. Not sure what I think about this, but definitely in a phase of making what someone suggests so I don’t need to decide.

The first tooth……..always mixed emotions for the mom.


Mixed emotions is the perfect explanation… I didn’t know whether to cheer in excitement or go into fetal position and cry. I hope you have a beautiful day and that the sloppy joes actually hit the spot for you too:)


I remember when I lost my first tooth like it was yesterday and in reality it was almost 55 years ago!

We’re having hamburgers with fried potatoes and baked beans tonight.

I’ve been running my neighborhood hills for almost 30 years now. I’m so glad I feel safe here.

I just started using bar shampoo and conditioner and so far I’m loving it. I got mine from Amazon after reading a bunch of reviews. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BS2D2KN7?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details


Isn’t that crazy how things like that can feel like they just happened? Ummm that sounds delicious and feeling safe on a run is all I want every woman to feel! Just looked up those bars (thank you for the link), I must try them!


I have been using Pureology shampoo & conditioner lately. I like to switch it up regularly, but usually go back to Pureology. Would love more details about your new appliances. We are refrigerator shopping. Is yours big enough for your family?


I love our fridge and feel like it has plenty of space for everything we need. I also love how the water spout is inside the fridge (I hate keeping them clean looking when they are on the outside). I also adore the fact that they always look clean on the outside, the stainless steel has always killed me off ha. Andrew did mention that it was smaller on the inside than our previous fridge but I can fit everything we need in there. Oh I love Pureology! Let me know what you end up getting!


Thanks for the info Ron the fridge! I’ve been using the Pureology hydrate line.


My last speed workout was my marathon on 4/6 and then I had surgery on 4/11 (on my ankle – tendon & bone cysts) and I’m praying I’ll get to do another speed workout!

Dinner is chicken taco salad

I really like Redken hair products. Verb is pretty great too.


I love my running routes. I live in DC with beautiful trails. I have moved a few times with in the area and it changes my go to runs. I sometimes drive to my old start spots. :)
I live Kristen Ess shampoo and condition. They have it at Costco right now for a great price!

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