Friday Favorites (my travel outfits + we will love you forever now)


A morning walk with Knox.  He is also waking up at 4 am each morning.  I think our bodies are just telling us that we should have stayed in Spain.

It was a pretty typical day for us:

IMG 4823

We tried the Salmon Pinwheels with Spinach and Mediterranean Style Herb, Feta Cheese Wrapped in Salmon from TJ’s… it won for a quick dinner that Andrew grilled up on the bbq.

IMG 4840

And we finished up the day outside.

IMG 4854

Favorites time: 

*Here’s what I packed, wore, and loved for our trip!  

Pink sweater tunic

Shoes that I wore every day (the comfort was unmatched… perfect walking shoe that matches everything)

Long sleeve grey shirt (so soft you want to live in it)

Cargo joggers (color bone)

Black cargo joggers

Black and white t-shirts (skims dupe for cheap that are so so good, I also have it in grey and could live in these)

Black jumpsuit


Abercrombie Jeans

Flare leggings

Black jacket

Bombas socks (for walking and running)

Levis off white jeans

Gap jeans (with seam down the front)

Button up white shirt

Mango leather jacket

Target t-shirt (lightest t-shirt on the planet)

Cross-body bag


Michael Kors bag (just a tiny bit different… $98, normally $398)

Watch (my review here)… it is officially my favorite watch I’ve ever had.


Our luggage set that we love!

These and these sunglasses

*Andrew won with this purchase. We don’t really need a stroller at home anymore, but we needed one for this trip. Andrew found this one, and I’m glad he knew we would need one that folded up small for the planes, trains, busses, and taxis. The stroller was perfect for getting Beck around and the ideal size with a base to fit a bag and a shade on top, but then it compacted to fit wherever we were going.

*A few of you told me to try these from TJ’s, and we will all love you forever because of this recommendation.


IMG 4698

These things puffed up so big overnight and tasted almost as good as the ones we ate daily last week.  Next time, I will try an egg wash on them to give them a bit glossier on top.  We are big fans of these.

IMG 4699

*I used this sauce from Costco for our enchiladas, and now I want to pour it on everything I eat.  It’s spicy, and now that I’m looking at the picture below, I realize we ate it past its expiration date, so that’s another bonus… it still tastes fantastic ;)

IMG 4819

*Love is Blind.  It makes me feel so uncomfortable, but I can’t stop watching.

IMG 4832



Tell me about any fun plans you have this weekend!

Who else is watching Love is Blind?  Thoughts?  Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me to watch?

Pay attention to expiration dates or not so much?

Thoughts and feelings on fish… love it or pass?

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This season of Love is Blind is a train wreck that I can’t look away from! I can’t decide if the premise of the show has been ruined by people wanting their 15 minutes of fame?
I’m planning to run 8 miles this weekend, which is a big deal for me haha! I want to run a half at the end of April but need the confidence boost of making it through this run before I sign up. Also, I’m getting a massage today, a Christmas gift from my husband.
Hope you have a great weekend!


Train. Wreck. But we just can’t turn it off. I fully agree with you… it used to feel much more genuine. But also, I’m like 15 minutes of fame for acting nuts and drunk?!? EIGHT MILES. Jessica. You are going to do amazing. Take one mile at a time. You can do hard things. Make sure to get in enough fuel before to energize those miles and a little caffeine always helps too. Which half is it? Enjoy that massage, best gift. Thank you!


Thank you so much for the vote of confidence and the great advice! I live in Columbus, OH, so it’s the Cap City Half. It’s been 8 years since I’ve run a half due to having kids and COVID interfering. I told my family I feel like I have some unfinished business to take care of!


Cap City Half = your unfinished business will be taken care of. SO excited for you, Jessica!


How cool! I’m in Lewis Center. Good luck at cap city.


Love is blind is amazing. It’s so terrible and awkward and I don’t know how they find these people, but that makes for tv I can’t stop watching lol.

Double date tonight. Going to Philly tomorrow to visit my boyfriend’s family. And then relaxing on Sunday! Have a good weekend!


HOW DO THEY FIND THEM and who wants to be filmed like this haha but I’m grateful for them. Very grateful for the entertainment. That sounds like the perfect weekend. Enjoy, Mariah!


That is my FAVORITE salsa!! Not sure if it’s even technically a salsa but it’s how I use it. Bonus point is that the date on the container is just a best by date and not an expiration date so totally safe to eat after (assuming no obvious signs/scent/taste that it went bad)


I feel like it is a salsa, I’ll be dipping chips into it today! I like that method because otherwise I need to throw out half of my pantry. Have a beautiful Friday, Maureen!


I vote you go back to Spain ASAP.
I went through and checked expiration dates in my work’s food pantry yesterday. It’s so crushing to toss food items! And most of it is “best by” dates which is so vague.
This weekend is working and maybe prep for hosting run club on Monday night. Just need to clean my house top to bottom and cook and bake a 3 course meal for 10-15 people the following day.
Have a great weekend!


I actually vote that too. Now convince Andrew! So vague but good for you to go through the foot pantry for everyone yesterday… wanna come to my pantry today? What are you making this time for run club? I bet your group votes your house the best every time, they won’t even notice a messy house because the food you make will distract them. Thanks friend, you too!


I love your travel outfits, chic yet comfy! You always look amazing!
I do pay attention to expiration dates and I LOVE fish.
enjoy the weekend!


Kristen, thank you! I spend way too much on clothes haha. Hope you have some good fish soon and a happy weekend!


Thank you for sharing the links for your travel outfits. I need to upgrade my closet!
Oh my goodness… We love that 505 sauce. My husband has the best recipe for pork chili Verde, and it uses 3 sauces from 505. It’s the best.
We’re all in Colorado this weekend for my mom’s 90th birthday! We’re celebrating with a big party at her church on Sunday. 90!! Incredible
Heading out for a run a a crisp, cold, beautiful sunny Colorado morning.
Have a great day Janae!


Of course! Ummmm I might have to get that pork chile Verde recipe. SO so good. It is her 90th birthday! WOW. I hope you all have the best time together and that your run this morning was perfect. Thanks Wendy!


You are all ready for Spring Forward! It’s worked out perfectly. lol

I’ve always wanted to try those croissants, I’ll head to TJ’s today.

Love fish. Love is Blind is painful. I actually have to fast forward over some of it, I can’t take it!


Such a good point, it will actually make my life better! Let me know what you think of the croissants. Bahaha whenever it is jimmy and chelsea, I make Andrew put it at like 1.5 speed because I can’t handle it any slower. Have the best day, Tracy!


The Trader Joe’s almond croissants are delicious as well! Hope you get to try them soon!


REALLY?! I was wondering about those too… I’ll get them today. Thanks Kelly and have a great weekend!


We love fish and need to try that salmon pinwheel from TJ’s! And we’ve gotten that sauce/salsa from Grocery Outlet before and it’s soooo good, how exciting that it’s in Costco now! I’m more of a “smell test” gal when it comes to expiration dates, I guess I live on the edge, hah! And very cute vacay outfits, I’m super impressed you brought white/light shade pants… I would have spilled on them within 2 minutes of landing.


I love that green sauce! It’s also delicious in mac n cheese! And with pulled pork.

I am heading to the beach to hang with some friends and get some long, rainy miles in.


I’m taking my kids up to visit my parents this weekend (we’ve had a dreadful run of illnesses) and haven’t seen them since before Christmas. I’m excited to get a five mile run in on Saturday morning. I don’t have a race planned for this Spring because running training is impossible when you’re all down with a crazy bug every other weekend, but I’ve been getting faster, which is a big deal for this ten minute mile girl. I think I’m going to set a goal to run 8:30 miles by July, and take it from there.
I have OCD and expiration dates are super triggering for me right now so I’m really strict about them. It wasn’t always like this, and I’m hoping that some therapy will help me get to a place where I can casually eat expired salsa without having a panic attack. It looks weird written down, but I’m being honest. Expiration date goals! lol. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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