Friday Favorites!

(Shirt, pants, shoes)
Someday, I’ll learn to wear a rain jacket when it is raining, but yesterday was not the day.

8.3 miles at an 8:26 pace.

I’m amazed I didn’t have frostbite on my toes by the end.

Once Brooke woke up and she was still not better, my brother and her pediatrician’s office both said to take her in for an IV because she was too weak from dehydration. A little Zofran and liquids worked miracles for her. I couldn’t believe how quickly it perked her up, and I had my Brookie back to herself again.

I was pretty proud of how well Beck did waiting for Brooke.  He is growing up so fast.

IMG 2148

Beck grabbed my hand and said, ‘Let’s RUN’ in the parking lot. That was another win for the day.

I love this time of the day:

IMG 2155

Now for just a few favorites:

*Favorite recipe of the week = these easy no-boil pretzels. Knox has asked me to make them multiple times a week now.

*My current favorite running song is, ‘The World’s Smallest Violin.’  It helps me put things in perspective and tease myself when I’m complaining in my head because my legs are a little fatigued;). I don’t need any sympathy, haha, and it reminds me of that.  Oh, and the beat is perfect for running.

*I’ve tried many sweats over the years, and this Abercrombie one is one of my favorites!  Here, here, and here (I have and love both tops).  Enjoy.  You won’t want to get out of them.  

*I had to grab my new favorite Amazon workout top that feels just like the lululemon one in pink for Valentine’s Day.  These tops are too good to be true for $27!

*I don’t know why I love candy that tastes like medicine, but I do.

IMG 2166


Have something you are looking forward to?

Favorite thing you ate this week?

Last new-to-you think you tried?

-Novelty can enhance our moods, so I would love to hear these!

For anyone who has been to Spain, I would love to hear about what carbs I should carb up with;). I have my eye on the carb load and taper.

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Hahahahaha that song is my son’s FAVORITE song ever! Whenever it’s his turn to pick the music…worlds smallest violin on repeat. I even catch myself singing along. 🤪


Bahaha now you have to add it to your running playlist. The beat is just too good! Knox is so proud of me for this song selection:). Happy weekend, Mollie!


Poor Brooke! I hope she is on the up and up now.
Looking forward to…going to the movie theater more often! We saw Boys in the Boat yesterday. I forgot how fun movies can be! Did we drive past the theater and drive another mile before realizing we totally missed it? Yes. Because that’s how often we go to movies. ha


Thank you, Molly! Today she is like a brand new person. Amazing what liquids do for us! Your workout yesterday was amazing. I can’t wait to see your 2024 goals! FUN… did you like the book or movie better? Hahaha next time you will only drive half a mile past the theater;). Have the best day!


Hi! We went so Spain when my husband was doing a full length triathlon there. I found the food a little challenging, especially in the smaller town we were in. You might want to consider packing a few familiar foods for before the race. We did find an Italian restaurant the night before for carb load, but no restaurant serves dinner before 9pm. A little tough when you have to be up early. Maybe take a nap that day if you can! The day after the race was a Sunday and all the restaurants were closed so maybe check that out in your area!! We weren’t very prepared!! After the race was over we didn’t have to worry about any of that and had a great time. It’s just a little adjustment when you are used to being able to control certain things around your race! Have a great time!


No way! Okay, this is so so good to know! I eat at 5 pm haha how am I going to survive? Time to pack a bunch of bars! I am so thankful you shared this with me, I bet that was so hard before the race. Hope you have a beautiful day, Kerry!


After a few similar trips to the ER for dehydration after a stomach bug, we keep zofran in the house. Our pediatrician will write the script and then after kids are through the worst of it, I give them a zofran and push the fluids and it works wonders! At the most, they each get one zofran a year so I’m not too worried about it and it saves us from a lot of ER trips (we have 7 kiddos).


Ahhhhh we tried zofran at home but she still couldn’t keep it down…. but next time I hope it works. I’m not looking forward to the bill up ahead. SEVEN kids. You are incredible and I bet so so busy. Have the best weekend!


Poor Brooke. But thankfully the IV fluids worked. Fingers crossed that she for sure on the mend.
Ok, I need to stock up on a couple of those Amazon tops.
That song is hilarious! Adding it to my playlist.
We’re going to a fancy gala tomorrow night, that helps raise money for the school my hubby teaches at. It’s so fun to get all dressed up every once in a while.
I slept so badly last night and ended up missing my early run with friends today. Such a bummer. Hopefully I’ll get out later for a run in the sunshine.
Have a great Friday Janae


Today she is herself again. Thank you so much, Wendy! Enjoy the song, the beat is just so good. Ummm fancy gala tomorrow, I want to see pics on IG of you all dressed up. I hope you are able to catch up with sleep and that everything is okay. Those types of nights are so hard.


That song! Lol. My 8 y/o nephew out together a 10+hr Playlist for me for my 50 miler last year and that was one of the songs he chose 😂 Totally made me laugh.

Looking forward to Boston! I’m just started my real training and increasing mileage and I am SO ready to get into the meat of it now! Runners are so weird, aren’t we? Lol

I ordered this shirt from Amazon and immediately ordered more of them in multiple colors! They are comfortable and super flattering alone and also a great layering piece!
GEMBERA Womens Ribbed Long Sleeve…

Best thing I ate this week was fish tacos, but that’s not new.. in fact if I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be tacos. I never get sick of them.
Also, the dark chocolate covered marshmallows from Trader Joe’s are 👍👍

Have a fantastic weekend, Janae!!


Okay, that is the sweetest thing ever that your nephew made your playslist for your 50 miler:). Sometimes we just need a laugh during our hard runs. We are so strange but I know that feeling of just craving training hard so badly. You are going to have an amazing year, I can feel it. Okay, that top is so cute. I am getting the teal today. Off to go get some fish tacos and those marshmallows. My stomach wants both. Thanks friend, you too!


Your pink top is adorable and I’m so glad that Brooke is feeling better!

The next few weeks are going to be amazing! This weekend, my husband and I are headed to the 49er playoff game. Next week, we are going to Disneyland, and the following week we are meeting up with my sis in FL and I haven’t seen her since January 2020! Eek. I also, turned in my final paper for my Capstone project for my MA in English this week.

I made this week and it was easy and super yummy!

You are going to adore Spain! I’ve been to Barcelona twice and I’m pretty sure I ate paella both times. I also learned that their McDonalds has gluten-free bread so I had a kids cheeseburger :)


MAKING THAT PASTA THIS WEEK! Thank you Marissa! Umm you have so much fun ahead. Andrew and Brooke are very jealous of yourplayoff game! Enjoy every second and congratulations on your final paper. You are on fire. Isn’t it fun to see what McDonalds serves in different countries? Have the best day!


So glad to hear that Brooke is feeling better! Fluids can really jump start healing.

Spain can be tricky because their restaurant hours are late. For carbs, I’d look for a bakery and get their breads and rolls or grab stuff at a grocery store. I loved the tradition egg and potato dish Tortilla de Patatas. I would imagine the city tours company will have a dinner figured out for you? Also if Seville is hosting a marathon the city surely will accommodate and have specials (just a hunch). We loved Empanadas, seafood, and rice dishes. They go heavy on tomatoes so heads up. You will have so much fun. Spain is just so lively. When you’re in Madrid you should go to a flamenco show-the kids would probably get a kick out of that (we didn’t go to one as it was sold out the night we could go). And churros! It will be fun to hear what Seville’s traditional dishes are.

Hope you all stay healthy and have a great weekend!


It’s true that restaurants open and serve dinner late for sure :-) but you can find a lot serving lunch until 16.00. I think you can make it work. Tortilla, paella, Bocadillos, churros with sugar, and amazing fruits will all get you towards your carb goals. The food is amazing in my opinion

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