Some days, I grab a banana or toast before a run, and some days, I grab whatever fruit snacks I can find and eat them on the way to my run.  I used to always run fasted, but these days there isn’t a chance I could.

IMG 0385

Yesterday reminded me that I need to get on the dirt again.  It feels so good—10 miles @ 8:37 average.

IMG 0407

I wonder how many gel wrappers in my shorts pocket I have washed over the years…

We had to say goodbye to one of our chickens because he is a rooster.  We found a lovely farm for him but we will miss him.

Everyone had school and work off so we went out and spoiled the kids with…

IMG 0420

A massive ice cream sundae.

IMG 0452

And hours at a new park!  Brooke in summer clothes, she gets it from her mama.

IMG 0455

My brother and SIL’s gift for Andrew arrived—> A GAME BALL from the Angels!   Ummm how are my gifts going to compare to this haha?!

IMG 0465

I just have three favorite things for this week:

*I found a headlamp I love, and you can’t even tell you are wearing it.  It also doesn’t bounce in the slightest (making me seasick like other headlamps).  My running group initially found it, and they have never led me astray.  I LOVE IT.  I really forget I’m even wearing it.

IMG 0081


*I forgot to put this on my gift guide, but my Roll Recovery is used daily. The track aggravates my IT band a bit, but after a few minutes with this baby, I’m good to go again. I’ve had it for years, and it still works like it is brand new. I find it to work so much better than foam rolling, and it takes less effort than foam rolling!


Any fun weekend plans?!

Anything on Netflix you have loved recently?

Does anyone have a Christmas-themed race this weekend?

Favorite at home recovery tool that you have for your running?

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Brooke’s face in the sundae photo 😂
I am wanting to watch under pressure! I read about the evolution of professional women’s soccer earlier this year. What a wild world!
I’m starting my weekend a day early today. Top errand is taking my car in for a persistent oil light warning.
Have a fun holiday weekend!


I might delete your comment so Andrew doesn’t see that you actually do something about that oil light… I just wait for him to see it oops 😅! Happy weekend, Molly!


Our fun weekend plans happened last night – Les planned a Christmas date! We went to dinner then saw “An Irish Christmas” – it was outstanding! The music, singing and dancing were top notch!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Janae!


Absolute best Christmas date! So glad you guys had that time together! Merry Christmas, Kathy


A few of our neighbors have had to give a chicken away because it was actually a rooster too. Kind of funny how that happens.
Very cool that Andrew got an Angels game ball.
We’re just finishing up Christmas stuff, then just going to enjoy some good family time. Our oldest has had a few rough days in the pre-academy at the PD, so I know he is going to just chill for 3 days.
Have a great Friday Janae 😊


Hahah we aren’t alone in the rooster situation! Your son is incredible and deserves the most laid back three days! Enjoy every second together and Merry Christmas, Wendy!


Janae, thank you for the Under Pressure recommendation! Yesterday, my husband and I watched Mark Cavendish–a biking documentary–and loved it.
Thank you so much for the positive energy you put into the world. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday time!


p.s. The documentary is on Netflix


We will watch that tonight! Thank you! Your comment made me smile, thanks Tam and happy holidays to you!


So question about your smoothie – you measure it by weight for the greens? Not how many cups you’re using? I don’t have a scale, I’m used to measuring items.


okay, I’ve gotta ask, that t-shirt says go cougs?…..
I’m reading logs in reverse today, cause I’m a little behind….Netflix, again true spirit, but am rewatching the Titans again….

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