One of the best days of my life.

I am not exaggerating about this at all—>  yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

We were only in St. Louis for about a day but from what we saw and ate, we loved.

Skye also slept from 10-5 (ate at 5 and then went back to sleep) and we woke up feeling amazing so I’m sure that played a part about yesterday being so great ha.

IMG 1676

After I fed Skye I was wide awake because my body was so thrilled from all of the sleep so I went down to the gym.  Andrew used Priceline for our hotel and we ended up winning the hotel gamble. We stayed at the St. Louis Union hotel and it was amazing for how great of a deal we got.  I loved their gym!  They even had ice cold towels there for us and they felt so good.  They reminded me of the St. George Marathon because I’ve had ice cold towels and bags of ice handed to me during that marathon and they feel like heaven.

8 miles @ 8:25 average pace.

IMG 1669

Then we packed up really quick and were out of the hotel at 8 to head over to the City Museum.

IMG 1681

We grabbed some breakfast and made it to the museum right when it opened.  You guys were right (in the comments the other day)… that place is UNREAL.

IMG 1689

I cannot say enough good things about this place.  It was $85 (we paid for roof access too which was amazing) for our family and we were there for a little under 8 hours.  We probably only made it to 50% of the museum.  When we left Brooke told me she was so sad that places close because she wanted to stay there all night.

IMG 1700

The rest of my family arrived too!

12 adults and 22 kids total.  We were just missing one of my nephews.  He is on a mission for our church in Texas.

The last time we were all together was at my wedding.  It was time to be together again!

IMG 1737

The museum has so many floors of incredible tunnels, playgrounds and things to remind me that heights kind of freak me out;)  We climbed up to get to the top of this dome!

IMG 1748

And we all did the ferris wheel at the top of the building.

IMG 1722

They also have a 10 STORY slide so Andrew and I went on that while our kids hung out with my sis-in-law because Brooke and Knox were not tall enough for the slide.  I was a little dizzy after that slide!

IMG 1717

This bus is on the roof and it is hanging over the edge.

IMG 1712

Whoever designed this museum is the most creative person ever.

IMG 1742

PS pro tip from my brother that has been here a few times… wear as much spandex as possible ha.  You get going down the huge slides so much faster if you are wearing spandex.  Also, wear comfortable shoes because you have a lot of ground to cover at this museum.  I hit about 8k steps just while at the museum and for a good chunk of time I was sitting with Skye feeding her while we were there.

IMG 1701

Skye did take some good naps too so we were able to spend time with Brooke and Knox on the playgrounds while Skye slept by my mom.  The playgrounds at this museum are just as fun for adults as they are for kids… I think my 40 year old brother ran around more and did more than all of the kids.

IMG 1731

The real miracle of the day was that we didn’t lose any of the kids…

IMG 1742

Brooke surprised me big time because she isn’t much of a daredevil but she was trying all sorts of new things.

IMG 1772

The best tasting mango popsicle ever.

IMG 1768

I couldn’t get this picture below (a screenshot from my IG story) to be any bigger but we must have sprinted up this slide/hill a dozen times.  It was great training for my hilly marathon in 4 months.  I will most definitely be sore today from the museum.

Screen Shot 2018 06 06 at 5 47 17 PM

PS Andrew’s and my wardrobe change was because my family planned to all wear BYU shirts at the museum so we changed once we saw my sister because she brought shirts for us.

IMG 1766

We never really stopped for meals and just had a bunch of snacks throughout the day so we were MORE than ready for a big dinner.  A few of you told us to go to Pappy’s and we are beyond thankful for your recommendation.

IMG 1803

I took one terrible picture and dug right in… the sweet potato fries were amazing and I need their ribs again.  Also, they were out of their fried corn on the cob so I am going to need one of you that are local to the area to ship me some of those please.

IMG 1804

And then we were back in the car again.   Skye was excited.

IMG 1811

We picked up some ice cream and made the drive to Illinois.  I so wish we had more time in St. Louis because there are so many more things I want to see and do there.  I’m LOVING visiting where so many of you are from, I just wish we could go on a run all together!

IMG 1726


Are you afraid of heights?

Are you a popsicle fan?  Have a favorite brand/type of popsicles?

Where is the prettiest place that you have ever lived?

Favorite city to visit?

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Looks like a fun day!!!

I am petrified of heights. Yuck!

Outshine popsicles are delish and they even have some with fruit and veggies in them!

My favorite city I have visited within the US is probably Dallas or North Shore, Oahu :)


This looks like so much fun! I wish I had a huge family — each of my parents only have one sibling so I just have two cousins!


Yay!! So glad that y’all are having such a great time! I’ve never been to St. Louis, but I’m thinking that I need to visit there at some point!

I haven’t lived too many places, but I would say that Orange County wins for me. It’s SO gorgeous, and there’s so much to do!! And YES to popsicles. I don’t know what my favorite type is, but I love frozen fruity-flavored things, especially if it’s strawberry or any type of berry flavor. Sometimes when we were on vacation when we were kids, my brother and sister and I would get virgin strawberry daiquiris, and I once had a popsicle that tasted like one of those—it was AMAZING. I wish I could remember the brand!!


Best days. Tuck those away……….use the fond memory when needed!


Yes yes yes yes. I love that… I definitely will!


I don’t think I’ve ever thought of visiting there but I’ll have to put that on my list of places to go now.

I never was afraid of heights but now after I had my kids I am a little bit. I get super anxious about my kids being close to the edge and stuff haha


AAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!! That ferris wheel, that stairwell Brooke is on, and that bus!!! All of those pictures freaked me out!!! lol I am SO NOT a fan of heights. In two weeks, it will be a test of my bravery to see if I go up the Key West lighthouse this year. Some years I chicken out, but one year I went up. The view was so worth it. It’s not going UP that is freaky for me; it’s going back DOWN. Two years ago, in Seattle, my husband and oldest daughter went up in the Space Needle, but I declined!!!!! lol You guys are all brave–even Skye on that ferris wheel! Teach her young not to be afraid :)

Favorite city to visit–no surprise, Key West. I really enjoy Portland, OR and Seattle, too, though.

I just bought out inaugural box of fudgesicles for the summer. My daughters are plowing through them–so good! I like orange creamsicles, too, but my husband hates them. ha ha Popsicles are good!!!!!

Enjoy your vacation and time with your family!!!


Wow!! City Museum looks AMAZING! HRG readers know what they are talking about! The comments are just as great as what you write.
So awesome that your whole family was able to be there!


I think the comments are much better than what I write ha… I learn so much from everyone! Thanks Elizabeth and I hope you are having a great day!


I think Chattanooga where I am now is the prettiest! And I love visiting Nashville! Looks like you guys are having fun!!


Welcome to Illinois! I am quite curious what you’re up to here since you started on the southern part (AKA not near Chicago).


Hey Molly!! We have seriously been all over the place ha. Kind of random! We are now in Nauvoo to see a lot of our church’s history:) It’s so hot but beyond gorgeous. I hope you are having an amazing day Molly!


That museum looks so fun!! It sure seems like you’re all such a great time :)
I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of heights really, but the top of the building bus might freak me out a tad… but I would totally go on it!
The prettiest place I have ever lived was Colorado <3 Most of my family still lives there, so fortunately we go out there often. I just love all the seasons, the mountains, and how active people are there!
I think my favorite city to visit is either San Francisco or Seattle! I'm not a big eater, but those towns are such great "foodie" towns with lots of history!
Thank you for sharing your vacation with all of us!!


I love popsicles!!! My boyfriend makes so much fun of me because in the summer I pretty much eat a popsicle every night as a bed time snack! I love love love the Outshine brand – they have real fruit and have so many delicious flavor combinations! I saw some yogurt ones the other day so I will have to try those soon, ha! Highly recommend. :)


Oh that is awesome… I am going to join you this summer. I need to try the Outshine brand, that sounds amazing. I hope your day has been a great one so far Emily and enjoy a popsicle tonight.


I so wish I wasn’t in Hawaii (well maybe not) and closer to home because you are in my area. How much fun would a group run be?
You should Google the history of the guy who built the City Museum – he was killed as he was building another one outside of downtown St. Louis – there is a big controversy if it was accidental or if someone killed him, rather interesting details.
Have a great time in the glorious and humid Midwest!!


I am SO happy you are in Hawaii enjoying those beaches but next time I am here (we have some stadiums to go to:) we better do a group run. WOW… I did not know about that, I just told my family! That is nuts. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your trip Katrina!


I am so glad you enjoyed my city. If you come back go to Forest Park. Everything is free.


No way!! We will definitely be doing that next time! Thanks Beth!


I love perfect days! Do you think price hotel is better than Airbnb in terms of pricing?


I think it just depends! I hope your Thursday has been a great one!


So glad you liked our city!! St. Louis doesn’t get the best media attention, but it really is a great city with so many great attractions. Next time try to get to the zoo. It really is amazing…and FREE! Pappy’s is THE.BEST.

Jocelyn in the STL


Yes! Another Stl person ?????


Hi Tricia! I do love our city! Nice to “meet” you!


The zoo is FREE?! That is awesome!! We seriously loved it there and we will be back for sure because we need to hit up that stadium. We will have to do a meet-up!


You went to all the best places!! That hotel is where we stay for Rock n Roll Stl! And my son always loooooved the City Museum and yes, you could lose a kid in there lol ? glad you had a great time-we need you to do a HRG meetup if you come back, sounds like you have a lot of fans here! ??❤️


I want to come to Rock n Roll St with you! Next time we will for sure to a meetup… that would be AMAZING!! I hope you have a great night Tricia!


So glad you loved the City Museum and Pappy’s! I was tempted to take my daughters to the city museum to say hello! (We live just across the river in Illinois. )I coach middle school cross country and 3 of my daughters run…early morning practice today so I thought I better rethink the musuem. ENjoy the rest of your trip! Where are y’all going to in Illinois?


I am in Alton – you?


Hey Stephani, oh that would have been so much fun to see you! Next time for sure! We are in Nauvoo now for some church history things and to see the temple. I hope you have a fabulous evening and you live in an amazing area of the world!


Yay I am so happy you loved St. Louis!!! I have lived in St. Louis my entire life and it makes me happy when people visit and have great things to say about it. You visited the most amazing place too!! I agree with the others on a meetup if you come back!


My grandma lives in St. Louis so we go once a year. We always do the zoo! It’s great. But I’ve always heard it’s easy to lose kids in the city museum so I’m glad you didn’t. Sorry Andrew didn’t get to go to Busch stadium. It’s a good one!
So is this a traveling family reunion? You go from one state to the next together??


Next time we will have to go to the zoo! I know, we really wanted to but it didn’t fit in with our family’s plan so we will make another trip out. Yeah, my oldest brother planned a bunch of stops out so we are seeing a lot. I hope you have a great night Mary!


This brings back such great memories for me. My fiancé and I took a long weekend trip to St Louis back in 2013 I think? We went to the City Museum and had a blast as 2 adults in their 20s would do. We enjoyed some great BBQ too. Where in Illinois are you headed? I am from outside of Chicago (Evanston suburb), but now I live in upstate NY.


Looks so fun!
Totally afraid of heights. Makes mountain biking extra exciting ;)
My family lives in Steamboat Springs, CO and our view is out of this world! We are so blessed.


We love visiting St. Louis! It’s too bad you didn’t have time to go to the zoo…it is amazing and free! Have fun going through Illinois (I live in central IL so give me a wave on your way through)! ? Right now I love Welch’s freezer pops from Costco. They are my favorite thing to eat right after a hot run.


AH! You were in my city! I had no idea you were coming here. I’ve been to City Museum several times as an adult and have so much fun there. I went once at night and my friend proposed to his boyfriend when they got off that 10 (or however many) story slide! Also I work a few blocks from Pappy’s but never go because the lines are usually long. Looks like you got in ok though. Glad you had fun in my town; I love it here.


Love the pictures of your day! It does sound great. I am terribly afraid of heights but had to conquer them last month when my grandson wanted me to take him on a gondola ride. I held on tightly and gritted my teeth! :)


PAPPY’S!!!! We were just there 2 weeks ago. My son graduated from Ft. Leonard Wood, and we flew in/out of St. Louis airport. A woman at our hotel heard us talking about heading to St Louis to fly home and she said, “You have to stop at Pappy’s. It’s the real deal.” She was right! THOSE RIBS. I’m still dreaming about them!

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