Intimidated. I saw stars. A regret.

I saw stars during this workout’s final set, which isn’t an exaggeration.  The tricky thing about 300m intervals, I learned, is that you go the same pace as 200m intervals, but then you have to hang on for another 100m to finish them.

A good track workout where you hit that anaerobic state feels cleansing afterward.  I’m not sure if this is because you put out everything you have in you or because you feel more alive than ever (due to feeling more pain than ever;), but it just feels cleansing to me.

Bonus–> We saw the BYU women doing their final workout before the NCAA Cross Country Championships.  I cannot wait to see how they do.

IMG 8315

We started with a four-mile w/u and then got to the track to do some drills (high knees, skips, etc). We then did two laps around the track with strides on the straightaway before jumping into the workout.

3 sets of 3 x 300m repeats.  Anaerobic was the goal, and anaerobic is what I accomplished.  There were 90-second rests (part stopped, part easy) between each interval and a 5-minute easy pace between each set.  We did these in lane 3 and switched directions for sets to lower the chance of injury.

I didn’t lap properly for all 9 intervals because it’s such a short time to be pushing a bunch of buttons, ha, but I couldn’t believe I was sub-5 for these:

IMG 8342

We finished with a few miles c/d and 12 miles total.

Girl gang doing hard things together.

IMG 8327

I have a very good feeling about Seville due to how good I feel right now, but I’m not going to lie… The flatness of the course is scaring me a bit.  I’ve never raced a flat marathon (I have sub-3s at Boston, CIM, St. George, and Big Bear, which are all net down ((some much more than others)), so this will be a new challenge for me!

From my friend’s Seville Marathon last year… 220 total ft gain and loss over 26.2 will be pretty different for me.

IMG 8348

I’m trying to set a new trend with different sock lengths… at least they were the same brand.

IMG 8339

Andrew wasn’t drinking as much soda as I was, but he’s doing this swap with me and says he is feeling amazing, too.

IMG 8341

I instantly regretted bringing this ringing Christmas phone out of storage so soon.

IMG 8330

They had PJ day at school, which is truly their favorite day due to the comfort levels they experience.

IMG 8333

After-school snacking…

We had this cheddar broccoli soup and it is fabulous.  New favorite.

Along with cookie dough.

Now that it is dark at 4 pm (or maybe because soccer slowed down and we have more time), it has brought back my love for reading.


Flat marathon advice and training, please.  I need it all!  Who has done a flat marathon?

What type of courses do you prefer for races?

-Hilly, flat, down, trail?

Any funny regrets that you have recently?  These are my favorite.  

Best running socks, in your opinion?

-I stand by the power strides forever.

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Indy elevation is like 250 feet. I’m used to flat so any bump in the road is a hill for me.
Did you spot Diljeet?? Can you just try to sneak into her Taylor Made run group? hehhehe
Four Winds took me like four years to read. Hopefully you get into a better reading groove with it than I did.
Recent regret: eating too much fiber before yesterday’s run. Ouch.


250 ft… I love it! That is one mile up or down in the St. George Marathon haha. I need to get used to this. I sure did. I see her all over the place. Turns out I need to double my speed in order to make it to that group ha but Anna Camp did tell me she wants to come for a long run with us one week. Can you imagine?! Haha I’m hoping I can finish it by December. That is a regret that many runners have experienced all too well.


All the marathons I have races have been hilly lol, new york, Boston, San Francisco and Vancouver. I heard someone tell me that even for flat marathons hill training is good? Happy training

I like my lululemon socks for running

Also the time change and the sun basically going down at 4:30pm is messing with me haha because I am ready for bed at 6 pm.

The soup looks amazing I need to try!

PS I too am using the winter months to catch up on reading and always on the hunt for good reads.

Have a wonderful day Janae!


You get more gain than anyone I know! Interesting… well, I guess I’ll keep going with the hill sprints. Happy reading months, share with me some of your favorites! Thanks Kristine, you too!


What is this amazing smoothie recipe???


Hey Mary! I started with .5 lb power greens (baby spinach, baby chard and baby kale) from Costco, .5 cup chia seeds and enough water and frozen fruit to make it drinkable and taste somewhat okay. I am hooked and plan on doing this my whole life now with the changes I feel. Have a great day, Mary!


Oh man I just finished that book. It was so depressing yet so beautifully written I could not put it down. I swear I could taste dirt in my mouth after reading it and felt so grateful to have a full pantry of food for my kids.


That is how I felt with the last book I read by her… I felt like I was in the room watching the story unravel first-hand. Her books are so sad but she tells a story so wonderfully. Hope your day is a beautiful one and you are so right, we are the luckiest.


I prefer rolling hills too
Good luck!
I love my protein green smoothies too 💚


Thank you so much, Karen! Cheersing you right now with my smoothie:). Have a beautiful day!


I definitely prefer rolling hills, not too steep, for marathons. Flat is hard for that long!
My son’s girlfriend and I were just talking about a good broccoli cheddar soup. We are definitely going to have to try that recipe.
Pajama day was always a favorite for my boys too. How could it not be? Ha ha
I love following along with your training. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
Have a great Thursday.


I am really nervous about using the same muscles for 26.2 miles! Oh you will love this recipe, it was so good and I can’t wait to eat it for lunch. today. Thank you for being my friend over the years, it means the world to me. Happy Thursday, Wendy!


Yay, you tried the broccoli cheddar soup! It’s SO good, right? I also love the lululemon running socks (and frequently have to do different lengths, haha), but I’ve been loving bomba as well for a thicker sock. My biggest regret lately was not buying the dark chocolate popcorn from the grocery store yesterday. It looked too yummy.


Tess, THANK YOU for the recipe. The whole family loved it so much. Bomba is the best for winter, thanks for that reminder. I think you need to fix your regret today.


I’ve done a few flat marathons and will warn you that the muscle fatigue is real. Because of this, though, I find myself extra thankful for even a tiny slope to shift to a different set of muscles. So my advice would be, look forward to the hills but be thankful they are infrequent.
I had an *almost* regret last night. It was my birthday and I wanted a change. I have had bangs in the past, but they were grown out to past my nose, and I had been clipping them back with a bobby pin. So, I took the scissors to them and hacked away. Initially, it looked AWFUL but then miraculously, I woke up this morning, took a straight iron to them, and they look great! It’s just hair and would grow back even if it did stay looking awful but whew! What a relief!


That is what I am nervous about but that advice is gold. Thank you, Stacey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!! I WANT TO SEE YOUR BANGS. I have been wanting them so bad!


Let Hope buy an $11 microphone with her own money. She was using it during general conversation with us. The charger has gone missing. ;)


BAHAHA the charger just magically disappeared! Worst $11 mistake of your life haha.


My first marathon was FLAT (I mean like 50 ft total and that was the last mile), and as God as my witness I will never do that again lol. I think my piriformis is still messed up from it. Hopefully the 220 ft is in the form of some small rollers that are spaced throughout the coarse. Just make sure hamstrings/hips/etc. are nice and warm and you will kill it as always!!


Hello from Michigan! I am curious about this smoothie, it’s helped encourage me to drink mine! Can you please have your sister talk about how she came upon this recipe and her experiences. Love to see how it affects people!
Thank you!


I second this. So curious!


This is one of my all-time favorite books! I hope you love it :)

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