(Bra, shorts, long sleeve)

I got on the bike for my once-a-week cross-training. I did a 45-minute power zone class with Olivia, and it was just what I needed. I did not desire intervals of any type, so I kept it aerobic and loved the class.

And then the girls talked me into a 4-mile run at an 8:33 pace. Maybe I’ll do a triathlon after Seville?

Lauren wins the bravery award for swimming and then running in the cold with wet hair.

Skye won the award for the best puppy dog eyes.

This smoothie looks disgusting, but I swear it gives me more energy than any amount of caffeine.

I just have to take some sips to make sure I added enough frozen berries to take away the kale flavor before I pour it into my cup;)

 The day was a blur but it did end here…

Let’s get chatting about a bunch of tangents!

*My favorite running vest is still on a huge sale right now!

*Prolash! I linked the starter set, and I got the classic shorties length.

I wanted to try these out for a few weeks before I gave a review. I love them. They take me about 10 minutes to put on (I think most people it is shorter, but I struggle with this stuff), and they last me 7-8 days. I think they look way more natural than my previous fake eyelashes (my mom made a point of letting me know this, too), and I love that it now takes me 30 seconds to put on makeup without having to do mascara. You have to be careful not to get a lot of water on them when you wash your face, and I also don’t use a sleep mask when I have them because those things make them fall off sooner.

*MANGO (my new favorite store) is having a 30% off everything sale today–> code EXTRA30

So, to add to my favorite sweaters this season, this cardigan. A simple white tee under, and I feel as dressed up as I’ll ever get. Once again, it is pure softness because I refuse to wear anything I wouldn’t want to sleep in.

*Andrew voted these jeans to be his favorite pair I have ever owned (and this black sweater with it).

*Rabbit sent me this dream winter top—a BUILT-IN BALACLAVA. The inside lining of the top is fleece and so cozy. This is going to save me during my blizzard runs this winter.

*If you want to watch a show that will make you feel creeped out–> Twin Flames on Netflix is for you.

*Good luck to everyone running Big Bear this weekend. Get the hills out of the way in the first 9 miles, and then remember nose over toes as you fly down the mountain. Push your hips forward as you are running down to engage your glutes! My race recap is here.

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

Is anyone doing a race on Thanksgiving?

What was the last thing on Netflix you watched?

Peloton users—> what was the last class you took?

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My daughter is coming home from college this weekend! Yay! The last class I did on Peloton was a 30-minute Lanebreak and then a Barre class with Olivia, so I could finish a podcast and ride, and I wish I was doing a TG run/race but not this year. Glad Andrew is getting up and around. Have a good weekend!


Nancy, that makes me so so happy. Enjoy every single second with her. Lanebreak… I need to try that! Thank you and happy weekend with your daughter!


I’m running a turkey trot 8k on thanksgiving AND cooking dinner afterwards 💪. The last thing I watched on Netflix was ‘Best Christmas Ever’ last night and it was cheesy cute….which is just how I love a Christmas movie! How’s Andrew’s leg feeling? I hope it’s healing quickly!!


You have a big Thursday ahead of you and I’m sure your dinner is going to be amazing. I need a cheesy show to watch… I wonder if Brooke would like that one with me? He is doing SO much better. Walking around (limping) without his boot as we speak! Hope your morning is a beautiful one and thanks for asking, Erin!


Love the cardigan sweater! I need some updates in my closet. I did find a couple of bodysuits and 2 skirts on Amazon that I am liking for fall, yay.
We’re supposed to a little more rain this weekend, yay, then it’s just making sure everything is ready for Thanksgiving.
I actually haven’t watched anything on Netflix for a while…. But I think once Christmas break arrives, we’ll be doing more of that.
I have been loving all of the outdoor content on the Peloton app. So fun! I did an intervals run with Olivia yesterday.
My morning didn’t start out as planned, but that’s ok. Things have a way of working out.
Have a great Friday Janae.


FUN! I need to find these skirts! So many things to get excited for to watch on Netflix. You are so right and I love that perspective. It all works out. You too, Wendy!


I love that rabbit top! How’s the sizing?


Right on! I got a size small and it fits perfect… I would say like a 4/6 in lululemon. You will love it. Happy weekend, Jessica!


What cup are you using for your smoothies?

I’m doing a turkey trot on thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his parents. We are both runners so we are so excited they want to do a 5k, even if we walk the whole thing!!

Yesterday I did a bike workout with Emma Lovewell, she picks great music. And the day before was a pop run with Jess Sims, my absolute favorite!


I’m just using the one that came with our Vitamix! I love that you are doing the turkey trot with his parents too.. how fun. I haven’t tried Emma, I want to now. Hope you have the best weekend, Mariah!


We are heading into Chicago tomorrow! Always a good time when it’s not -30 degrees!
Is it in the genes for your kids to be great at impersonating dogs? hehe
I did a 10 minute strength for runners last night. They need a video for running drills now.
I feel like turkey trots cramp my cooking and baking. I prefer to do my own thing so I can keep on task for the food.


I hope you have the best time in Chicago! Honestly, I forgot to post a different picture of Beck acting like a dog yesterday too haha… they are all dog wannabes. Okay, let’s send messages to them about the running drills, that is such a good idea. Good call on focusing on the cooking and baking, that’s what matters! Hope your day is a great one, Molly (and you get the weekend off).


Love these Mango recs- I am going to order from there for the first time. Do you find it true to size? Are the sweaters oversize?



I cannot believe I went 37 years without Mango in my life. I do find it is true to size. Madewell I am using ordering xs or xxs and I am small everywhere else but Mango I am getting a small in things and it fits perfectly. The black one I linked is not oversized but the others feel just slightly oversized if that makes sense? I hope you love it too! Let me know. Happy weekend, Amelia!


Hi! Two questions. What is the “recipe” for the smoothie? Approx amounts. Would love to ditch my morning coffee (most morning, not all…). But also, I live in a cold winter place so a smoothie sounds too cold lol. Also, how does Rabbit top run? It looks perfect!


Hey Mina! The recipe is pretty extreme ha but it is working wonders for my life and I have ditched caffeine (other than a workout gel) all together and truly feel amazing.

1/2 cup chia seeds
.5 lbs of power greens (I’m up to .7 lbs now)
As much water and frozen fruit as you need to make it smoothie consistency and drinkable/tolerable ha.

PLEASE let me know how it goes for you. Also, I do the chia and powergreens and water first to really grind up the chia seeds so my body can absorb all of the goodness possible and then add the fruit and do another cycle in the vitamix!

The Rabbit top is true to size… Small for me or a 4/6 in lululemon!


I took my first shot at making European hot chocolate last night and it was a winner! It only makes 2 servings, so you’d obviously need to up the ingredients for your family. https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2023/11/friday-foodie.html It’s going to be hard to go back to Swiss Miss now, ha!

We fly to Florida on Monday for a big Thanksgiving family reunion so my weekend is filled with to do lists. We haven’t been since before COVID so we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone. One of my Tennessee nieces will be with us and she sent me a text last night asking if we could run together next week.


Just ordered that vest for my daughter who is a big high school runner now. Would love to know what other cold weather clothing you recommend for runners! Thank you!


I am so excited to run Big Bear tomorrow! Thank you for the tips!

The last thing I watched on Netflix was House of Usher and I didn’t get through the 2nd episode. It was way more raunchy than I had anticipated :(


Celebrating my youngest son’s 18th birthday.


this weekend….getting busy, catching up, and yep a run. the best I guess smoothy my fave involved cucumbers, oranges, and yams….I always find thanksgiving weird….ours here in Canada is at the beginning of the month, and I don’t get the attraction of black fridays….

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