Marathon Tuesday Tangents

Thank you SO much for the nicest comments yesterday!

We are probably in Budapest by now (I’m not sure about the time change, but we left Monday), and I’m so excited to see it all. Today will include a bunch of miscellaneous things from the marathon weekend:

*Races where I have enough energy to wave and smile at my kids are my favorite races.


*My pain cave face… I kept telling myself pain is a privilege in those final miles. I was lucky to be healthy enough to ask my body to run.

*Their tradition is to get pie every StG Marathon morning. This spot is at mile 6.5 on the course, and it makes me so happy they do this.

*Let’s talk shoes! I fully believe the Adidas Adizero Adios 3 is the better shoe (for me). My body feels better in them, and the bounce is unmatched. So why did I wear the Vaporflys? One time, when I wore the Adizero, they tore up my heels. Blood. I was too afraid to risk that happening with them during a marathon. I loved the Vaporflys, and they were great for the marathon, but they are a 2nd place for me but I can trust them to not hurt my feet.

*I wore a top (with a built in bra) that I don’t usually wear… Too much fabric on my chest makes me feel claustrophobic during hot races, so I went for something more freeing and wow. It’s a game-changer for me. I kept dumping water on myself during the race, and then feeling a breeze on my chest felt so good and considerably cooled me down. Men are fortunate they can go without a top if they want🤣

*Please do not make the same mistake I did on Saturday. I forgot to lock the door on the porta-potty before the race. I’m still embarrassed.

*I couldn’t open one of my gels during the race!  I was able to give it to Andrew to have him open it, but sadly, I couldn’t even take it because nothing was staying down.

*This course has my heart.

*Does anybody remember back in 2018 when I raced with a Power Bun? After every race since then, I get comments or DMs asking why I don’t do that anymore, and I’m not sure why…. My current hair length would only allow 10% of my hair to go into the power bun these days 🤣.  I’m very sorry this tradition ended but I think I’m sticking with shorter hair forever now.

*Day 7 of my cycle is my favorite time to run.

*I wish I remember who told me this, but ‘Float then Fight’ perfectly describes the marathon. I felt like I was able to do that on Saturday!

*I was 25 seconds slower on Saturday than in 2022 on this course.… a 6:24 average pace for BOTH years, haha. What are the odds? I didn’t look at my watch this year besides a glance here or there… it just happened.

*I got my liquids from my bottles (the volunteers did amazing with them) and used the aid stations to dump water on my head. It felt so good.

*No matter how often I run the marathon, it will never stop surprising me how often feelings change. Hold onto that reminder when you are hurting; things can change anytime!


*I’m going to wear this top often. The race winners and the master’s category get free trips to JAPAN!

*I told Andrew that if I do have a time goal for the future, it is to hit every 2:4X time at StG🤣. 2:47, 2:48, 2:49 ✔️.

*Sunglasses starting at mile 18 are a need, not a want, for this marathon.

*My back was the most sore part when I woke up on Sunday morning! I was beyond happy to wake up and have just soreness, not an injury, because we have a lot of walking and running to do in Hungary (and I think we will pop over to Vienna too)! My kids cannot wait to go and stay with grandma and grandpa while we are away.

*On Sunday, we took the kids to see the leaves. I’m going to miss them so much.


Is fall in your area gorgeous right now?  

-I need October to be 20 weeks long.

How do you wear your hair for a race?

What is usually the most sore for you after a hard run?

What is your run today?

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I was envious of your race top because it’s so cute and when I clicked on the link I realized I have the exact same one in blue 🤣
First workout of my new training block today and it went so well!!! I’m finally optimistic about racing again. Can’t wait to see your trip pictures!


Well, now I need it in blue! I have a good feeling about this training cycle for you… way to get that first one done! Have the most beautiful day, Mollie! Thank you!


Hopefully your travel day went smoothly. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
I love that Andrew and the kids get pie every year. What a fun tradition.
I almost always just wear my hair in a ponytail. If it’s a long run, I usually wear a hat or visor to help keep the sweat out of my face, ha
It’s a little early for fall out here, but a few trees are beginning to change. It usually happens in November. But I love seeing your pictures and pictures from my sisters in Colorado that are so stunning.
Hope you have a great day in Budapest!


Thank you, Wendy! I was a bit off on my predictions of when we would arrive but we are about two hours away now.. wahoo! I hope you guys get a long fall and keep enjoying those pics from your sis and hopefully you get back out to Colorado again soon!


Huge congrats to you and can’t wait to hear about the marathon in another country! I did one in Australia and it is such a different experience!
Can you remind me what watch you use? looking for one that syncs to my air buds because I hate running with my phone. Currently have Apple Watch and am in the market for something else.


Australia… oh that would be amazing! I have this one and absolutely love it, it was so easy to start my music when I was ready for it:

Have a great day!


Love that you get a StG jacket! I would never want to take it off.
I hope your flight and time change have gone well.
I am usually a power bun if it can stay up on any given day.
This marathon training block my arms have been the sorest post long run. So interesting.
Enjoy Europe!!


Awesome race!! Love the recaps.

I just wanted to make you feel better about the port a potty experience. A week ago (at my son’s high school xc race) I didn’t lock the door on mine and one of his team mates opened the door. Hopefully yours was at least a stranger….

Have a wonderful trip!!


Fall is gorgeous here! It’s my absolute favorite season.
I wear my hair in 2 braids then into a tight bun at the nape of my neck since it keeps all my hair away from my face… a huge pet peeve I have when running!
I run tomorrow morning but it’s before I teach kindergarten – so it’s quick! My long run falls to Sunday morning:)


Hi Janae, congratulations on the marathon, so amazing! Have a great time in Hungary. I know it’s a bit farther, but if you can make it to Prague, you will not regret it!


Love reading your daily post, so inspiring. Love all things Lulu :)
Enjoy Europe and have fun at the race!!


I’m getting caught up on a few of your posts (newborn life, amiright??) and I just wanted to point something out to you. I’ve been reading you since before Brooke was born and so I’ve followed along on how FREAKING HARD you trained and wanted to break 3 hours in the marathon. This race you not only broke 3 hours, you broke 2:50 and you barely looked at your watch doing it. Just want you to soak in how far you’ve come :)

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