We have 20 things to discuss today.

Hello!  We are exploring Budapest, and so I thought I would just share 20 completely random thoughts.  I’ll be posting a bunch on my IG this week about our trip if you want to follow along!

*We are pushing back our Rim-to-Rim goal because of this trip (we don’t want to leave the kids again so soon… not sure Skye would ever forgive us;).  But I’m wondering if we do it next April/May, I can convince Andrew to do Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim with me because that will give us plenty of time to train.

*I left our home phone on accident at a huge stadium a few minutes before the game ended.  This phone doesn’t have a passcode on it, and it was logged into all of my social accounts and blog…. I am beyond lucky that a friend found it, and you didn’t get a new author to this blog before I realized it was gone;)

*Snow + orange leaves on the same mountain.

*Skye and the neighbor kids decided to see if food coloring worked well on carpet.  So that was fun.

*TMI but the two days leading up to my period, I wake up drenched in sweat.  This is new to me in the last year or two, and I can count on it happening 100% of the time now.

*Some days you just need to stay in bed for a bit longer than you normally do.

*I came across this picture the other day and determined that every race I do should include a mid-race pep talk (and pancakes;) from my mom like the one I got during my ultra in 2019.

IMG 3962

*Whenever we leave the house, Beck says to our 13 ft Jack Skellington, ‘Bye Jack, I love you.’  It is always Andrew’s proudest parenting moment.

*Two of my absolute favorite pictures of Mer.

IMG 5625

*She was truly a party animal.

IMG 5633

*And she always supported whatever company I was working with on my blog:)

*Losing Mer sure put things in perspective.  I was upset about how long my house renovations were taking and then she started slipping away and it made me realize how little anything else matters than our family and friends.

*I actually like running in the rain but I don’t like it when I forget a hat.

*My uncle (my mom’s brother) shared his favorite track tip (he has coached track and cross-country for decades):  “When running on the track, run fast, turn left and hurry back.”  It is now what will be going through my head when I do a track workout.

*This same uncle of mine ran a 2:22 for his first marathon.  He never did one again because it wasn’t his thing and I’m very upset with him for not doing another one.

*My dad said that he knew Andrew was the one because when we were dating I decided to skip racing a half marathon and run it with him instead:).  I can’t wait to run our 2nd race together in a few days.

IMG 9808

*Sunday will be my 19th marathon?!? Ummm how did that happen?  From my first marathon:

*I’m a little embarrassed over how many different restaurants and cafes in Budapest I have stared at leading up to this trip.  I can’t wait to eat here:

Screen Shot 2023 09 23 at 6 19 57 PM

*How was this picture taken yesterday (dramatic, I know) and yet they are tweens today?

*One night in the middle of the night, Skye put herself to bed in the pantry. Finding her in the morning there made us jump.

Give me some random things you have to talk about or that you have been thinking about!

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Aw, love those pictures of your sweet Mer. Reminds me of a picture of my favorite (great) uncle, who passed at the age of 97. My favorite picture of him was him Cajun dancing with me at my wedding- he loved to cut loose! I hope your Budapest trip is a blast and I can’t wait to here about your Rim-to-Rim training. Best of luck at your next race, Janae!


Have so much fun in Budapest!!

A 2:22 first marathon?!! That is talent. Such a shame youe uncle never ran another one.

Also Skye in the pantry haha that is hilarious.

You skipping a race to run with Andrew is so telling. When I met J I gave up a Sunday run with my crew to hang out with him willingly.. that’s when I knew he was special because I didn’t give up Sunday runs lol.

Random..River is afraid of moving halloween decorations..lol.

My sister and I once made turducken for Thanksgiving. Turkey stuffed with chicken and duck. So good.

Have a fantastic day touristing!


Aww their old school pics are so cute!! Such babies.

Random thing I’ve been thinking about- I made signs for the Baltimore running festival this weekend. My boyfriend is running the full and friends are running the half. My fav signs are the ones that say tap here to power up, so I made that! And I made one that says “the rats don’t run this city, you do”, City living jokes lol.



Congrats on St.George! When you have time I would love for you to write in your blog about how you decided on the Vaporflys vs your other choice. Also how you felt about the V3s vs the V2s. Thank you!


Skye in the pantry!!! Hahaha.
I also have the night sweating thing going on. Ugh. Glad I’m not alone but …. Ugh.


It’s Rim to Rim day for Les and his brother! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’ll try to get him to write a post for me.

I hate to tell you this, but that night sweats thing is normal and will probably go on for a while. By the time I was in my 50s I learned to keep ice packs in the freezer – I would grab one and lay in on my chest, that was the only thing that would cool my core down in the middle of the night.


Those night sweats leading up to starting a period……It’s like going from a sauna to being freezing. I used to keep a beach towel or IKEA blanket near me so after waking up sweaty I’d just lay it down and swap my t-shirt out and fall back asleep. It is a good clue to be prepared for your period though!

Enjoy Budapest so much. It is one of our favorite cities. There is a really cool female statue (the liberty statue) on the Buda side-I think it’s so strong and beautiful. You can probably see it from across the river. The Buda side is really neat to walk along if you get a chance.

Enjoy your week leading up the the marathon!!!


Night sweats are the worst! Curious if you still take mixhers hertime? I thought you mentioned that at one point and curious if it helps at all?

Have fun in Budapest!


Thanks for sharing! I hope you have an amazing time away!!! Just finished my FIRST marathon and I can’t look at my credit card bill after all THE THINGS I bought for it! Your giveaway would be very timely 🤞🏻🤞🏻


Good luck! So jealous haha, it all sounds like such a blast!

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