How to get out of running a marathon + pros of a major injury

Janae has been busy getting me back and forth to Vernal for a follow-up appointment, so I told her I would write today’s post from the back seat.

First and foremost, I want to thank all those who have reached out by phone, visited, Instagram, prayed, and had positive thoughts for me. This all meant the world to me.

I have always liked to be busy in my life. I remember growing up, and my mom and I would fight because I was always doing something. She would always tell me, “SLOW DOWN!!” Well, little did I know, Janae was the same (if not more), so this last week of having my feet up, being in pain, and not being able to do anything turned our lives upside down. I felt like a burden, asking even the kids for little favors. This last week has felt like a month. The pain has been some of the worst pain I have felt in my life. It has not been a good week, but it’s starting to get better.

I started the injury looking like this:

I got surgery and was placed in a splint:

Without anything on it before the walking boot.

Now I graduated to a walking boot!!

They cut off my splint and did some follow-up X-rays, and I got to see the gnarly 5-inch incision on my left ankle. It’s still pretty swollen and bruised, and I can’t move my foot much. Dr. Hawkes has been the absolute best surgeon. He spent a ton of time with me yesterday and showed me all the work I need to do to return to normal. He even gave me the hope of being able to ski this winter!! Skye will be so happy because she was sobbing when we thought I wouldn’t be skiing this winter with her.

Dr. Hawkes did a fantastic job securing my ankle and fibula together. Now it’s time for work, and he said I want to see you sweating and working your ankle. His direct words were, “You should be sweating more by working your ankle than you would have been if you were running 5 miles.” He changed some of my medications to help with nerve pain and muscle spasms, but his focus is on activity for the next three weeks.

Beck was an absolute champ! He made it 5 hours in the car without any tantrums, and he stole the show and talked all the nurses and doctors into multiple suckers.

I have experienced quite a bit due to this major, life-changing injury, and I wanted to share a few things:

*Yes, I don’t love running, but this was not a sneaky way of getting out of running another marathon in February. I can think of many more effective and less expensive ways to get out of running. I must admit it, I miss running.

*I don’t like asking for help, but this has shown me that you can’t do everything on your own; it’s okay to lean on others. No one has made me feel like a burden, and I hope to be quicker to help others when I can again!

*I’m so fortunate to have a brother-in-law who knows medicine so well and to know so many amazing people who were willing to go out of their way to help me get treated as soon as possible. We got to see Janae’s Brother and his wife multiple times in the last week, so that was really fun.

*The laundry has gone way down. I usually go through five outfits;) a day, and now I wear one outfit over four days.

*It pains me to admit it, but I used Beck’s diaper rash cream. It changed my life, but it was low when I realized I needed it. I snuck out of bed while everyone was outside and got it for me. Now I guess everyone will know now.

*People have brought us the absolute best food. We’ve been eating like kings and queens the last week. I loved this, but there has to be an easier way to get people to do this, haha.

*It has been so fun being the passenger princess during long car rides; I didn’t think car rides could be so fun. Janae never drives, haha.

*I am so grateful for modern medicine. One of my former favorite neighbors (this just recently changed) said, “It’s a good thing we live in a different time, and I didn’t have to end your misery as they used to with horses and broken legs!”

*My new job has been so understanding throughout this; I’m not sure they will love another 2-3 weeks out. Hopefully, it works out!!

*I imagine there is something to be learned from all of this. I’m still trying to figure that out.

Once again, thank you all for everything!!! I hope you have the best Halloween!!!

Enjoy my favorite day of the year!


What are you doing for Halloween this year?

Have you ever had an injury that put you out of commission for an extended period?

Are you ready for winter?

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You are an absolute trooper!! Hope your pain lessens every day and is gone soon. Good luck rehabbing your foot – you got this! 💪🏻


So, this wasn’t to get out of running another marathon…but maybe to experience 24/7 Halloween decorations and activities without having to go to work? LOL
Again, so sorry this happened, and hoping for quick and smooth healing!
**hang in there, Janae! You’re doing GREAT!**


I forgot the questions!
Boring–handing out candy.
Several years ago, I had retinal surgery and had to be face down for 2 weeks, except for restroom and meals. Very zen. Do not recommend.
Much more a summer person, so no to winter readiness.


Well I’m glad you got your walking boot in time for Halloween! Sounds like your doctors are top notch. I have full confidence that you will rock this recovery and be back to your busy self in no time! Thanks for the guest post.


Andrew, I can totally relate to your post. I had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery a week ago. I can’t lift over 2#, bend my wrists or grip anything. Luckily we are empty nesters so hubby has it pretty easy in just helping me out. He is learning how to grocery shop, his way around the kitchen… he is also sleeping great bc he moved to the guest room bc we just have a queen bed. I have to sleep flat on my back with pillows under my arms and he is afraid of hitting my wrists during the night….our new king bed can’t get here soon enough.
This is my second major injury in less than two years. About two years I had emergency eye surgery for detached retina.
Luckily I can get in long walks to help my mental health. I miss lifting weights and running plus being independent on daily life activities.
Here’s to graceful healing.


I hope the new meds help and you start to feel much better. The PT sounds intense, but I’m sure you’ll crush it!
I’m not ready for winter, I feel like we missed Fall. It was hot and now it’s freezing!


Trick or treating of course! My big is heading to her friend’s house and I get the 5 th grade boys

I am recovering from a hubris fracture. (Mid August) Very similar story. I was biking my wheel got stuck and I went down. I have some gnarly X-rays. I had to wait a week for surgery. During which I could feel the bone moving when I sneezed or flexed even tho it was braced. Then a week after surgery I was in a ton of pain.
I damaged my radial nerve and had no use of my right hand. BUT I’m doing so much better now. I can drive again. I can write and I have control of my hand so I can cook.
Physical Therapy is hard. But do it.
I’m cheering you on. Enjoy the car rides while you can!

I’m hoping to be cleared to snowboard soon.
But I live in NJ, the weather here is crazy. We were at the beach Saturday cause it was 80. It’s 45* this morning so maybe ski season is coming


I went through a pretty traumatic injury/surgery process a few years ago, and one of the bigs things I walked away with was realizing I could be appreciative of the things I learned and even some of the experiences without being glad that it happened. I think there’s a lot of “wow, I’m actually so thankful this terrible thing happened” rhetoric, which was NOT the case for me–of course I wish it hadn’t happened! But I learned so much, and I got to spend a lot more time with my family, and THOSE things I’m thankful for. Silver linings, I suppose!


Andrew I am SO very sorry you are going through all of this. The only upside at all is being able to spend more time with the family at home and enjoy some down time. I know that doesn’t take away the incruciating pain. I pray that gets bettter for you with each passing day.

Sending good healing vibes to you. Thinking of you Janae and the entire family.

I hope you are able to enjoy your favorite holiday today.


Glad to hear you are on the mend and the doctor you are seeing focuses on getting mobility back ASAP instead of the previous thinking of waiting 6-8 weeks. Modern medicine is amazing!!

I’ve had two foot surgeries that sidelined me for 12 weeks (one on each foot). I did a lot of YouTube broken foot workouts while I waited for everything to heal. Give them a try, it is amazing what movement does for your mental health. While I was bored and missed movement I did have the advantage of planning my downtime instead of having my life turned upside down instantly.

Take care and hopefully things continue to heal quickly and smoothly!


Diaper rash cream 🤣
I offered to split the driving with my husband this weekend. I was shocked when he took me up on it! I guess I’m what you call the passenger princess. Ha
Happy Halloween!


So glad your healing is progressing, Andrew! I think bringing food is a universal love language. It’s the one thing we can do for others that won’t make life more difficult during a difficult time. I didn’t realize just how meaningful it is until we were on the receiving end.

I’ll be handing out candy tonight. I waited until yesterday to buy it and the only kind that I like was Christmas candy! Hopefully any kids that show up (we usually only get a few, once we didn’t get any) will not think I am handing out last year’s candy. And yes, I buy candy that I like because there will be leftovers ;)

I had a really bad ankle sprain 5 years ago. My doctor said I wouldn’t run for 6 weeks and it ended up being 10. Some of that was my fault because I didn’t rest it enough. I still get a weird twinge from time to time.

Winter? What is that? I live in SoCal and winter is actually one of the best times here!


We have all heard by now much you love Halloween so I think if you were trying to avoid another marathon you would have definitely waited until after Halloween for an injury. I saw something recently that said after the age of 30, 95% of people will never sprint again. You certainly have me nervous to try and fix that for myself at least on grass.
I am sure you were already wonderful before but I bet it will give you a new appreciation for your patients and some of the things they go through. I also work in health care and it is shocking to see how difficult it can be to manage the system as a patient. And it is hard to think about how long you would have had to wait in pain before surgery if you had not known a surgeon. Pain is so tricky and I am sorry to hear it is so tough for you right now! It feels hard because it is hard but you can do hard things.


one fractures lower left fibula….that I didn’t want to say was, until I had to crawl cross the floor at our house for lunch and my wife said I should see someone…one xray, and yep, out for 3 months….tied bike trainer with one leg, weights with one leg, and at least it was the left, so I could still drive….and it was, wow, Halloween day in 1998….
then 4 years ago next month fractured occipital….fell, knocked myself out, knew I had a concussion, but, well, took some convincing to see my MD, one CT scan later, yep, fractured my skull….was told I was lucky to still be alive, I didn’t think so, I couldn’t run or do anything for 3 months..and even then…..I now carry an idea wrist band whenever I run…
halloween…I’m just going to spend tonight yelling at kids to get off of my driveway


YOU GOT THIS! And you know I am praying for ya


A walking boot sounds like a huge improvement!!

Handed out candy and it’s so cute because here in Germany the kids say “Susse oder Sauern” which means “sweet or sour!” It’s so funny, but they aren’t wrong, as we give out sweet and sour candy!

Keep on healing up! You could have dressed as a mummy and had the doctor cover you in head to toe gauze.


You and Janae are such amazing humans!! Way to put this in perspective and see the silver lining. I wish you FAST healing and a winter of skiing, hot cocoa and fun with your kids and family.
I broke my elbow in three places while cycling in France and had emergency surgery there – that truly was a low point in my life but I am better for the experience and hardship.

Keep rocking the POSITIVE mojo! Have a great Hallowe’en!!


So glad you got the urgent care and surgery you needed. Wishing you all the best for an excellent recovery process. It’s tough to be the one down. Our Halloween was very cold. Last year we wore t-shirts, this year it was 30 degree’s with 30-40 mph winds and snow !


Ah! Your poor leg, I hope it heals quickly and thoroughly. It looks like you’re in great hands!

I broke my left hand (I’m a leftie) while teaching and in a master’s program. I was so thankful for talk-to-text but I hated being in a cast up to my shoulder for 6 weeks. My husband got really good at doing my hair for me. AND it didn’t stop me from being able to exercise and even run a 1/2 marathon. My doctor kept saying, “I don’t recommend this.” It was a little rainy and he was worried I would slip, but I didn’t and it was all good!


Hearing about the outpouring of love and support from Janae, your family, and your community is heartwarming. Surround yourself with those who care and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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