Wednesday Tangents!

(jacket, leggings)Emilee and I planned for 8 miles yesterday, but the conversation was too good, so we added another two for ten total @ 8:11 pace.  It still wasn’t enough time to discuss all of the things.

And on Monday, I did ten @ 8:28 with the group, and our brains froze. I don’t know if it is actually getting colder here or if we need to acclimate, but a few of us had headaches afterward from the cold.

Wasn’t Andrew’s post good? Tuesday was our last trip to Vernal for doctor’s appointments because he can get x-rays here now and meet with the doctor over FaceTime.  They gave him a few different things to take because his pain was still so bad.  The new muscle relaxers etc have made him extremely tired, so he is sleeping most of the time now. I’ll take him sleeping through this over feeling all of the pain any day.

But he was up and about for the evening, so that is a significant win.

Skye asked me to be Cruella because she wanted to be a Dalmatian, and I was thrilled about this opportunity.

This was Beck’s first year of really understanding what was happening.

My favorite house was the one that gave out free tacos from a food truck, Cadbury bars, donuts and drinks.

And the kid’s favorite house was the one that handed out $2 bills!

I’ve got just a few tangents to go over today…

*Look how cute my mom is in her athleisure!

*I cleaned the garage. Andrew has done this for years, and I didn’t want him attempting to do it now that he is moving a bit more, so I went for it. I’m so proud of myself. You couldn’t see the ground before I started…

*Costco delivery has been the best thing possible for me for the last 1.5 weeks. I’ll clean the garage but refuse to go to Costco without Andrew.

*Her passion for Yahtzee is inspiring.

*When sushi during bed rest is a need, not a want.

*Brooke now fits in my leggings… She is so happy to have a bunch of lululemon leggings to choose from daily now;)

Who has a November birthday, race, or anniversary?

-Beck turns THREE in three days!

Did you dress up yesterday?  Did you eat food other than candy yesterday?

Who sells the best leggings in your opinion?

Do you have a store that you try to avoid going into at all costs?

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November 3rd anniversary here! We are celebrating 5 years of marriage. Happy early birthday to sweet Beck! Lululemon has the best leggings; now that I am pregnant and starting to show, they are all I want to wear! Too bad I’m a reading teacher, so I change into my Align leggings the second I get home! :) I am with you on loving/hating Costco trips. I prefer going to grocery stores SUPER early (like 7am) to avoid crowds, and Costco opens later, so it’s always packed and super anxiety-inducing when I go. Definitely worth it for the deals, but I dread making the trip. Happy Wednesday, Janae! Glad Andrew was able to get around a little for Halloween night! Sending him wishes for a speedy recovery!


HAPPY anniversary on Wednesday, Emily. Five years! I remember those days of switching into leggings the second I got home haha. We are so alike, 7 am is my favorite time to go to the store. Thank you so much and I hope your students are good for you today after their sugar high!


Can I ask for a pregnancy legging recommendation? I am actually looking for something for running (I guess your comment is more general). I’m not looking for extra support, I just need a waist band that doesn’t dig into my tummy! I’m in that awkward kinda-showing stage (4.5mos).


Congrats, Jen! I’m right around where you are- I’m 19w4d. In regular clothes, my belly’s not showing much, but in the past 2 weeks, I’ve started to get uncomfortable in most of my pants and leggings because they feel snug at the waist. I love the Lulu Align leggings for everything from running, cycling, yoga, and strength. I just got a pair that’s one size up from my regular size and they are perfect with some good stretch to grow into. Since Lululemon is expensive for me though, I also love these Amazon dupes Gym People leggings: and ODODOS leggings: (side note: I like a high rise legging). I may also get a pair of these cheaper ones in a size up as well. For both Amazon leggings, I find them true to size and great for running. Hope this helps!


Thanks for responding Emily! And congrats to you too! It’s exciting!


My birthday is at the end of this month so I have a ways to go. A 3rd birthday party sounds more fun anyway!
I had to work later last night so I skipped handing out candy. I immediately felt guilty once I turned into my neighborhood to see the usual caravan clogging our streets. We have too many steps for trick or treaters though, I did them a favor.
Good luck taking down Halloween decorations!


MOLLY, crushing a marathon last month and birthday month this month… you are living right. Hahah my kids ALWAYS skip the houses with too many steps too. My FIL and BIL are coming over tomorrow to help me. I am too lucky (and so excited to say goodbye to skeletons).


What was Brooke’s costume? I love how you and Skye coordinated costumes!

I really like fabletics leggings too, they are budget-friendly and very durable!


She was a zombie prom queen:). I think it was my favorite costume of hers thus far:). Ohhh the fabletics ones are so good! I hope your day is off to a great start, Mariah!


You all look adorable, and I’m so glad to hear that Andrew is able to move around more. We have lots of November birthdays in my family. My oldest will be 6 on Friday, our dog is 1 on the seventh, my brother’s birthday is Veteran’s day, and I turn 43 on the 15th! Cake, cake, and more cake!


Thank you SO much, Stacey! SIX?! How did that happen? Happy birthday month to you too! I just saw your comment from Monday’s post. Thank you for sharing. I am SO grateful to hear this is now your favorite time of the year. I shook my head yes as I read it. Hope you have the most beautiful day!


Andrew’s costume was perfect! Did he already have it?

Les proposed to me on November 3rd – it’s also his sister’s birthday.

I didn’t dress up yesterday and we also didn’t get a single trick or treater. I think there is only one family with kids on our street, so I wasn’t surprised. It’s sad because we use to get a bunch.

I avoid going in all stores. Ha! The only store I’ve been in recently is the grocery store.


COSTCO HAS DELIVERY????! Mind blown. Also, I am not much of a game person, but I love Yahtzee and my husband is tired of it. Tell Skye I’ll play with her any time. ;) So glad Andrew is getting there!


Tess. It does. It is amazing. They definitely mark up everything BUT in this season of life, I need it. Come on over and play Yahtzee with us, please. Thank you friend, have a beautiful day!


Looks like you all had a great Halloween! And yay for Andrew feeling well enough to be out and enjoying it too.
We had friends over for our annual Halloween chili dinner, with lots of other goodies. My hubby and I dressed as cowboys, and of course a couple of our friends were Barbies. Our neighborhood is crazy on Halloween, but it’s so fun.
Have a great 1st day of November!


Thank you, Wendy! I loved your Halloween costume for your party, you looked so good. I love that you do that chili dinner each year. You guys are amazing. Community is everything!


Happy Halloween! I sent a message through your contact me page last week but I’m not sure it went though. To sum it up- I shattered my fibula the exact same way (slipping on wet grass while playing with my kids) in October 2021. My biggest tip it to buy an iWalk if Andrew is going to be non weight bearing for a while. I was fully non weight bearing for 8 weeks… which was a long time but I’ve been pain free ever since, so it was worth it! I bought mine on KSL but wish I’d gotten a better one with less compressed foam. It gave me so much more mobility around the house and freed up my hands, especially since I had a crawling baby that I couldn’t carry otherwise. Good luck to Andrew and you too! You’ll get through this!


BAILEY!! My contact page has not been working correctly, I have someone working on it right now. I am so sorry. Okay, you are the best for helping us. I am SO sorry you went through that (I had no idea how dangerous wet grass is)! To hear you have been pain-free ever since gives me the biggest relief. Off to search KSL for one. Thank you so much, Bailey. We both appreciate it so much!


My mama’s 78th bday is this month, and I’m running Big Bear on 11/18!

I wore a tootsie roll t-shirt with my fellow English teachers and handed out candy at my sister’s house last night.

I am a big Lulu fan as well. I also like CRZ from Amazon.

I also hate Costco unless it’s a random weekday night and not busy, but that’s not when I can usually go.


Seriously, your mom is the cutest! She looks great :)
Happy Halloween & all the best to Andrew. Hang in there!


the only place I hate more than Costco is Wal Mart….
and Yahtzee……was invented in CANADA!!!!

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