Tuesday Tangents + A Marriage Tip

(Bra, tank, shorts, shoes)

My fingers were cold during our run. This is too soon for that feeling. We’ve been hearing that they are predicting a similar winter to the one we had last year. I need to get a treadmill.

10.5 miles @ 8:28 pace with plenty of puddles.

The hot tub defrosted me afterward.

A Chipotle burrito was the only thing that would touch my hunger.

We built Legos for hours.

The highlight was picking up Brooke.  

Brooke had a blast with her dad.  

PS I’m not sure HOW I forgot this but I met Lauren Fleshman in the airport last week when I was dropping Brooke off.  She was on the phone, but I mouthed to her that I loved her book, haha.  I wish I could have gotten a picture with her.

Let’s jump into the tangents for the day.

*Harmons. We love you, and you force us to spend too much money within your walls.

*It took us seven years to figure out this marriage tip, but we have found we must get our own separate containers of salsa. Sharing our favorite foods doesn’t always go well.

*Lazy recovery is basically the only recovery I’m doing right now (i.e., sleep, hot tub, recovery boots, and massage gun)… I’m too tired right now to add anything that takes work like foam rolling.

*I really just need this:

*We call this book Andrew’s weighted blanket;). We joke that when we see him get it out, it will be on his chest any moment, and he will nap.

*Thanks to Andrew, this is the only music the kids want to listen to for the next eight weeks.


What are you doing for your running recovery these days?

Have a tangent to share with me?

Last great reunion you experienced?

What have you been listening to in the car lately?

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Would you rather win a free massage chair or Peloton treadmill?
Would you rather have an in-home chef or in-home massage therapist/physical therapist?
Good job on your 20 miles this weekend!
You’ll be happy to read that I had my first Core Power after my race this weekend. I needed something that would travel and not spoil sitting in my car for a few hours. I have been influenced!


Molly, both decisions are way too hard for me to make but I’m going to try… Free massage chair and in-home chef. Now I need to know your answers too (you can let me know tomorrow too if you are busy. But truly, all of those options sound amazing. Ummmm I teared up reading about your Core Power experience… 1st in your age group, boom. You knew you had that waiting for you in the car and you ran fast to get to it. These low-expectation training cycles are the way to go. Hope you are having a beautiful day!


That’s so cool that you saw Lauren in the airport.
Airport reunions are so sweet.
So I am trying to find a good instrumental playlist for fall. I have been searching Spotify, but haven’t found one I like. Years ago (many years ago) I had a CD called Return to Fall. I loved it, but haven’t been able to find something similar.
Cold hands on a rainy run? Oh boy. We too are supposed to have a similar winter as last year. Lots of treadmill runs, ha.
Have a good Tuesday (although this Tuesday always feels like a Monday).


Hey Wendy! Oh good luck on the playlist, I want to know what you put on once it is done. The change of seasons is so magical… hopefully, you get the cooler temperatures soon:). SO MANY TREADMILL RUNS this winter. Hahah Brooke and I were talking about that this morning… we thought it was Monday. Have a great one with your puppy!


Running recovery these days are short shake out runs (30 min as slow as I want), stretching, and rolling out. My calves are usually super tight, but my PT is having me do back stretches which seem to be helping?? Crazy how everything is connected!


Okay, that is so interesting that the back stretches are helping your calves, wow! Sounds like you found an awesome PT! Hope you are having a beautiful morning, Mariah!


Oh man, the Red Rising series is phenomenal! Book 6 just came out, so he’s got a ways to go yet!


He is loving the series but reading just puts him to sleep 🤣🤣! I’ll have to read them after him! Have a beautiful day, Audrey!


What brand of salsa is that???
I wish we would have your winter here in Illinois!!


Seriously, I am shivering right now. The salsa is Harmons brand! I need to ship some to you, it is amazing. I hope things cool down for you soon. Have a beautiful day, Stephani!


Thank you! No Harmons here.
Oh, we dropped our daughter off at college in Phoenix last week at GCU and we went to visit a college friend in Gilbert. We drove past a Kneaders!!! I was soooo excited. I was going on and on about it and how lucky they were to have a Kneaders and she was like I think we’ve only eaten there once…and they haven’t even tried the pies?!?! We didn’t get a chance to go but we did make time for Swig!!! The drinks and iced sugar cookies were amazing with the 117 degree heat! My husband hasn’t stopped talking about them and he doesn’t love sweets. I’ll make the copycat recipe sometime soon.


Ok, I have yo tell you (and Andrew because I thought he’d be proud), I’m not typically a Halloween person but this weekend as I was shopping I got my first Halloween decorations of the season! A couple of pumpkins and some ceramic light up ghosts – so cute. I also got caught in the monsoon downpour during my run yesterday and my husband and to come pick me up! As son as we got home the rain eased up so I just finished around our neighborhood anyway, haha! My hands are still cold 24 hours later.


Tess! We are both so so proud of you. Where did you get them?! The rain was nuts yesterday and I am so glad your husband got you. I think we need some hot chocolate. Hope you have the best day.



These are the adorable little ghosts I got from Crate & Barrel! Thanks, Janae, have the best day!


I NEED THOSE! SO so so cute!


Um now I’m going to listen to Halloweentown in the car after reading this! I decorated my house for Halloween this weekend. My tangent is that if it’s September, summer is over in my mind until I’m rudely awakened by being cold on a run for the first time in months and I take back what I said about wanting fall, haha. Random, but where are your leggings from that you’re wearing in the massage chair? I am in the market for a new pair!


Hey Taylor! Oh I want to come see your decorations. Hahah I took back what I said about fall too. Oh they are these joggers and I am so beyond obsessed with how soft they are. Have the best evening.



Have you tried cryo?? I am currently training for a half and also playing tennis several times a week and my body is hurting 😅tried cryo for the first time on my recovery day last week and it felt amazing (was also sooooo cold 🥶 but hurt so good😂😂)

Interested to know if you’ve ever done it and had good results.

I also try and eat a lot of good calories on recovery days because I just can’t stomach a ton on any long run days.

Lastly, that salsa looks like heaven!!

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