Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, shirt, shoes, bra)

8 miles for me and FIFTEEN miles for Andrew!

Her new favorite thing.

Went to visit Mer.

Thanksgiving Point.

The butterfly museum for the win.

Beck just followed these two birds around.

Marathon training:

New nails.

Currently reading:

A 9 pm cereal party and I’m off for 18 this morning!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Looks like a fun day. Super cute nails.
I’m heading out for some Colorado miles before spending the day taking my mom on some errands. Then tomorrow we’ll be cheering on our favorite team in our favorite stadium.
Hope your 18 miles were good. Have a great weekend!


I hope your Colorado miles were so perfect! Did you bring your puppy? Have the best time at the game. So thrilled for you! Thanks Wendy!


I’m sure 18 is/was going great!
I ran 11+ miles today. It was suppppper foggy the entire run. The mist highlighted every single spider web too. Nature’s Halloween decorations!
After I eat second (third?) breakfast I get to go pick up a case of beer and deliver to beer fest grounds.
I have a tolerance of zero so I’ll be sample a lot of water today.
Have a great weekend!


Great run in the fog with the spooky spiderwebs… we accidentally ran through some spider webs today😭. Always a nice snack on the way haha. Enjoy all of the water hahah and have a blast at beer fest. Seriously, you two are so fun.


I had to do my last LONG run today – 20 miles for Chicago, before I fly to Vegas for work! I can think of anything worse than 9 hours of flights right now 🤦🏼‍♀️. Hopefully these compression socks do their job 🙏🏼


TWENTY MILER! Way to go, Kristin. That is so so exciting and I hope your flights go by so quickly. You are ready for Chicago.


A Cereal Party because I am copying that phrase. love it.


I can’t remember if this place is in Rick Steves book but it’s so cute and tasty!

Have a great weekend!

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