Silentish Saturday!!!

Another run around the island.

You know it’s going to be humid when you are leaving the house and you see this…

IMG 3436

IMG 3587


IMG 3616

Stingray City is a must!


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The mangos here are amazing.

IMG 3580

Rode the bikes to go to dinner.

Burger and fries for dinner.

Its going to be really hard to leave this place!

IMG 3549


Tell me three things that you are up to today!!!

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This place looks amazing! I hope you are comfortable sharing specific details when you get back so I can go on this exact vacation.


Going for a run, packing and the some needed relaxing!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!


That place looks amazing! Are you staying in an Airbnb house? Can you share some details..I would love to take a family vacation here!!!!


Beautiful looking place!

Going to a dragon boat festival (I can paddle with my broken foot in the boot, covered in a bag!), then my cousin’s 50th birthday party!

Enjoy the rest of your stay in paradise!


What an amazing trip!
Heading out for a run in a bit, doing some house things, then clothes shopping for a wedding we’re going to next weekend in Tahoe!
Enjoy the rest of your vacation ?


Looks like an amazing trip!

Today I’m doing a speed workout, getting a (long overdue) haircut, and walking the pup in this beautiful weather we’re having!


Wow so stunning. I am quite jealous! Kids must be having a blast. Going to the Corn maze with the kids, enjoying the last 10 days of summer before school routine sets in and hopefully getting in a rowing workout after the kids go to bed!


Looks like an awesome vacation! Went for a 10 miler this morning and now we’re moving some of our son’s things into his off campus residence ?


I’m so confused… I thought stingrays were dangerous (didn’t Steve Irwin die when one pierced his heart?). But people can go swimming with them in the Cayman Islands?!! Anyways, your vacation looks amazing!


I ran a 5K today (that I signed up for months ago) to test the hamstring out. I made it two miles fairly comfortably but it tightened up pretty good the last mile. Still ended up running a 23:32. Now for icing and compression, doing some bills, etc…


Distributed peaches as part of my son’s fundraiser for his 2020 mission trip, went to the gym and doing laundry:) Love your pictures. It looks like you all are having an amazing time.


Seeing all your pictures makes me think back to our honeymoon over 7 years ago! It was an amazing trip and Grand Cayman is truly magical, from the things to do, the amazing food and the local people are wonderful!
My hubs and I went to breakfast together, I had an awesome run and adding in lots of upper body strength and ran last minute errands for our cruise!!!!

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