(Tank, bra, shorts, shoes)

Ten miles @ 8:32 average, and it took me 9 miles to feel warmed up. Just one more week of 70 miles after this one, and then it is taper time.

I still cannot believe they all go to the same school together.

Andrew needed new shoes for all the mileage he has to do leading up to the marathon. He decided on the Novablast… they are just too good.

We spent the rest of the day decorating for Halloween.

My in-laws came down to join the festivities and brought a pan to make skull cakes.


And we had the homemade tomato soup Michelle recommended yesterday for dinner. It was so good with some sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches. The kids said it was their new favorite meal.

Let’s get into some favorites from this week.

*Andrew loves the creepy stuff; I love the cute Halloween stuff. These yoga skeletons are now my favorite. I bought some of the mummies, too.

*Another sweatshirt find (and it is on sale) that comes in my favorite color for fall. It is so soft, and I went with a size small. + Vuori joggers, I’ve shared them before on here, but their softness is unmatched.

*This podcast has me hooked; so many crazy episodes!

*This was such a vulnerable and open conversation. My favorite quote was, “I don’t need to win anymore to complete myself as a person, but I want to win, and I’m training with intention to win, and I believe I can win and that I will win. But I don’t need that to validate myself anymore.”


What was the last pair of running shoes that you bought?

Last podcast that you listened to?

Have any fun weekend plans?  I want to know.

Who has a race or long run this weekend?

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Ok, those yoga skeletons are cute! You’re going to have to share pictures of your yard with all of the Halloween decorations.
We’re flying out to Denver today for the weekend! Our annual 1st Broncos home game trip. Cannot wait to get there. Plus it’s always good to see my mom and spend time with her. She’s 89, still lives by herself, and really is doing pretty well.
I have been hearing such good things about Vuori clothes. I really do want to try a few pieces. Do you think they’re worth what they cost? Do they hold up well?
Just one more 70 mile week before taper? How did that happen so fast? Ha
Have a great Friday Janae


We totally will, I think he says he is only 30% done currently so we have a bit haha. Denber! Oh I am so happy for you guys. I love that you are going to have time with your mom. I really do think Vuori is worth it. I have washed everything so many times and it is all just as soft as it was in the beginning. Truly the coziest clothes. Their joggers are unmatched. Seriously… this training block went by fast. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Yay for Andrew getting new running shoes! I haven’t in a long time, but I guess it’s also because I haven’t run in a long time…and I have been using a pair of Brooks Ghosts that had *very* low miles on them for walking on the trails. I have however gotten a fresh pair of Reebok Nanos for my gym workouts (my weight lifting and for teaching BODYPUMP). I might treat myself to a new pair of shoes–I am thinking some super cushy On Cloudswifts–because Tom and I are moving into our very first house next month!!! We close next week. :) And this townhouse is in a sweet little neighborhood, so I need a fresh pair for walks around the block in the middle of my workday (and then save my Brooks Ghosts for my longer trail walks, since they already have trail-dirt on them), right?!?

I love those yoga skeletons. They’re adorable. And just…so cool.

I love that prAna sweatshirt. Last weekend I ordered that same color in a polo sweater from the Pact website: https://wearpact.com/women/apparel/all%20tops/classic%20fine%20knit%20polo%20sweater/wa1-woa-cml

Sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches sound…amazing.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!! I’m so excited for you with your Budapest trip coming up. What a great surprise!!!


HEY Stephanie! YOUR FIRST HOUSE! Oh my goodness this is the best news. I am thrilled for you and Tom. You two will create so many amazing memories there.

Okay, that top is so so cute. I just love that color. I have been loving the look of the On Cloudswifts. I think you need them:). Thanks friend, I loved this update.


I must listen to that podcast. Dr Oz grates on every dietitian’s last nerve, too.
It is finally beer fest weekend. My husband created a beer festival 12 (12?!) years ago and it’s so dang popular. Our house is headquarters currently. I really enjoy once the event is successfully over. :)
Currently trying to keep tabs on today’s stage of La Vuelta. American Sepp Kuss is the overall leader. I can’t be as emotionally invested as I am with TdF but my excitement for Sepp is growing with each day.
Have a great weekend! Crush tomorrow’s long run!


Oh that episode is going to make you want to scream. HOW WAS HE DOING WHAT HE DID AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT FOR SO LONG?! You guys are the party house. I love how much you bring your community together, between the beer fest, book club, running club and your neighbors. Goals. Keep enjoying the race! Thanks Molly and happy beer fest weekend!


The sweatshirt looks incredibly cozy, and it happens to be in my favorite color. :) As someone who adores Fall and Halloween, your post brought me great joy. That Skull Pan is so cool; I must add it to my collection. Wishing you a wonderful day, Janae!


Thank you, Amy! You are going to love the pan. Thanks friend! Enjoy this season and keep in touch.


my On Cloud Surfers….love them. I tried out a Brooks Hyperion Elite, and hated them…maybe it’s an age thing, but I live On’s cushioning, the pods work for me, and feel so natural…..
a 10K run on Sunday for something called the Rotary Run For Life….in support of mental health….
today feels like a good do nothing day, maybe plan a random trip to Vancouver in November…it’ll be the day after this life as a race director (STRESS!) so maybe a week of running on the wet coast maybe an idea..
it’s gotten cold here, the morning’s are feeling like tights more then shorts…yikes.


We have new trail shoes coming today! Les has been loving Salomon so I’m giving them a try.

Have you ever tried making Croque Fromage – French grilled cheese sandwiches? You add a piece of cheese to the top after you flip it. We had them in Normandy and they are amazing! https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2023/07/utah-beach-museum-normandy-france-day.html


This article really opened my eyes to a new perspective.

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