I don’t want to even… + copying my sissy.

(Shirt, shorts, shoes)

I was a bit grumpy on my run yesterday…

I set out on my run and realized right away that the sports bra I was wearing was annoying.  I didn’t have a lot of time to go back and change so I just kept telling myself that it would start feeling better soon—> that never happened.  When it comes to running gear, I don’t want to think once about what I am wearing during the run.  I don’t want to be distracted by adjusting things or feel uncomfortable.  Running is hard enough ha, our gear should make us more comfortable!

8.14 miles @ 8:55 pace in the rain.

IMG 0005

Since I talked about a sports bra that made me grumpy ha, I want to talk about one that I love because yesterday’s experience made me beyond grateful for a good sports bra.

I have been loving the Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra.   I feel held in with this bra and have close to zero bounce which I greatly appreciate.  I love that you are able to wear this bra as a scoopback or use the clip in the back to make it a racerback bra.  Between the option for scoopback/racer back and the straps in the back that are easy to adjust = you get to choose to make it fit exactly the way you want it to.   Whatever is going on with my hormones these days makes it so I chafe a lot easier than normal and with this bra, I have zero chafing.

IMG 0080

Are they teenagers?!  They had their first day of school.

IMG 0068

Skye had the hardest time out of everyone saying goodbye.

IMG 0069

Our next stop was over to my sister’s house to do some strength training.  Yesterday we focused on glutes with all of the moves in this post!  Now that school is in session it is going to be easier to keep up with strength because I can just go to my sister’s house after I drop off the big kids and do it with her.  She prefers strength over cardio so when I tell her I don’t want to, she convinces me to do it.

IMG 0071

(I’ll link to my sister’s cute outfit because I want to copy her after I saw it ha—> running rain jacket, ribbed leggings)

This nephew of mine loves Beck so much.  He calls him ‘Baby Beck’ and includes Beck in every prayer and talks about him often to my sister.  A lot of people think they look a lot alike and I completely agree.

IMG 0072

We got to Facetime with my nephew that is on a mission for a bit too!

IMG 0079

My nephew came over afterward and they played Dinosaur Polly Pockets;)

IMG 0081

We had a meeting with Brooke’s teacher after school.

3/3 of our kids are beyond happy about their teachers for this school year.

IMG 0082

And just a cute picture from yesterday that made me happy.

IMG 0090

Soooooo excited for NYC Marathon!


Tell me about what you look for in a sports bra?  Anything that drives you crazy?

Strength or cardio for exercise, which do you prefer.  If you run and lift… which one do you do first?  How do you fit it into your schedule? 

Do you get a lot of rain in your area?  Run in the rain or wait for it to pass?

Any running gear/clothing that has driven you crazy while on the run?

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I am currently in the hunt for a new sports bra. My friend and I were talking about it in our run this morning. I recently got measured and apparently my boobs are 34E now abs that’s a strange size.

I wish I liked to lift. I fee like if I have 45 mins to work out, I want to run.

When I trained for the NYC marathon, it rained every long run I had. POURED. Race day was perfect t weather and I joked I didn’t have enough experience running in the sunlight to do well.

Have a great day!


You will have to keep me updated with what bra you find and love! WE NEED COMFORT and I do not want to be thinking about my chest at all during the run. I am with you… if I have 45 minutes I am using all 45 minutes for running. Bahaha you didn’t have enough experience running in good weather… that is funny! I swear it is usually the opposite for people;). Thanks Mary, you too!


For a sports bra, I like a little more coverage and I need a lot of support. Still looking for my favorite. Used to be Brooks Juno and then they discontinued it and none of the others from there are comparable (for me!)

Your sister’s running jacket is so cute! Going to have to see about buying it as a gift to me from me ;)


Oh my goodness I hate to be uncomfortable ie…chafing etc when I am running. Being a busy Mom and preschool teacher I am usually squeezing in my workouts when I can. I have done the I don’t have time to go back and change so deal with it before too….ugh!!!

Yesterday I did weights and strength training because the air quality in California was very poor. I’m still getting used to this as we moved from Texas about a year ago. I love being in the mountains and close to the beach, but man I really really miss rain sometimes. And my college kiddos of course ? I was FaceTimeing with my daughter at Baylor and their was quite a lovely sounding thunderstorm in Waco yesterday! ☔️

Have a blessed day!


Preschool teacher… oh that makes me so happy. I love Skye’s preschool teacher and I am just beyond amazed by everything you guys do. On top of that you are also a mom and getting in those workouts, you are amazing. Do you mind me asking what part of California? I really hope these fires die down asap! I hope your daughter is doing well at Baylor, how awesome. Thank you friend, you too!


We are in the Bay Area, east of San Francisco in Pleasanton. It is a lovely area, but definitely not used to these fires. And I never thought I’d miss rain after all those years of wild Texas storms, but I do. ?

I love my preschoolers. I work in a special Ed preschool and get to work with the sweetest and fast moving littles. Every day is an adventure ?


Your preschoolers are so lucky to have you! I’ve been to Pleasanton, I loved it there!! I hope you all get some rain very soon!


Gotta love buying gifts for ourselves;) I still tell Brooks often that we need the Juno back. It was the perfect run bra for like 90% of the population! I hope your day is going really well so far!


Hey there! I still run in my nursing sports bra, even though I barely nurse my baby anymore. I bought it at H&M about 2 years ago, and it’s better than I thought! I will look into the one you recommend though!

I like strength training and it has helped my to get stronger (duh..) and faster, but at the moment I don’t have the time for it, so I stick to running.

We get a LOT of rain! If it’s not too bad, I’ll just run in the rain.

How is your nephew doing? He’s gone for two years, right? Is it possible for family to visit him, or is that unusual?


HEY SANNE! I need to chat with you on the topic of nursing less and less… I am not sure if I am doing this right ha. Would love to run around your area with you in the rain! He is doing really well! Yes, two years but I think it has already been 2.5 months so maybe it will fly by?! I think it is possible but it doesn’t really happen often! Luckily, they are able to chat on the phone a lot which is so helpful for everyone (especially my sister). I hope your day is a great one!


I need a sports bra with no clasps, I prefer the pull on kind. It does make it annoying to get out of sometimes, but I just can’t stand having to clasp a sports bra. I really like the Senita Sarah model.
I prefer cardio for sure. I want to do more strength, but it hasn’t really become a habit yet.
We get lots of rain! Usually what happens is I get all geared up to run in the rain (and get really excited because I love rainy runs!) but then when I head out the door the rain ends and it’s like 10000% humidity!!! Tuesday we had a rainy day that was only in the 70s, and I finally got in a summer run longer than 5 miles without any breaks! It was magical! A super hilly course (i did walk some steep downhills, not gonna wipe out on wet concrete ever again!) but the 7 miles felt sooooo easy. And then yesterday we were back at 90 degrees and over 80% humidity and I swear I had to stop 3 times on my 5 miler. I love summer, but yuck!
I have learned what I like with gear, and I only buy that now. I got rid of everything else! I have one tank top I love and it has the TN state flag design on it, but every time I wear it , it will chafe under my right arm. It’s not worth it so I had to get rid of it. I currently love shorts from Chicknlegs, Boa Usa, and Free People.

Have a great day!


I had to look at that green jacket picture a couple of times to figure out if that was you or your sister!


That makes me so happy!!!! I’ve always wanted to be her twin. I hope your day is a beautiful one, Allison!


I will have to try the SenitaSarah model… sounds awesome! That 100000% humidity does not sound fun at all! Way to go on that run on Tuesday, I bet it felt so good after all of the crazy heat/humidity. Chafing is the worst and I’m with you… there is no point in keeping things that don’t feel good! You always have the best shorts ever. Thanks Loribeth, you too!


I prefer sports bras that pull over with no clasps. I also prefer something with padding too where I am so small chested. The only one I have with a clasp digs into me & annoys me. I might try a higher end one though like the one you shared and see how I like it. Nothing worse than having to adjust your clothing while running.

The kids are looking so grown up. Glad they like their teachers, that makes going to school so much better for everyone. Brooke’s outfit looks like something I’d wear. Do you have a link to her shirt?

Have a great day!


I agree.. having to fix something while you run is the worst! Clasps can be so annoying but let me know if you try this one, it’s awesome. Hahah that is what Andrew said, he said it was ‘Janae outfit.’ I can’t find the exact one anymore but this one is super similar from the same place. Thanks Ashley, I hope you do too!



I miss the Brooks Uprise Crossback sports bra. It was my favorite and I am not happy that they re-vamped their sports bra selection. I love Brooks but they’ve lost me in this department. :(


I MISS THE JUNO SO SO MUCH! They are having a lot of complaints like this so maybe they will bring them back. I do realllllly love the drive convertible… just in case you try one more! I hope you are having the best day friend!


These links are dangerous. I love copying you…….and now sissy.


Bahahah I am sorry! I’ll send you a version of the blog post each day without the links;). Happy Thursday, Erica!


I am very small chested, so don’t need a lot of support in my sports bras. Oh, and I absolutely prefer no clasps or hooks, I like to just pull them on. So funny how we can be so lucky with our gear. But you’re right… Running is hard enough, we do not need our clothing to ad difficulties!
Your sister’s outfit is super cute! I wish we got more rain here. I love running in the rain, as long as it’s not a complete downpour!
I was going to ask how your nephew was and how his trip was going. That’s awesome you got to talk to him. And oh my goodness Beck and his cousin… Cuties! All the kids are growing so fast!! Oh and the picture of Andrew holding Skye and Beck ?
Have a great day!


Seriously… I don’t need to think about anything else hurting or uncomfortable through the run ha. Seriously, running in the rain is so refreshing… I hope you get one soon! Thanks Wendy for asking, he is doing awesome. I hope your Thursday is a great one and that everyone’s school is going well!


I own mostly Oiselle sports bras now. And they all need to be compatible with my Koala Clip!
I need to check out your glute routine. I do strength in run workout and long run days. Ouch!


I’ve had Oiselle bras in the past too and they are amazing! Let me know if you try out the glutes… they burn. Happy Thursday, Molly!


I’m super picky about sports bras. Must be good for high impact, even though my chest is small, and either front clasp or back clasp, none of this pull over your head and get stuck for hours nonsense. If there is a front zip, it has to have that little triangle of cloth to cover the zipper, because I chafe pretty badly there for some reason.


That area must be so so sensitive because I chafe so easily there too. Love your run bra requirements, so many good things! I hope your day is a great one Lynn and your profile pic always makes me so happy!


I’ll skip the first question if that’s ok.

After doing all the PT for my rotator cuff I decided I needed to totally change up my strength training game. I did tons of research and finally decided to use a resource I already had -.a book called Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry.

It has a good combination of strength and functional mobility exercises (jumps/crawls/burpees/Etc..).
I do a Precision Workout now as a warm up to a cardio workout and then get in 2 Performance Workouts a week.
So, my week would look like this:
Monday – Precision Workout – 3 mile run
Tuesday – Performance Workout – 30 minutes spin bike
Wed – off
Thursday – Precision Workout – 12 miles cycling
Friday – Performance Workout
Saturday – Precision Workout – long run/ride
Sunday – off

I also sub in or add my rotator cuff PT exercises into the Running Rewired circuits. I think the functional type exercises will really help me out (being 56 years old).

As you know, I live in the Pacific Northwest, so yes to running in the rain.


I’ll allow you to skip the first question just this once;). I am going to have to get that book because I need all of the help with this kind of stuff. You are rocking it John, your week looks awesome! You are doing everything you need to run healthy, very inspiring! I hope you have a great run in the rain soon. Happy Thursday.


The kids look so grown up and so much alike! Can’t believe school is back in. My kids start in few weeks…not ready for school to be over yet :(
My daughter is tall and slim like Brooke. Did you get her any jeans for school? Just wondering where is the best place and which style. If you have any links that’d be so helpful!! Thanks in advance!


HEY JANE! I am not ready for it to be going again either. I hope you guys are able to really soak in the last few weeks of summer and that your kids love their teachers this year. YES YES YES to jeans. We have tried so many different places and the only ones that fit her tall/slim build and fit her comfort needs are these ones from Zara (luckily, they come in a lot of different colors). I think I went up in size this year too just so they last for a while since she is growing so fast. Have the best day!



I’m pretty busty and while I still need a little strategic body glide I do really love my She Fit high impact bras for running. They are pretty much max support which I strongly prefer!

Love running in rain, I’m in the PNW. But what about wildfire smoke? Do you have a cut off for air quality? It’s gotten better here but I wonder if I’m making excuses on those days or really should be doing my like 10 minutes of body weight strength :)


I will have to check out She Fit… I’ve never even heard of them until now! Thanks for sharing Kim. The smoke has been crazy this year. I just check my phone each day and if it is at an unhealthy level then I hit up the treadmill (that has only happened twice so far when I was in St. George). I hope it continues to get better there and I think you are listening to your body and intuition, you are doing an awesome job!


I am loving the Senita Sarah sports bra with the phone pocket in the back. They are so, so comfortable, fit me really well, don’t chafe and are very inexpensive! I just bought like 6 of them! I am SUPER picky about my sports bras. I think the absolute worst is when the straps are too short and don’t adjust ?

I actually really like both cardio and strength, but obviously running is my favorite ?

It never rains here (San Diego)! Although ironically it did drizzle this AM ? I don’t mind running in the rain and kind of enjoy it !

I absolutely cannot handle it when my shorts ride up. That is probably the one thing I can’t ignore and have actually gone home to change because of it!

Have a fabulous day, Janae!!


HEY ANNEMARIE! Okay, I keep seeing that bra and wanting to try it. I’m glad you are loving it and I need one. Thanks and oh goodness, short straps drive me NUTS too. So do shorts that climb up with each stride ha. Glad you guys had a light rain this morning. Thanks friend, you too!


Good morning Janae! LOVE your sister’s jacket! Is it ventilated? I’ll still run if its a light rain, but I’ll wait and hope for better if its pouring. I’m really particular with sports bras- I need a lot of support and I chafe like crazy. I used to love Brooks Rebound Racer, but since it’s been discontinued, I’ve been having luck with the All In Motion racerback from Target. There’s an absolute ‘NO’ to the zipper front types- they tear me up- even that super expensive brand with all the velcro. As for strength training, I’m not a fan, but I’m trying to be better because I know it’s important if I want to keep injuries at bay. But I’ll be honest…I do the bulk of my strength training at home because I find that area of the gym intimidating. I probably shouldn’t, but at the gym I go to all the the weight stations are right in front and backed by a wall of mirrors. And all the cardio machines face the front, so it’s like lifting in a fishbowl…


HEY JEN! The back does have two little vents in them! I ordered it so I can do a full review once it gets here. I am so glad you found a good bra from Target. A zipper in front sounds very scary to me! Jen, you are not alone in that with the gym feeling intimidating. That’s why I love doing it at home or my sister’s house. The set up of your gym sounds extra intimidating to me too! Keep rocking it and enjoy the rest of your day!


I love my lululemon bras..I have the energy bra and a couple others. No chafing no itching and have held up over ultras.

Oh we get a LOT of rain on the west coast but this summer has been dry! We need more rain because of all the fires in BC. Luckily the city I live in is good right now but our interior regions really need rain!! And I am happy to run in the rain.

Definitely a cardio queen.

Hmm socks that fall down!! Have a great day Janae and so glad your kiddos love their teachers!


The energy bra is the best! I love that one so much too. I hope you guys start getting more rain soon and then you get some runs in the rain. Socks falling down drives me crazy too! Thanks Kristine, you too!


Hi Janae!!
I don’t need a lot of support, so my pick is whatever is most comfortable for the least amount of money. I also prefer ones you pull over your head than ones with clasps. A thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is if my socks slide down into my running shoes!! If I’m caught up on laundry (ha!) and my good running socks are clean, no problem. But, sometimes a girl can’t always stay on top of “Mt. Wash-more” as I “affectionately” refer to the laundry.
I like both strength training and cardio; which I prefer usually depends on mood or whether I’m training for a race. If I am training, then I usually run first to make sure I get that in and strength train after. Scheduling is sooooo hard! Sometimes it’s hours between the two if I do them on the same day.
Holy cow, we have had so MUCH rain this summer! I’ll run in the rain if it’s not absolutely torrential and if there is no thunder & lightning. I’ve certainly been on plenty of runs where it started pouring buckets after I’m already out there and then you just gotta do what you gotta do. As they say…you can’t pick the weather on race day!
Have a wonderful rest of your day!!


Ugh I never have any luck with sports bras and always end up doubling up and then being super sweaty which is annoying. The bad parts of being big busted.

I prefer running but strength is easier to get in with all the littles and no sitter available. I can do it in the yard while they play.

During the summer we get barely any but it is so hot and humid that I’d prefer to run in the rain. I never wait, I dont have time too. Its now or never whenever my schedule allows. Plus my kids love running, biking walking in the rain so if they are coming with they are normally dragging me out of the house!

uncomfortable socks or said bra issue above.


I am usually pretty small chested. Im nursing now, so I am now a full A or small B so still relatively small, but I can feel them while running and it’s made me feel very lucky to be a part of the IBTC. Funny story I once was running on the treadmill in college and thought something felt off and realized I was running in my normal bra. While it wasn’t comfortable, I just kept going with my run. I do like the Sweat & Milk nursing/pumping sports bras lately though!
I hate when I have on a tank top that keeps riding up (I have a long-ish torso) or pants that slide down!
We barely get any rain, but this summer has had more rain than in the past which is really nice! Last year I think it only rained 4 times all summer! My husband has been traumatized by running in the rain. We once did a race where it was drizzling the whole time and he was wearing a water resistant jacket and not water proof so he ended up getting chaffed nipples. Not as bad as Andy Bernard from the Office lol but afterwards if he was running a half marathon he had to put band aids over them so they wouldn’t bleed.

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