A Regret, Marathon Perception, Just One More.


(bra, shorts, trail shoes, road shoes)We carpooled up South Fork and started our run with a 5-mile trail loop called Big Springs. It is a gorgeous loop, and you climb about 1200 ft over the loop, so it gets your legs feeling pretty shot just in time to jump on the roads for speed.

I highly recommend this loop and it is very easy to navigate if any Utahns want to try it out.

I love a long run that requires a shoe change, but the trails were so gorgeous on Saturday that I just wanted to stay up there all day.

It sure does break up the long run to do part on dirt and part on roads. Also, isn’t it crazy how much our mileage perception changes during training… a month or two ago, 18 miles would have scared me and then now it feels like a perfectly normal thing to do on a Saturday morning.

My coach joined us for the workout (these are his ‘easy’ paces), so I couldn’t get away with taking any drink breaks or slowing down ha. The goal was to do 5 x fast mile (6:00 pace)/ float mile (6:45-7:00 pace), and we averaged 5:51/6:44. The first miles are very downhill in the canyon, but the last ones are pretty flat. My coach told me he would pace us for a sub 5:50 on the last one and not look at my watch. It hurt so bad, but I did it.

My biggest regret from the run was eating a cheeseburger the night before the run. I need to remember that cheeseburgers are a post-long run meal for me, not a night before a long run meal for me. My stomach was very off. The 3-mile cool-down was rough for me because I was feeling pretty drained, so I laid on my floor and didn’t even think twice about doing strength training when I got home like I was planning on doing.

I’m getting excited to taper in one week!

Monday: 10.53 @ 8:28 pace

Tuesday: 9.25 miles @ 8:22 pace

Wednesday: 14.06 miles @ 7:13 average.  3 mile w/u, 4 x 2 miles, c/d.  .5 mile recoveries.  Splits—> 5:51, 6:06 (big downhill, uphill); 6:28, 6:32 (both uphill); 5:48, 6:12 (big downhill, uphill); 6:01, 5:44 (downhill both miles).   A workout where you can only think of the current mile you are running because it is too much to think about the ones up ahead.

Thursday: 10.15 miles @ 8:32 pace

Friday: 8 miles @ 8:21 pace

Saturday: 18 miles @ 7:55 average with first 5 miles on trails and then 10 miles of 1-mile fast, 1-mile float (5:51/6:44 averages)

And now, for the rest of the weekend.

Andrew was called into work for a few hours and finished just in time for us to go to three hours of soccer games in the wind and rain.

We went to a late dinner together, and my gnocchi was heavenly.

Beck got hurt from a fall one night while we played night games.

We went for bagels.

And hung out at the Riverwoods for a while.

 We continued the Halloween set-up… Somehow it takes longer and longer each year because we keep finding just one more thing;)

Cars have already started to come to drive by to see them ha. This makes Andrew’s life.


Tell me a great part from your weekend!

Who starts tapering for a fall race soon?

Anyone have an ultra up ahead? I want to hear which one!

Does the night before the long-run meal matter for you?

-I need to just stick to pasta or pizza the night before for a happy stomach.

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Not much fun about this weekend as I spent it recovering from covid, but thankfully I feel back to myself today after a rough week last week. Today’s workout was strength in the morning before school and I will do a Peloton ride this afternoon when I get home. I’m the same as you, Janae- cheeseburger and fries are my go to post long run meal, but before a race, it’s a nightmare for my stomach. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s best to stick to pasta. Love your Halloween decorations! Happy Monday!


Emily! I am so sorry last week was so rough. Sounds like it was horrible and so glad you are back to you now. Way to get in the strength and please remind me from here on out to only eat pasta the night before! Hope your school day is a great one and enjoy your ride later!


A great part of my weekend was going to tea with my boyfriend yesterday- felt so British haha!

I don’t have a fall race, just been keeping up my base for a spring race and trying to find the joy in running again! But I think my body is ready for a taper lol, I have been tired and struggling the past week with my runs.


Oh my goodness, you two went for tea… I love that so much. Listen to your body and take an easy week or two. It will pay off big time for your spring race. You’ve got this, Mariah!


Wow, great long run!! Float pace is so hard for me.
Highlight of the weekend was beer fest going well and now being over. Lowlight was that beer fest went too well which means that my husband is planning it again for next year. Hehehe
And yes to the mileage perception. Friends and acquaintances at the beer fest were asking my running mate and I if we ran that morning and how much. We would say 11 miles (cut back week). Their heads would explode but we would just kind of shrug it off because the mileage wasn’t a big deal to us.
Oh and I’m pizza and pasta for life too for pre-long run night!


I totally agree, I’m so used to letting my heart rate truly recover after a hard interval so the float pace is tricky. Bahaha yay and I’m so sorry for Beer Fest being a hit?! I bet it will get bigger and bigger each week. EXPLODE… haha I totally get that and mine does too when I am not in marathon training. Long live the pizza/pasta for our Friday/Saturday nights. When will I learn to never try anything else?! Have a great day, Molly!


Awesome long run, and yes that trail is so pretty.
We are so happy to have had a couple of days in Colorado. Yesterday even felt a little like fall with some good rain at the end of the game. Sad that we lost, but it’s week 1.
Definitely not a highlight was coming home to see how different our backyard looks after our backdoor neighbor took down all of the big Cypress trees. We’re a little heartbroken to be honest. Those trees provided a ton of privacy and now it has completely changed the look and feel of the yard. The downside to living in suburbia I guess.
But it’s a new week and I am going to find the good in each day.
Hope your Monday is off to a great start.


I am so happy you have been able to have time in Colorado and experience a bit of fall. OH NO!! Why did he take the trees down?! I am heartbroken for you. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I cannot get over how fast your splits are!

Since I am also running St. George, I am on a similar cycle 😁 I have been doing a 2-week taper for my last few races and it’s been working well, so I think I’ll stick to that. I can’t believe it’s so close!

I had a similar experience with tummy issues yesterday AM, except I had sushi the night before. That’s a first for me and now I know it doesn’t work! This is what training is for, right? Also, I had one of my gels go down the wrong pipe yesterday… has that ever happened to you? It was wildly unpleasant.

I used one of those race comparison calculators (out of curiosity) to compare my time from London last year. It says St. George is 5 mins faster ??? Not sure if that’s possible, but I will use the info strategically 😉

Have a great day, Janae!


Annemarie, I am just SO thrilled that you are running St. George. Seriously, we are less than a month away. This one snuck up on me. Ooooooooh good to know about sushi, I’ll skip that now too. YES, I have and I ended up coughing for 10 minutes. Oh I definitely believe that race calculator. The final 10k of St. George is just magical. Cannot wait for your PR. Thanks and you too!


That perception thing is real – Les is one month from R2R and he’s saying things like, “let’s do a shorter tempo run to sunshine mountain.” That’s a 9 miler … 2 months ago, 8 miles was long!

I only eat pizza the night before a long run. I’ve tried other things, and any meal that is meat heavy is going to be disastrous.


A ‘shorter tempo’ run hahaha. Yep, I relate. It sure messes up our brains in the best way possible! Yep, NO to meat the night before a big run. It just doesn’t work. Hope you and Les have a beautiful day, Kathy!


I’m so happy you are running St. George! I’m coming from Texas to do it so about to start taper too! I’m so excited and also nervous to be Texas girl humbled on this course lol! Very different environment. I will take alllll the tips! Hope I get to meet you and say hi! I’ve followed you since blog days and I am pretty sure you are the one that taught me people run for time goals lol. You inspired me to try to qualify for Boston years ago. It took me ten years but I did it a couple times now. Xoxo

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