Silentish Saturday!

(Bra, tank, shoes)

7 miles @ 8:33 average.

Saw this little area made perfect for sitting in the river (which I probably need to do today).

Hot tub time for me.

Andrew is rubbing off on me.

Saw a video where they cooked the eggs on the bread (HERE) and made an amazing egg sandwich.

So. Good.

Her favorite thing in the world.

Porch chats.

Long-run eve!

I forgot to get maurtens so I had to find something else at home… 🤞🤞🤞


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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That sandwich looks good, what did you think?
Porch chats are great. For us, it’s the back patio, lately while watching the puppy do her zoomies and making sure she does her business, ha.
Not too much happening this weekend, and that’s ok with me. I may get out for a run, now that we know we can leave Nala by herself for a little bit. It’s been almost a month since I’ve run, so it will be like starting over, and that’s ok.
Hope your long run goes well this morning. This is your 1st 20 miler this training cycle, right?
Have a great weekend Janae 😊


I loved it SO much. I think you need to try it. Oh I would be on your back patio too, your backyard is amazing. Yay that Nala can be left a bit now. I did one combined in the half marathon but basically yes:). You are the best. Thanks Wendy, you too!


We got rained out this morning so one of my three things (a bike ride) isn’t going to happen. I’m not really disappointed, we did our long trail run/hike on Tuesday and have another one planned for Monday. I definitely need to do yoga then I’m going to enjoy this amazing false Fall weather before Summer comes back!


More rain for you guys! I hope that you have a great yoga session and I’m excited for your Monday run/hike! Happy weekend, Kathy!


Hi Janae! I love the marshmallow flavor gu! I didn’t know there was a s’mores one I’ll have to check it out!
My husband and I are going running together now, woohoo!


I was pretty surprised that the s’mores one wasn’t bad, I’ll try the marshmallow one. Hope your run together was the best. Thanks Amy!


I ran my fist double digit run post baby this morning. 10 miles with 4 month old along for the ride in the stroller! Was wanting to share with someone but didn’t want to sound braggy. While I was running, I decided I’d share here. All the hot, humid runs paid off!


Julie, this is SO exciting. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing with me. It brought me the biggest smile. And the fact that you did this in humidity AND pushing a stroller… basically, 20 miles in my opinion. Keep sharing these things with me!


10 mile run, breakfast at a diner with my boyfriend, catching up with some friends, and then a chill evening! Happy Saturday!


I LOVE eating at a diner. This makes me want to go to one today. Sounds so fun, enjoy Mariah!


Hey Janae! What pants do you have on in the porch chat photo? They look so cute and comfy!
Today my partner took me to a game of our local minor league baseball team! We also had egg sandwiches for breakfast (plus eclairs) and tonight we’re watching a movie together. It’s my birth-month and he’s spoiling me a bit :)

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