Scenes from yesterday…

Last big workout before the marathon.

I actually felt better than expected–> 7 x 1 downhill mile (MTC mile). My coach told me to do 6-7 of them (7 if I felt great, which I did) and to start out conservatively and speed up for the last 1-2 if I wanted to. I started with a 5:42 and finished with a 5:22.

Time to recover.

Presents for Knox!

Top Golf with his friends.


Along with a trip to the Lego store.

Soccer of course.

And Brooke got a run in with her team.

Most importantly, more time with Mer. She is hanging on. She is so strong.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

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You are so good about making people feel so special on their birthdays!
My sibling-in-law gang have started a tradition of sharing admirable traits, favorite stories, etc on birthdays. I started it for my husband’s 30th birthday. My thought was-why do we wait to share our thoughts and feelings about someone one after they pass away?
Hope you’re able to get a few hand squeezes today from Mer. I loved that when my grandma was passing.


Thank you, Molly. I probably need to budget a bit better for birthdays ha. I LOVE that idea. I am totally going to join you in this. Thank you so much. I’m off to her house in just a few minutes. Grandmas are the best and I am so sorry you lost yours.


Happy belated birthday to Knox!


Thank you, Michelle! I will tell him and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Looks like a great way to celebrate Knox! We love Top Golf too.
Awesome job on your last big workout! I’m so excited for your marathons this month!
Continued hugs, love, and prayers ❤️


Thank you! This month sure went by fast. I hope your boys and puppy are doing well and your husband is loving this school year so far. Thanks Wendy!


Continued prayers for your Mer and your whole family. There is something so special about the way grandparents love us (and the way we love them). Happy belated birthday to Knox; it looks like a special day! Sending you lots of virtual hugs during this time!


Thank you so much, Emily. This means the world to me. There is nothing in the world like grandparents. Feeling those hugs and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Looks like Knox had a great birthday! And sweet Mer, I’m so glad you have this time with her. I was super close to my mom’s mom. They were best friends and after my mom died when we were young, it was incredibly special to have my grandma in our lives so much. After my grandma passed, we were cleaning out her house and I was able to take some of her kitchen things (she was a great cook) like her Cuisinart, salt and pepper shakers, and her silver set she used as every day silverware. Now I use these things every day and still think of her all the time. Sending you and your Mom and huge hug.


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These photos are so beautiful

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