(top, shorts, shoes)

I did my workout a day early so I would have people to do it with, and surprisingly felt strong. 

Those strava PRs make you feel like a million bucks…

Thirteen miles total with a workout in the middle–> 8 x 2 min fast (1 min recovery), 1 min fast (2 min recovery). I’ve been doing a lot more shorter intervals this summer, and I have noticed my turnover getting faster and feeling much stronger in the short/quick stuff.  I’m excited to see how race day goes with some of the changes I’m making this training cycle (less mileage, a bit more laid-back approach, new workouts).

We saw Jared Ward, Connor Mantz, and their group flying by during the cool-down.

I ended up seeing Jared a bit later in the day, and he told me they were doing ‘fatigue miles’… no joke, they looked like they were going 15 mph when they passed us.

I made it back in time to get in a quick shower before the kids woke up to start the celebrating… school starting is going to be painful getting everyone up and going early again.

She hit the jackpot from her grandparents.

She wanted acai bowls for breakfast, and I was very grateful for this choice of hers:

We went and did all of the things at the mall.

Lego Friends are her #1 currently.

Knox wanted to get his mile in during Brooke’s soccer practice and wanted me to join him. Easy yes.

We played on the fields for a bit after practice.

She requested Dairy Queen with part of a movie for dessert.

Birthdays are the best, but I think I need 12 days of rest now to recover🫣.


I love this question from Deena’s book:

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Seems like quite the day for Brooke! And all of you! I’m getting ready for my son’s 8th birthday on Sunday- we’re doing Legoland and then a family party.

Quick question: when you do the minute intervals do you set your Garmin to beep every minute, or do you just look at it a lot? The workout sound “fun” but I am not sure how I would do it (I mainly use the Peleton App for speed/Hit since it tells me what to do…


Hey Arianna! Great question, I just look at my watch so sometimes I am a few seconds over! I do love to program these types of workouts into my watch though so it does beep at me instead of checking my watch all of the time. The Peloton app is so awesome, I love those workouts and having someone else keep track of the time for me. HAPPIEST birthday to your son this Sunday and I hope you guys have the best time at Legoland. My kids will be jealous:)


Looks like the perfect birthday for Brooke! So fun.
Yes! I love that question from Dena too. I need to read her book again.
That is so cool you get to see such amazing athletes “often” where you are. So inspiring!
I’m still trying to figure out how to get my regular running and gym schedule back on track with our puppy. I know we’ll adjust soon. So I am doing a lot of Peloton workouts in the meantime. I guess it’s good I haven’t put any races on the calendar until after Christmas, ha ha.
Have a good Wednesday!


It really was such a great day for her and I am so glad we were all able to be together. Your puppy! Seriously she is so dang cute, I am so happy for you guys. I hope you are getting a bit more sleep and how is your toe?! Good call to wait a minute for the races! Thanks friend, you too!


Your Acai bowls look amazing. YUM


Happy birthday to Brooke, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.
I started following you, originally, for the running content but now love the family adventures and the running.
Totally off subject but I just love how beautifully your family is blended (I realise there is obviously a lot behind the scenes) but it makes my heart so happy. My sister passed away delivering her 1st child and his dad remarried. They have not managed the blending very well and its heartbreaking for us to see.
Thank you for sharing.


That’s fantastic to hear! Starting your workout a day early to have workout buddies can be a great way to stay motivated and share the experience.

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