Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, tank, shoes)

10 miles @ 8:06 average.

The path in front of the waterfall is finally open after the waterfall.

Popsicles for part of our breakfast.

New shoes make him almost as happy as they make me.

We just wanted to go somewhere with good AC… so we hit up laser tag and a playplace with friends.

And then went for food.

Pretty much my dream meal–> Tuna Tataki from Happy Sumo (I worked here for years and crave their food often).

And Waffle Love for dessert.

Her kindergarten backpack arrived :(

Time for my favorite at this moment–> trails!

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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I need your outfit details in the picture with Brooke please!!! Love love love that!

All that food is making hungry!

I’m working all weekend..and tomorrow after work I have to make a cake for my daughters birthday party with friends on Monday. Wish me luck 😬

Have a great weekend!


Hey Ashlea, it was so comfy! I actually got it from a random boutique that doesn’t have an online store but I’ll be there next week again and can pick it up for you and mail it to you! ENJOY the cake and party… GOOD LUCK. I know what you are feeli. g haha. Thanks friend, you too!


1. Swim meet
2. Birthday party
3. Hosting family from Texas

Loving Knox’s new kicks!! Cannot believe it’s that time already. I have one going to k too and it is so sad!!

Here is a question! Yesterday you mentioned you had your makeup done because you aren’t so into that on a regular basis and I’m curious from the time you started your blog to now how has your routine changed and do you feel like you’ve become more comfortable bare faced minimal makeup because of running & or motherhood? Personally a goal of mine to be more comfortable in my own skin!!

Ps. Love your guaze set!!


Sounds like such a great day, Sarah! ENJOY ! That is a great question. I really think it is both… I’m always in my running clothes and don’t get ready until too late in the day ha and motherhood has made life so busy. But also, I love showing my girls that we don’t need to be all done up?! Also, Andrew prefers that look with me! But with aging, I love not caring as much anymore. With each year I feel more confident in who I am and so I love that about aging so much. You’ve got this Sarah, have a beautiful day!


Tuna Tataki! Yes!
Yay, kindergarten backpacks. So exciting.
Oh, because I noticed the fireplace in the background… How much longer until everything is done in your house? Can’t wait to see it all.
Hope your trail run is fabulous this morning!


I want more of the tuna today! Oh Wendy, this is getting out of hand haha… it’s taking so long and I feel like there is no end in sight. They haven’t given us a finish date:( Thank you and enjoy celebrating your son’s bday!


Long run and core workout, gardening, and food shopping…..we are out of everything. It’s supposed to be reasonable temperatures in MD this weekend, so I’ll be outside as much as possible.
I would love a waterfall on my running route. Utah looks so beautiful! Some day, I will make it out there to run.
Have a great weekend!


Enjoy those good temps! We decided to go to St. George to get even hotter temps haha;). If you do come, you must let me know so we can go on a run together. Great workout, Lee!


Wow. I can’t believe how much water and debris remain from the avalanche!
Let’s hope you survive the trails without any problems. Is that too much to ask?
Have a great weekend!


Not too much to ask because I finally got it:) Thank you Molly and happy TdF weekend!


1. Early bike ride to beat the heat.
2. Recovery yoga
3. Grilled burgers at some point today!


Good call on going before it got hot. Enjoy those burgers, that sounds so good to me right now! Enjoy, Kathy!


Hi Janae! Yay for the trails! I’m going to do some this weekend too! And probably get some sushi now you mention it. We are redoing our backyard so I’ll be working on that too!
Happy weekend!


ever since yesterday’s run I’ve had a headache…actually it began during the run…so today became a mtn bike ride around my hood, and lots and lots of water……

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