Friday favorites + it is her fault.

(shorts, tank, shoes)

Eight miles @ 8:24 average with Emilee to start my day. Emilee is really the one that got me back into marathoning again back in 2019. I was ready to retire from racing marathons once I hit my goal of a sub 3, and she made me believe that I had more in me and showed me how fun it was to train together.

So technically, the last six marathons are her fault;)

We hung outside until…

It got too hot to be outside, and the kids and their friends had a cake competition. They made these from scratch. I swear I was 30 when I made my first cake without a box mix:)

And then, it was time to get ready for family photos.

I went and had my hair and makeup done for photos because I don’t really know how to do either;). When my kids saw me they asked what was all over my face ha.  

Our photographer chose the most gorgeous spot (at the top of South Fork Canyon and up the dirt road).

There were grasshoppers everywhere.

And 4/4 kids smiled for the pictures. I couldn’t believe it.

I have just a few favorite things for today:

*Did anyone have this Aligator game growing up? It is a fan favorite of Skye and Beck’s, and I love playing it with them.

*Many of you recommended that we try out Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza because of how much we love card games… and you are right. It’s officially our #1 card game.

*Get this at TJ’s.

*I love this pair of sandals so much; they are on sale! They go with everything and are quite comfortable.


Any fun weekend plans?

Last ice cream you had?

Favorite treat from TJ’s?

Do you enjoy wearing makeup?  How often do you wear it?

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My teens love Taco Cat … but wow!! does my hand throb from slapping the table!


Oh my goodness we were laughing about that the other night but I can’t imagine with teens haha! Have a great weekend:)


Fun weekend plans: He surprised me with a weekend getaway to a lavender farm so we are leaving at lunch today! And probably beach and swimming time involved.

Last ice cream was maple walnut.

Can’t wait to see some of the family photos! And I never wear makeup so I get it done for special occasions

Have a fantastic day Janae!


OH MY GOODNESS. That sounds absolutely perfect. Enjoy every single second. Thanks Kristine, can’t wait to hear about your weekend!


Oh my goodness, I’m glad I’m not the only adult who doesn’t really know how to do her hair and makeup! I’m super simple and only wear eyeshadow and mascara, anything more than that and I’m lost. Recently one of my friends used her bronzer while getting ready for our friends wedding, and I told her that I had no idea what it was even used for. :)


Haha you are not alone and I’m just too old to start to learn how:). Plus I am not sure I like the feeling of a lot of makeup on my face. Ummm I may have asked the same question before. Have a great weekend, Terese!


Hello hello! Happy Friday! This week was a rough one- last week were on the East Coast visiting family and between the rushing around to see people and then time difference I don’t know that I would call it a true vacation. Spent this week catching up, next week we have summer and my baby’s last week of preschool (!!!!SOB!!!) and then headed to Utah for 2.5 weeks for our final vacation of the summer. Summer is flying by isn’t it?

I’m headed to LA tonight to see Tori Amos with my cousin! Total throwback to when I was a moody middle/high schooler, I am pretty excited she got us tickets. I saw Tori in 1996 and 1997 so… it’s been a while!

My TJ’s treat is probably anything from the frozen section. I love the gnocchi (it’s honestly so authentic tasting), their red frozen Argentinian shrimp have such a good flavor, and the Beef Birria is great to have on hand for tacos. My husband and kids are obsessed with the cookies, like every time I can they write up an extensive cookie list for me.

Not a big make-up person, but I do almost ALWAYS were eyeliner and some lip color.

Can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out!


Arianna! So good to hear from you! Those catch-up weeks are rough. Last week of preschool?!? Oh wow! Time is flying. Ummm what parts of Utah? I want to meet you and I want to come with you to Tori Amos. I adored her. She got me through some tough times. Their frozen section is truly the best of the best. Hahah I’m with your husband and kids on the cookie list. Thanks friend, have a great day!


That setting is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the pictures.
I’m not a huge ice cream fan, but my oldest son is, so we have some yummy flavors in the freezer right now. Peanut butter Park (chocolate and peanut butter with crunchy stuff), and salted caramel pretzel something. That one is really good. I think they’re Dryers brand.
Our youngest son’s birthday is tomorrow, 19!! And tomorrow is also our hreat-niece’s 3rd birthday party. So Top Golf to celebrate the 19 year old before the sweet party. Other than that, trying to stay cool in our heat we’re having.
Have a great Friday!


Thank you, I am so excited to see how they turn out. Ummmm I must have Peanut Butter Park in my life soon. Happiest birthday to your youngest. . I love Top Golf so much. Enjoy every second. Thanks Wendy!


I made homemade ice cream this month and it’s been SO amazing. I used this base recipe: . When the machine quit churning, I divided the ice cream in to four containers ( and used additional ingredients to make 4 flavors – vanilla, chocolate-Butterfinger, peppermint, and coffee! The entire batch was 4 quarts and cost about $12. I’m already choosing which flavors to do next!


I AM COMING FOR THE BUTTERFINGER ICE CREAM! Have the best weekend with Les!


I love Brooke’s white dress! I feel like your daily hair looks so good-you had me fooled I guess! ha
The last ice cream that I ate was in 2008. Thanks for asking.
Plans this weekend…I think you know what they are. Running, TdF, bread baking.


Thank you, Molly:). I have learned how to master the ponytail haha. I am really sorry for bringing up such a sore subject. That is 15 years too long. Is this the last weekend of TdF? What are you going to do once it is over?


Hi Janae! Can’t wait to see the family pics the setting looks gorgeous! I was just at TJ’s yesterday but didn’t get any treats! I do like when they have new to me fruits though. Not a big makeup person either but I put on a little lip color before zoom meetings!
Have a great day it’s finally Friday!


Thank you! I am so so excited. You’ll have to let me know the next new to you fruit that you try. Happy weekend, have a great one!

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