I’m convinced + slow yourself down.

(shorts, bra, shoes)

I’m going to do speed again on Saturday. I’m going to do speed again on Saturday. I’m going to do speed again on Saturday;). <– trying to convince myself to start again;)

Four miles @ 8:03 average for my Wednesday in the heat, and my mom brought Beck his new favorite thing…

We were at a party last week, and my mom noticed that Beck lived at the drink cooler the whole time, filling up a cup of water and then pouring the water into multiple cups.  

She brought one to him so he could do this at home. And he did. For hours haha.

He even tried to bring my dead plants back to life. I forgot about them for our trip and came home to very sad plants. Does anyone think they have a chance of coming back to life? They were so pretty for almost two months… a record for me.

For our souvenirs from our trip to Kauai, we brought home these cups. ‘Slow Yourself Down’ is my new life motto.

The kids and their friends made their own charcuterie board-style lunches for a picnic.

And Andrew knows my love language and brought this guacamole with pomegranate seeds home to me.

And I brought these home for Andrew so he can celebrate his love for Costco daily.

Does anyone else’s kids leave doors open whenever they enter or exit? I am convinced that my kids are attempting to air condition our city.

A huge highlight of our day was finally having our refrigerator indoors again.  It’s been in our garage since the end of March and we’ve been waiting patiently for this day.

Sadly, one of the doors only opens a little bit but hopefully that will change 🙏 .

I hope you have a great Thursday!

Knox is hoping for another rainstorm today.


What is your life motto currently?

Anyone else live close to their mom?

-It takes me 9 minutes to get there and about 19 minutes for her to get to my house;). I kid, kind of.

You could only have guacamole or salsa for the rest of your life… what would you choose?


What is your goto distance these days for your recovery/easy runs?

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But then after speed workouts I’m like “these are my favorite run days!” It’s easier on the other side. HA
Motto: never whine. never complain.
AH! The fridge door! I hope the rest of the kitchen is nearly complete. That’s tough not having a fully functioning kitchen.


I can’t choose between guacamole and salsa!!! That is too hard of a choice!!

My go-to easy/recovery run has been around 30 minutes lately. Earlier in the summer I could go 3 miles in that, but the past few weeks it’s been closer to 2.5. This humidity kills me and I want to take easy days realllllyyyy easy.


Deadhead the flowers on those plants and give them some water! There’s a chance you can save them!


THANK YOU for the help! I’ll do that today! Have a beautiful day, Nicole.


I think those flowers can be saved with some deadheading and water. :) My mom lives less than a mile away from us and I love it; never would’ve appreciated that closeness in my younger years but now that I’m nearing 40, I’m glad she is so close. I am probably an outlier here, but I would choose salsa; it’s my favorite! Also, hoping your kitchen continues coming along; we had some major renovations last year and I totally get how frustrating they can be when you’re in the middle of it. Happy Thursday, Janae!


Thank you for the help, Emily! I really hope it works. Oh I love that your mom is so close. It makes the biggest difference. Keep enjoying. I hope you get some really great salsa soon and thank you for empathizing with me… I’m ready to have our house back to us! Have a beautiful day, Emily!


Life motto– one day (or one minute) at a time… I live close to my parents (and work with my dad :) and I don’t think I could do it any other way now, especially with kids! Oh man guac vs salsa is hard… I think I have to choose salsa! Have a great day!


Hey Courtney, I love that you live close to your parents and work with your dad! I hope my kids end up doing the same with us:). I’ll have Brooke and Skye take over the blog in a few decades haha. GOALS! I hope you get some great salsa soon! Thanks Courtney, you too!


I live on the same block as my mom. So 30 seconds driving and about 5 minutes walking.

My typical recovery run distance lately is 4-5 miles.

AND I just have to tell you that I have your exact same appliances.


The same block… oh that is the dream! I really hope my kids live on my block too as adults:). That makes me so happy! I just could not get over how good they look. Have a beautiful day, Jenny!


Just here to say I too support and share Andrew’s love of Costco (I have the grey Kirkland logo sweatshirt, it’s awesome). One of the things I find most hilarious in life is listening to parents tell their kids to shut the door (and I remember being told this when I was a kid too). It must be universal, haha! Guac for life!!!!


Off to get Andrew the sweatshirt too. Hahaha I truly think closing the doors must be because a part of our brains aren’t formed until we are 18… definitely universal! Hope you have some good guac soon:)


I live about ten minutes from my Mom and Dad too. <3 My sister is about 20 minutes away and it feels too far!


20 minutes is too far… tell her she needs to come closer to you and your parents;). Have a beautiful day, Amy!


Love Kaui’s life motto!! Do you happen to know your door color?? 🥰 GUACAMOLE all the way!!!

Have a beautiful day!!


Right?! I just want to slow life down in every way possible now. I will text and ask them the paint color, we love it:). Hope you get some guac today. Thanks Ashlea, you too!


That would be amazing. That door color would look so great with my house. Thank you!!!


Wahoo… Your fridge is back in the kitchen.
Oh that is a hard choice, guacamole or salsa… Probably guacamole for me too. But chips and salsa are a staple here.
I love that motto, “Slow yourself down”. We have definitely been doing that this summer, and it feels so good. I love the motto ” Today is a good day for a good day”. I always try to start every day feeling positive.
My go to easy miles have been 4-5 miles. Yesterday it was only a little over 3 because I left way too late and it was way too hot. Lesson learned.
New running shoes are being delivered later today, and I am excited!
Have a great day Janae 😊


It feels like we are one step closer to having our house back! Chips and salsa truly are a staple meal for us too! Oh that is the perfect motto too. My nephew that just got home starts each day with, ‘today is going to be the best day of my life.’ Such a great way to start the day off positive. ENJOY YOUR NEW SHOES! You’ll have to let me know which ones:). Thank you and you too, Wendy!


Beck is too cute with his water jug obsession 😂

Life motto: “Your comfort zone will kill you”. Harsh but reminds me growth doesn’t occur in the comfort zone and I am all about that 1% every day.

Without any hesitation-salsa! Guac kind of creeps me out. Something about that texture and color. I’ll happily leave that to all you guac lovers!
Go to recovery-love me an hour long walk.

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