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I was late getting out the door to meet my sister (I just run to her house to pick her up) and so I finished my toast along the way there.  This brought back many flashbacks to 2019 when I was training for an ultra and I would eat pb & j sandwiches, donuts, fig bars and anything else I could pack up and take with me for the run.  I remember people looking at me like I was crazy when I had a full sandwich out and I was eating it as I ran along the paved trail with the other runners/walkers/bikers.   PS my thoughts on doing another ultra are still the same… no way UNLESS I had someone to train with and run the race with the entire time.   I think I would enjoy doing it with friends but the marathon will always have my heart and be my focus for a while.

IMG 2710

I picked up the sis and we did 7 miles together (I did 8 because I ran to her house and back afterwards).  Chloe asked yesterday about how I am deciding my mileage right now… Now that I’m running with my sister I’m kind of just doing what she wants or feels like for the day.  I’ll probably stick to around 45-50 miles a week for a while to keep a good base but I’m not really planning anything.   I usually have 60-75 minutes a day to run (I guess more if I could get myself up earlier ha) so that’s usually what I do.

IMG 2716

The highlight of the day was going to visit Mer from her back porch.  She is handling our current situation so well and staying optimistic.  I can’t wait to go to Kneader’s with her again or for our big family dinners.

IMG 2737

Her dogs were happy to get some time in with the kids while we were there too.

IMG 2734

We have ordered more delivery pizza than I thought possible over the last two months.   I ate this for dinner and I’m all about eating leftover pizza cold especially when it means I don’t have to dirty a dish to eat it ha.

PS Our favorite two local spots in Utah County = 2 Jacks Pizza and The Pizza Factory.

IMG 2738

Showers and bedtime extra early because it was needed for all:)

IMG 2749


I have a few favorite things to share this week:

*2020 is our craft record year.  I do not come up with crafts on my own but Amazon makes it easy to help fulfill Brooke’s artistic needs:).  This Diamond Painting Kit has been so good for Brooke.  It keeps her busy for a while.

IMG 0856

*I have gone from wearing leggings everyday to wearing biker shorts a lot as it’s gotten warmer here.  They are just so comfortable and easy to throw on and go.  I’ve been getting them from Shop Stevie’s website and couldn’t be happier about this current fashion trend.

IMG 2508

*The other thing that I’ll be wearing all summer long are these t-shirt dresses from Gap Factory.  They are $12.99 each (and with my Gap credit card rewards I ended up getting 2 for $7 and free shipping!).  They have the cutest colors and they are so light and comfortable.  They also have the tall option which I got (I’m 5’8.75”) and it sits about a half an inch above my knee.  I’m a big fan.

IMG 2733

*Triedandtruemoms keep talking about how delicious the frozen mango chunks are to snack on from TJ’s and they are 100000% correct on these.  We will be going through many bags of these this summer.

IMG 2742


I will be running for Ahmaud today.   I just heard about this story and it instantly made me cry.  Ahmaud was out for a run when he was shot and killed.  This happened in February and it is absolutely heartbreaking.  Today is his birthday so go to your favorite place to run/walk and dedicate this time to him!


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Where do you end up buying most of your clothing from?

Cold pizza… yes or no?  Any other leftovers that you enjoy cold?

Have any credit cards that you absolutely love the rewards you get from it?

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten while running?

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#IRUNWITHMAUD When I woke up thinking about Ahmaud Arbery again, I threw on my clothes and ran 2.23.

I have to pass on the cold pizza. Sometimes I’ll skip the microwave and just eat leftover roasted veggies cold, though.


I am so glad you ran for him today. I’m just about to head out for my run for him. Have a beautiful weekend, Corey!


So glad you posted about Ahmaud. I am going out for him today too <3


❤️❤️❤️ I hope he feels our love!


I’m glad too that you posted about Ahmaud.

Also, your Mer has the most beautiful lawn I’ve ever seen! :)


I still cannot believe it happened. I hope he and his family feel all of our love today.

Have a beautiful weekend Betsy and I agree, her yard is perfection!


Thank you so much for posting about Ahmaud. I’ve been following the story and it’s just heartbreaking. I can’t imagine how much pain his family must be in right now. This run is a wonderful way to lift his family and friends up in our thoughts and prayers and surround them with love and support. The running community is just amazing.

I hope you have a great weekend, Janae!


I agree, our community is amazing. It really is so terrible and I hate that the story is just now being shared and that justice is just now happening. Thank you Clare, you too!


I love cold pizza. This makes me want to get pizza now.

I am 5ft so sometimes I can shop in kids sections for certain things haha. Basically wherever it fits. Either from thrift stores or lately online. But honestly 75 percent of my clothes are running clothes.

Weirdest thing I ate while running…well I remember one ultra where the pepperoni sticks were hitting the spot. Might have even found one crammed in the pack as I was cleaning stuff post ultra haha.

Mer has the cutest dog!

Have a beautiful day Janae!


I hope you get some pizza asap! It’s just the best. Okay, that is awesome! You’ve got quite the variety to choose from with your shopping and I’m probably close to you on that percentage of running clothes ha. Pepperoni sticks… oh that is awesome and I bet the salt just tasted like heaven. You are my ultra hero. Those things are SO hard. Thanks Kristine, you too!



Coincidentally I just ate a slice of margherita pizza from last night. I really have to eat less pizza before I turn into one lol


My legs are killing me from restarting some strength training workouts this week, but I will be running 2.23 miles for Ahmaud today. Not to get political or anything, the loss of a life is always sad, especially when it easy easily preventable/avoidable. I’ve never once been scared that someone would shoot me while I was out running… my heart breaks for his family.
I am jealous of your warmer weather! We had mid-70s weather for about a week, and it’s back to being cooler again. I NEED WARMTH AND SUNSHINE!! I should be used to this by now… Midwest weather is always weird.
I hope you have a lovely weekend! :)


Way to go on the strength training workouts! Oh I hope that you get some sunshine too! Your weather is all over the place. Have a beautiful weekend.

I agree Rhiannon, I’ve never had to have that fear and I can’t imagine what he went through and what his family is going through now.


I also have a Gap credit card, and I LOVE the rewards, especially since I can use them at Athleta as well.
How does your sister’s pace compare to yours? I’m just imagining that you’re faster since she’s just getting back to running. Are you slowing down for her? And I’m also wondering what your old training partner Emilee is up to these days. Overall I guess I’m just nosy! Have a great day!


Oh this makes me so happy! Yes… I need to start using them at Athleta too! My sister is slower than I am but we are just having the best time together and I’m just so happy to be running with somebody again. Emilee is still KILLING IT. She lowered her mileage during this time but still rocking workouts. I cannot wait to be able to run with her again too. We have big plans for the future! And you aren’t nosy… I share my whole life haha. Have a beautiful day, Jenny!


Such a tragedy. You’re a great example.

I need to get into the eating while running thing! Maybe I’d get less exhausted that way, haha. It feels so counter intuitive but I know being fueled is so important!


It really is. I’m not sure how this stuff actually happens.
YES, the fueling makes the world of difference. I’m working with my sister on this right now too. You can do it and you’ll be amazing how much your running will feel. Have a great weekend, Brooke!


I have never eaten on a run, but with starting to train for a marathon, I’m going to have to learn how!

Seeing all of Brooke’s crafts reminds me of those Klutz craft kits I did as a kid . . . I LOVED those and I still use my embroidery book. So much fun!

My heart is going out to Ahmaud’s family. Running should be a celebration of freedom and movement, and it’s horrible to realize someone had that taken from them. Heartbreaking.


YES YES YES! That is definitely part of marathon training. SO excited for how all of it goes for you, you are going to rock it. Oh I LOVED Klutz craft kits too. So much.
I totally agree with what you said… I cannot believe he was taken while doing something he loved so much.
Have a beautiful weekend, Kristin!


That makes me so happy to see you running with your sister again! It is awesome that you live so close!

I get most of my clothes from Athleta. I wear their clothes for running and work.

I need to check out those crafts. My daughter loves to craft/create/draw and I have no skills in that area. I put on ArtHub for kids you youtube nonstop…that is about as close as I get to helping out with drawing.

I do not like pizza! It is something about melted cheese that I do not like. It’s funny, but I just realized I eat all my food cold. Maybe its from being lazy in college and not heating up my food? I rarely eat hot food. I usually cook our meals in the morning before the day gets too busy.


Thank you Becky! I really feel so lucky that we are able to get in this time together each day. Athleta is THE BEST! Oh I’m craving a shopping trip there. I will have to check out ArtHub on youtube, I’m sure Brooke will love it. HOW did I not know that you didn’t like pizza? I’ll eat your share! Cold food is great but what about in the mornings?! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, Becky!


Cold pizza is the best leftover! Might need to get pizza this weekend now.

Lately all I’m wearing are workout clothes hahaha. But I used to get normal clothes at Gap, Loft, Zara, Old Navy and a couple local boutiques (love supporting small businesses when I can!).


I really hope you get some amazing pizza this weekend! Hahah valid point… workout clothes are life now. I miss Zara and totally agree with you about the local boutiques. Have a beautiful day, Mariah!


You’ve posted about your fav joggers in the past and I cant find that blog! can you tell me the brand?? needing some!


Yes! Here they are, they are amazing: Have a beautiful day!


I LOVE frozen mango chunks too!!! Also here for the bike shorts trend


YESSSSSS let’s just hope this trend lasts for a very long time! Hope your day is a warm one filled with frozen mango chunks. Thanks so much Lisa!


Thank you for posting about Ahmaud. I still cannot believe that happened and it breaks my heart.

I have never eaten while running (other than a gel or a handful of jelly beans), but I’m impressed that you can pound a sandwich! And I’m with you on the cold pizza. It really tests my patience, but I always wait until it is a least room temperature before I dig in haha. Also please try this before judging (my best friend forced me to try it years ago): get out a bowl, add ice cream, put pizza slice on the edge of bowl (it will melt the ice cream a little haha) and then eat both simultaneously (like soup and a sandwich!) She encourages dipping, but that is still a little too weird for me. Anyways, it is delicious treat. And weirdly addicting. Also: COLD LASAGNA. 1000X better than hot.

Stay safe and I hope you have a great Mother’s day weekend!


I know, it doesn’t seem real.
Okay, I am REALLY going to trust you on this one… I’ll have Andrew do it with me. I have a feeling we will love it. Oh and cold lasagna… 100% yes. Thank you friend and I hope you have a great weekend too!


Hi Janae! I know dried mangoes are delicious but I gotta try frozen! I am so glad you get to see family, that’s awesome! I haven’t worn biker shorts since I was a little girl and wearing them under dresses, but I like the concept. Thanks for sharing about Ahmaud, I will keep him in mind.

Happy Friday!


Oh you are just going to love the frozen ones for this summer time! Thanks so much Amy and you too:). PS thanks for reminding me about the biker shorts under dresses… I totally did that too!


I am also running for Ahmaud today – so heartbreaking that something we do every day and take for granted is a risk to some that can eliminate a life so easily.

Diamond painting is great – scratch painting is also a lot of fun, and quite a bit quicker if she wants something like that.

Do you think your sister would ever do a guest post on how she managed to get back up to 7ish miles from 3, and what her awesome arm workout is?

Another meal idea for your family during this time so you have a break from cooking would be Qdoba catering! You can order online for 10 or more people and keep it in the fridge and eat a quick meal for a few days! Pretty good price too!


Hey Amy! It really is just the most heartbreaking thing!
I need to get her a scratch painting kit. I will totally ask her to do that, I’m sure she would love to. Here is one of her arm workouts that she still loves to do:

Brilliant idea about Qdoba… I love that place! Thanks for the help Amy and have a great day:)


Cold pizza is a huge yes. I like it cold better than reheated (most of the time) There’s something about the firmness of the cheese that I really like. I rarely eat pizza (crime!!!!) though, only because it’s not as prevalent where I live and I’m mostly too lazy to make it homemade. Leftover steamed/roasted sweet potatoes and veggies are delicious to me, I’ll pile them on a salad rather than reheat them.

I do not have any credit cards. I’m so basic.

Weirdest thing while on a run was probably salted and buttered sweet potatoes in a baggy. The weirdest thing by someone else with me was mac and cheese. Cold. In a baggy. I thought it was genius, actually. Weirdest thing during an Ironman was a guy pulling out fried chicken from his gear drop bag during the bike portion and eating it.

Hope the early to bed was helpful to all!!


I also ran some miles for him today, this breaks my heart.
Love me some cold leftover pizza, #pizzatwins


Mer has the most beautiful lawn ever!


I loved seeing your comment on Ahmaud…I also ran my 2.23 miles in support for him and his family. So crushing to hear this and as a Mom to a 20 year old male–I can’t imagine what his Mom must be feeling right now.


Oh my goodness I hear you on the pizza! Seriously I think I should just send my pay check straight to Dominos!


Okay, so I went to grab some of these t shirt dresses and apparently everyone loves them because they are basically completely sold out online. I really need some for summer and am having a hard time finding them! Any other recommendations on where you have bought t shirt dresses before that you enjoy?


Two Jack’s is THE BEST. If you want something similar but slightly different, try Big Daddy’s pizza! Their bubba breadsticks and combination pizza… I die!

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