Did you think I was going to tell you that I ran 27 miles on my 27th birthday because that’s what all the cool kids do?  I would have but I don’t think Brooke would have been game with that (the fact that I didn’t run 27 miles has nothing to do with the fact that my body would have crumpled up and died because I am no shape to run anything longer than 13.1 miles:)  

Here are some fun 27 facts:

27 bites to eat my birthday apple fritter from Yum Yum Donuts.

DSC 8276

27 times I had to explain to Brooke that she has to wait at least another 6 months for me to share my apple fritter.

27 push-ups

27 kisses to Brooke in less than 27 seconds.

27 sweet things that Billy has already done for me today.

27 exclamation points I will add to the exciting news that happened this morning (I have to wait a few more days to tell you).

27 minutes on the phone with my mom and sister.

2:02 a.m. (nothing to do with 27) is the time my dad emailed me to wish me happy birthday.  DAD.. why were you awake?  JANAE… why was I awake?

27 quarter miles ran… okay 32 quarter miles ran… aka 8 miles.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes.  You guys are a huge part of my life and you mean the world to me!  

Have a great Wednesday and I will see you in the morning with pictures of the 27 desserts I am going to eat today.

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I’m a little late but nonetheless… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAE! You deserve all the gifts in your life because you have such a wonderful outlook and appreciation for everything and everytime I read your blog I am inspired to be a better runner!


Glad you had a great birthday!!

I’m excited to hear about the exciting news!


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a great day! :) YAY!


Happy Birthday to my favorite blogger! :) Hope this coming year is amazing!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! I hope it was fantastic–you deserve the best! :)


Happy Birthday Janae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Belated Bday!!! I hope you had a great time with Brooke and Billy! She looks ADORABLE by the way!


Happy Bday Janae! You’re such an inspriration and little Brooke may be one of the CUTEST babies Ever! Love your blog! :)


Such natural beauties! Love you both <3


Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great birthday!


hope your day was absolutely fantastic!!


Im late but happy birthday!!!!


Happy belated birthday, Janae! =) I hope it was a great one!


Happy Belated Birthday!

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