A St George Weekend

(bra, shorts, shoes)

Our last run together before her baby is here. Selfishly, I am very grateful for these babies of my running friends to get here so I can hold them and so that we can all start training for marathons together again.

12 miles with 1400 ft of climbing. These views were just what my soul needed. Speed will start up again next week;). If it seems like I keep pushing it off, it’s because I am ha. It will be there for me when I’m ready!

I got to see Lauren for her little one’s birthday party.

And then we decided to jump in the car for a quick trip to St George. Andrew only works one weekend a month now with his new job which feels so much better than his last job.

When my aunt heard we were on our way done, she invited us to dinner. She told us it was her treat and that we needed to order everything we wanted. It turned into a four hour meal that was absolute perfection.

Every restaurant needs to get rid of rectangle tables and move to circular ones instead. It is just so much easier to talk to everyone this way.

My aunt signed me up for my first race ever (a half marathon). She bought me my first bike for triathlons. She brought me along on runs with her and gave me all of her best tips. She helped me find this passion I love so much.

PS I only brought running and swimming clothes for this trip and then found out we were going somewhere fancy for dinner and I ran into target to change ha.

Sunday morning I woke up and Brooke was all ready to go for a run. We made it about a mile before it got too hot but it was an awesome mile.

87 degrees at 8 am.

We went to get donuts and while there I told Andrew I was craving sushi. The woman in front of us heard me and told me that we had to go and try Kaiseki Sushi.

So we did just that. It was by far the best sushi I’ve ever had in a landlocked state🤣.

Brooke loves sushi now which makes sushi eating even more fun.

I still have hard feelings towards wasabi and will never eat it again. I worked at a sushi restaurant and my table dated me $150 to eat it… so I did. Learn from my many poor life choices.

And then we swam and swam and swam because that is just necessary when it is 100+ degrees.

Finished up with a bbq at my cousin’s house. My girls go crazy for their cats. If only Beretta was okay with cats.

Tell me a highlight from your weekend!

Who has cats?

Anybody else have someone that talked them into their first race?

Utah friends-> how are you celebrating Utah’s holiday today?

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Our weekend was so much fun! We went to a lavendar farm and stayed in the cutestest little air bnb and we spent our days swimming at the lake driving up bumpy roads and getting ice cream. River spent hours swimming too! It was such a relaxing weekend.

Your St George trip looks amazing. Haha I only mostly brought running clothes out of habit and when Jason complained I whipped out my one dress lol that I tucked away. He said I always look like I just got back from a run 🤣


Kristine, I am so happy for you three. That lavendar farm sounds amazing! I’m the same way. Always look like I just went for a run. Have a beautiful day!


Looks like another beautiful weekend! My aunt got me into running too, and I love her for it. She was a marathoner before me I did races, and definitely encouraged my cousins and I when we expressed interest. She bought us our first race tops for our first marathon(she also worked at a sporting goods store), and I ran a half marathon with her that I will always remember.
I have a 2 week old baby girl, my 6 yr old broke his foot a week last Sunday, & the whole fam is getting used to the changes of a new baby – so we had a bit of chaos for our weekend. :) I did get my first tomato of the summer from our garden, so am excited about fresh tomatoes!! Just have to keep remembering to water that garden..
I’ll eat your wasabi – for some crazy reason I love how it clears out my sinuses… I do have my limits though.


Hmmmm maybe I should have some wasabi then, my sinuses need that! I loved reading about what your aunt did for you… life changing! Thank goodness for our aunts. Umm that does sound a bit chaotic. I’m hoping this week is smoother and that you get some sleep. Congrats on your little one!


Thanks!! And yes, perhaps we need to keep some wasabi in the fridge – not for added spice/flavor, but for allergy management, as needed. ;)


Weekend highlight was watching Tadej win on Saturday. What a friendly, warm, fun champion that can also show strength on his worst performing days. Obsessed.
No cats here. Childhood trauma!
Have fun not melting in St George!


I knew that would be your highlight. Such an amazing past few weeks! Stay away from those cats… I might need to hear the story! Have the best Monday, Molly!


Hi Janae! I wish my cat were ok with dogs! I thought she would be scared of them but when we see dogs outside she is pretty fierce! She stands her ground and then hisses if they get too close. My first race was a fun run with friends almost ten years ago now! It was for st Patrick’s day.
My husband and I were thinking of visiting St George in August! But then we saw how hot it was and decided maybe a different time of year :P.
Happy Monday!


Good call, come in November haha! Oh that is so interesting your cat has no interest in dogs, I forgot to look at it that way! Thanks Amy, you too🤍


Ok, that is probably the coolest donut ever!
I love spur of the moment trips! So fun! And I too have had to make Target stop for clothes or shoes for the same reason, ha ha.
My hubby got me into running after his 2nd marathon. That was 13/14 years ago, and we still run together.
We were at our pool yesterday, it has been toasty and humid out here. But yesterday was like Hawaii! Cloudy, humid, warm, and we even got sprinkled on a bit. So weird.
We had the best weekend celebrating our youngest son’s birthday, and then last night we saw the musical Tina… So good!
Here’s to a great new week!


Haha glad I’m not alone with those Target stops.. legit changed into the outfit in the dressing room and just wore it out😭! I love that your husband is who got you into running🤍. Sounds like the best weekend and I really hope your weather is less humid today.


Yay for more weekend time together!! DH worked every Sunday up until our kids were (7 and 9??). I still remember how gleeful I felt when his schedule changed!!

Agreed with your comment on seafood in landlocked states. I live in Tennessee, and even though we border 4 states (NC, GA, AL, MS) and that are not landlocked – it’s just not the same!! So glad you had a great meal 😃

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