Paradise Pics + Happy Prime Day (my fave Amazon things)!

Good morning! We started our Monday off with a 5 mile run and then straight to açaí bowls.

The best açaí bowl I’ve ever had… And with the food price tags here ha, I ate it as slow as possible to savor every morsel.

And then we drove over to Secret Beach. We saw about 12 people total for the 3 hours we were there.

Dessert first… Kilauea Bakery for the macadamia nut chocolate pie.

And Sushi Girl for the best sushi!

We are starting a new tradition with our kids… When we travel we will send a postcard with a note to each of them and then when they are adults hopefully they will send us one too from their trips🤞

Hanalei Poke for dinner… we wanted to eat as much fish as possible.

We finished up with time at puu poa beach to snorkel.

We ended up seeing so many sea turtles!

It’s Prime Day over on Amazon so I thought I would include my top Amazon purchases that I couldn’t live without.  Happy shopping!

*Our pebble ice maker.  I almost get emotional over how much I love this thing.

*The best sheets you will ever experience for so insanely cheap.  They feel luxurious.

*The drinking glasses with straws that I adore.

*My padded sleeping mask… sadly, I can’t use a normal one after this one because it has spoiled me.

*Lauren got me hooked on this massager that I use daily when I am marathon training to work on hot spots.

*The swim bag that will last my entire life.

*The best running shorts for this cheap. I wore these at the Boston Marathon in 2022.  I also wore this top which is my favorite running top from Amazon.  I am also obsessed with this tank.  And my favorite long sleeve running top.

*The only hair bands I will use when I run.

*The only hair brush that I (or the girls:) will use.

*My curling iron that I use daily.

*The best Birkenstock copycats!

*The product I put on my hair after I was it every single time… it makes it so smooth and frizz free.

*The best white t-shirts.

*The sunscreen I use before runs and all day on my face.

*The electric teapot and travel mugs that I use every day in the winter.

*My Garmin!

*My pillow that I wish I could take everywhere.


Share any Prime Deals you are finding with us!

What’s your workout today?

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I am loving your trip photos and updates!! Great idea about the postcards! They will love those.
I’m going to check out a few of your favorites. You always have the best recs!


Your vacation looks so amazing!! Enjoy!

Workout today was an peloton interval run on the treadmill with Jess Sims, my fav instructor, and a 10 min legs and glutes strength video.


My grandparents were truck drivers when I was growing up and always sent me postcards from places they traveled to. Now I send them postcards whenever I travel and I know they love and appreciate it just as much as I always did!


I cannot wait to go to Kauai again next summer! Thank you for sharing your trip!
Amazon has so many great things. I ordered a set of food storage containers for my youngest son yesterday, then realized I should have waited for today, duh! Oh well.
Summer running has finally arrived here. So if I don’t get out early before the heat, my runs are going to be super easy paced. But that is ok. And then a strength for runners class. I decided to go back and doo all of those classes again. They’re so good.
Keep enjoying Kauai!


I couldn’t justify any running gear on Amazon but somehow ended up buying a CCTV camera for home!


Post cards are the best, when we travel as a family I send them home like a journal – “today we….” when you get home and gather your mail you have a bit of a souvenir, and a reminder of your fun trip! I always send postcards to my nieces and kids when I travel too — it’s just easy, fun and cheap — and who doesn’t love a little mail surprise! Have the best time in Kauai!!


Loving all the pictures – Kauai is magical! Glad you’re having such a great time.

Bike ride this morning + strength training.


I love your sunglasses in the top photos, can I ask where you got them? Also, not an Amazon find, but I’ve done a couple runs in the Hoka Arahi and I think I’m liking them! They are like a more supportive Clifton. Definitely more stiff around the ankle which takes some getting used to, but I guess that’s the point of a supportive shoe, right? ;) I think they’ll break in a little more.

Hope you are enjoying your vacation – the photos are amaaaazing!


All the food pics makes my mouth water!! Enjoy!


Completely separate but your skin looks amazing and I can tell the inflammation that u talk about has gone down a lot. U look very healthy and glowy.

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