Lots of pictures, and not so many words today because I’m in full vacation mode over here🤣 and blogging from my phone! I’ll write a post in a few days with every detail of what we did in case anyone is headed to Kauai soon. And I think you should if you can because it is officially the best place I have ever been.

Island crave macadamia nuts maple donut… so good.

A boat tour of the Na Pali coast. The dolphins and baby dolphins (just one week old and the size of a football) were the highlight for me.

Overstimulated. They were too pretty to believe they were real.

Went into some caves and felt like we were on the pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

Fish tacos afterward at Tiki Tacos.

A hike at the very end of the road up Waimea canyon.

Saw the coast from the top!

Waimea Canyon was breathtaking.

And the macadamia nut fish at The Beach House was beyond delicious for our anniversary dinner.

Wend on my first run in a few days! 8 miles @ 7:35 average. I was drenched by the end.

My #1 meal of the trip-> from Wake Up Delicious. Pineapple mango orange juice, breakfast burrito and churro French toast.

Tunnels Beach!

So much snorkeling 🐠 🐟

Finished up with a trip to Queens Bath. My personal favorite… jumping in from the rocks was so fun.

And more fish tacos to end the night.


Tell me about your weekend!

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Gosh it’s just as I remember it! You need to preserve those photos in quilt format as I did.
Just the usual weekend here, discussing psychopath behaviour with my (older) kids – nature vs nurture, that kind of thing.
Have a great day!


More pics!!! We’re all living vicariously through you so keep the beautiful pics coming!! Keep enjoying your well-deserved vacation, Janae!!


Just returned from Kauai….it was amazing. What we were looking forward to most was a boat tour of the Napali coast. So cool you got to do that. They called us the night before and cancelled due to mechanical issues. BUMMER! Enjoy!


We lived on Kauai and we miss it so much! The best sushi is Kintaro in Wailua. I highly recommend it!


I was going to say that donut looked the best, but uhh then the churro french toast and the macadamia fish and the tacos! AAAHH! The scenery is gorgeous too – I’m just ready for some breakfast and was focused on the food. lol

Looks like an absolutely glorious trip!


Gosh I need to go back to that island! We only spent two days there. Big mistake!
This should be the only way you celebrate your anniversary from now on. 😉
This weekend: worked, ran and watched way too many (yet not enough) hours of TdF.


Kauai is my happy place. Tunnels is perfection. Find the Pineapple in Paradise truck for some dole whip in a cake cone :) Also catch a sunset out west on Kekaha beach if you can. I’ve never visited Queen’s Bath or done a Napali boat tour since I’m always there with my young children, but looks amazing. Love seeing your photos!


Your vacation looks amazing!! Jealous of the food and views. Now I want some fish tacos haha.

My weekend was amazing. Friday night had dinner with friends, Saturday morning went to a running group with my boyfriend (he’s been going for a few weeks and everyone told me what a great runner he is- I’m so proud!), cookout with friends, and then family time Sunday.


I recently went to Maui and there were roosters/chickens everywhere! Is this the same for the island your on? Just curious haha


Kauai is the most beautiful place! Be sure to check out secrets beach too!!


That looks amazing!! You’ve managed to squeeze SO much in in a short amount of time! I love your joy and zest! Happy anniversary!


I made fish tacos once……..the fish weren’t interested and just swam away…..


Just returned from a cruise of the islands on Norwegian Pride of America. Kauai was the only island that I had not been to, and I like it and Maui the best! We did a kayak and hike to a waterfall on Kauai, and it was so much fun!

Happy Anniversary!

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