Sentence Per Picture and that workout didn’t go as planned…

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday… somehow these kiddos are looking way too grown up today.

Hit the gym to get our speed on today.

IMG 8569

Saw my good friend Whitney there and I love the color of her hydroflask…. we are all addicted to these (I don’t know how I drank enough water each day before I had one).

IMG 8574

The kids are currently obsessed with listening to Moana in the car and this song is pretty great for running too.

IMG 8586

I was planning on getting a killer tempo in but sometimes we just have off weeks with our training and I finished up with 7 miles @ 6:49 average with a bunch of breaks in there…  Next week I am going to get those 8 miles on tempo that I was planning on.

IMG 8579

The kids got some awesome report cards back from school earlier this week so we took them for donuts!

IMG 8593

Pink, red and white sprinkles—>  her day was made.

IMG 8588


IMG 8598

Post-donut face:

IMG 8603

Brooke was quite confused why Hello Kitty was in our sushi (from the grocery store) that we had as an appetizer before a sweet potato and tomato soup…  Quite the random lunch.

IMG 8604

I was searching for what my training looked like last time I trained for the race I am wanting to do this month and I came across this… Andrew asked me for a trail running date for our second date (but we had Jamba Juice afterwards;)

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 at 2 26 14 PM

I saw these at a gas station the other day and they took me straight back to the store in my junior high and how happy they made me when I had enough money from babysitting to get one.

IMG 8524

Saw this on my friend’s Facebook status and I absolutely love it—>  “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”


IMG 8556

Andrew completely agrees… bikes > cars.

IMG 8461

I walked upstairs to find Beretta like this…  turns out the couch pillows are even better to her than her new dog bed.

IMG 8608

Emily linked to this awesome article about stress fractures in case you are interested from our chat this morning:

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 at 3 05 46 PM


What is your sentence for the day?!

Any foods/snacks that take you back to your junior high/high school days?

When was the last time that you had a workout that didn’t go as planned?  Did you try it again soon or move forward?

What type of water bottle do you use?

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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


Linden’s Butter Crunch Cookies and soft pretzels remind me oj Jr. high and h.s. I ate soft pretzels for lunch in h.s. fairly often.

The bottle I use depends on what I am doing, in terms of workout. I like my camelbak and I have a bottle similar to swell that I love. It keeps your drink hot or cold for hours.

After deciding to cut back on Facebook and news sources my sentence is from Brooke’s favorite princess: Let it go.


I think I need to get one of those Hydroflask things. Everyone I know who has one loves it!

My sister and I used to eat mushed-up bananas and peanut butter on potato bread when we were in high school. We used to eat it while watching Gilmore Girls together. :)

My sentence for the day comes from a Trisha Yearwood song: What’s meant to be will always find a way.


One more day until the weekend…it’s been a long week already!

I love that picture of Beretta, my dogs are the same. So much so that we don’t even keep a dog bed downstairs because they always just end up on the couch or one of our blankets. Too spoiled!

Those neon pixie sticks always make me think of junior high, we had a convenience store just down the street and spent way to many nickels on the pure sugary goodness.

I love my S’Well water bottle, I got it as a gift (I couldn’t ever bring myself to spend that much on a water bottle) and it keeps my water cold all day at work. That’s where it lives though, I’m too scared to lose or dent it at the gym.


My current water bottle is a smart shake blender, and the funniest part is that I don’t even drink protein powder HAHA. But is pink and pretty so it works for me.

I didn’t feel good of my gastritis today, so my sentence of the day is: don’t think about it and move forward.

My run from this morning did not go as planned. I ended up leaving my house half an hour later than I was supposed to. Plus I was very tired and thirsty!! I kept pushing and I managed to finish, but God that was TOUGH, and you never plan to feel like that during workouts.


I love drinking out of the classic Starbucks cups with the straws ? I have the 24 oz one and I drink way more water when my bottle has a straw!!


Each week I try to do one run where (on the treadmill) I add in 3 tempo miles (6:40 pace) and I usually do it earlier on in the week but when I tried it on Monday I lasted about 10 seconds before I cranked it back down to 8 min/miles. Some days I just don’t have it. I tried it again today and nailed it!


Brooke’s cheeks in the donut picture are like the rosiest/cutest complexion ever. How would it be to be so effortlessly cute? Evan’s face always looks like Knox’s after eating a donut.

Whenever I see those pink sugar cookies I will remember the first time I flipped one over to see the nutrition info and saw that i was ‘4 servings’. Cause who the hell opens up that package, cuts in into fourths and then ONLY eats that 1/4th??? Answer: no one.

When I work out I use my squirt top camelbak. But the rest of the day I reuse my Smart Water water bottle cause I am super classy like that. I refill that x a day and I replace it weekly. Ya. It’s probably leaking toxins in my body and it awful for the environment. But it fits in my cup holder and doesn’t weight a billion pounds, soooooo…. ya.


I really like using the Camelbak Eddy waterbottle because of the straw. I must be impaired in some way because I often start to choke on water when I’m drinking it out of the bottle. Plus having the straw encourages me to drink more. I guess I like sipping better than gulping


oh my Brooke looks oh soo proud with her donut! Adorable! I use a nalgene water bottle from REI (though its currently at my parents’ house because I forgot it in their dishwasher before I left :( )


I think I had workouts that didn’t go as planned more often than not in 2016. Mainly because I wasn’t able to achieve the pace I wanted to. So far this year things have been going ok (fingers crossed that will continue).
The kids are getting so big! They are both so very cute :)


I use a plastic water bottle but I’m trying to transition out of plastics into glass!

I’ve also never seen Moana. How good is it outta 10?


Thank you for sharing that article on stress fractures. Last spring I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my left femoral shaft (I’d actually left you a comment/question about this, and you responded to it–I was so grateful for your ENCOURAGING reply, Janae!!!!). I’d just started ramping up my training in the spring of 2015, did Philly Marathon in fall of 2015 and was working with a new (not so great) coach last spring. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I clearly wasn’t eating enough to fuel the kind of training I was doing. Looking back now, I think I had a perfect storm that brewed–not enough good fuel, not sleeping well, and ramped up training all collided to put me out for 10 weeks. The good news is, as you said when you replied to me, I came back better than ever. I have a new coach now who is fantastic, and I’m always trying to take care of the “little things” that add up in a big way. I hope to never enter “stress fracture” city again!!!!

Oh, and food to take me back to my jr high/high school caf days—either peanut butter balls or huge chocolate chip cookies. Sweets have my heart :)


I have a purple hydroflask! How many of them do you try to drink each day?


Fig newtons really take me back! My mom packed those in my lunches all the time and I loved them – I don’t think I’ve had one since, that was ten years ago!


I have the 40oz Mint Hydroflask. I teach High School and go to a few different room so I bought this handle for it…
It makes carrying it around SO much easier!

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