Kalalau Trail to Hanakapi’ai Falls + photos from my phone.

(bra, shorts, shoes, pack)

Yesterday was the best run of my entire life and I’m not exaggerating for the first time. We did the Kalalau Trail up to Hanakapi’ai Falls.

Going to the waterfall was my favorite thing we did in Kauai.

We scheduled a shuttle to take us to the trailhead. We booked the 6:20 am shuttle which we were very happy with because the trail got busier as the day went on. Make sure to get your pass early, these spots sell out fast!

Andrew was so smart to wear a hat because it rained for probably 70% of the time we were out there.

The first 2.5 miles are a steep up and then steep down to the beach. We ran when we could and hiked when we had to.

My favorite playground.

The views of the Na Pali coast and Hanakapiai beach were spectacular and from there we went towards the waterfall that was another 2 miles away.

In the beginning we tried to avoid puddles but after a few minutes of that we just jumped in all of them because there was no way to avoid your feet getting soaked.

We left our shoes in Hawaii after this, ha.

The whole trail was marked so well.

We turned around a corner and saw the 300 ft waterfall and it was breathtaking.

We swam in the pool at the base and we were the only humans there. It was one of the top experiences of my life. This kind of stuff is where I feel closest to God.

PS Andrew tries to act like he isn’t a runner but then he pulls out this kind of stuff and smashes it.

Prettiest place I’ve ever eaten candy:

On the way back we crossed a river and I slipped as we were going through it. About 15 minutes later (once we climbed back up the steepest hill), I realized my phone was gone. I ran back down and asked everyone I saw if they had seen it… nope. Finally, I remembered I fell in the river and sure enough it was there. It was fully under water and stuck between two rocks. I have no idea how I found it (and how it was still working) but I would have been heartbroken to lose all of my photos (maybe this will convince me to backup my phone😂).

We finished with 9.5 miles (but I forgot to start my watch for a while with the phone situation so probably 10ish) and 2700ft of climbing and took the shuttle back to our car.

We went straight to Hanalei Poke and nothing has ever tasted so good.

Followed by Dole Whip and relaxing the rest of the day.

Now for a few random photos off of my phone:

*My nephew’s favorite thing ever is going to Walmart with his family (and especially Andrew). He is especially happy if it is a new to him Walmart so they went together in Colorado.

*When we go through tunnels (one of his favorite things ever) he is convinced that you are supposed to close your eyes and fold your arms as you go through.

*Knox was trying to explain to me that apples dipped in hot sauce are delicious.

*When Andrew goes to a new restaurant he just tells them to make him something delicious without any guidance on what he wants or doesn’t want. He always ends up loving it!

*My kid’s greatest joy in life is a continental breakfast at a hotel. Knox couldn’t believe they had mini packets of Nutella for him there.

*The perfect beach read.

*I knew I was vacationing properly when I saw this on my watch.

*Back to our kiddos today! Cannot wait to squeeze them🤍


Thoughts on Nutella?

-Not for me unless it is in a small amount in some sort of baked good.

Have a good beach read recommendation?

Fan of hot sauce? What do you use it on?

Any crazy trail runs/hikes you need to tell me about?

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Of all the sugar you don’t like, it’s Nutella?? Ha
When we did that trail we couldn’t cross the river. It had rained that day which turns the river into a death trap. People were stranded on the other side of the river. We just kinda waved and turned back. A helicopter and jet ski made their way to rescue the people. The trail is NOT dull for sure.
I hope Taylor Jenkins Reid has a new book coming out soon! I inhaled Carrie Soto is Back last year.


Love the Kauai pics! It’s my favorite place on earth. I can’t believe your phone survived! I bet you’re excited for the reunion with your kiddos.

Craziest hike: we hiked all 22 miles of the kalalau trail in one day, spur of the moment without packing food or water. Um yeah we were absolutely miserable a few hours into it! A nice man saw our despair and let us drink from his camelback… I am convinced he was an angel. 😊


Wow- best trail run ever!!! i can’t believe you were able to find your phone IN THE RIVER and it still works! This whole trip sounds icredible.


Hi Janae! That hike and swim looks awesome!! Best place you have eaten candy had me cracking up. I’m trying to imagine what apples and hot sauce taste like together but I really can’t. Not sure if I will try it though!
Craziest hike we have done was once I thought we were doing a hike that was 4 miles 800 ft elevation gain, but it ended up being 16 miles 3200 ft elevation gain! Trailhead was washed out so we had to hike a lot to get to the trailhead! I wasn’t prepared (all I had was a bag of almonds in my pocket) and we ended up melting snow on the trail to have water! It was crazy and I’m a lot more prepared now.
Have a great day with the kids!


Definitely putting that trail on our list for next summer. I think we did it when we were there for our honeymoon, but it could have been a different one.
How in the world did your phone survive? But thank goodness. And then Andrew loosing his wallet and finding it again… You guys are lucky! Ha ha
Safe travels back home!


The picture of your nephew, Andrew, and Knox at Walmart is so heartwarming. Thanks for sharing such a sweet family moment. Your trip sounds amazing!


You got passes! yay! I also can’t believe you ran any part of that trail. I was super freaked out about slipping and breaking something as it was hiking. Did you seen anyone going barefoot (we did). It seems like that might be the way to go. Also the phone thing is crazy- I think I actually feel over in the same river (by the beach).
Anyway, glad you’re enjoying it…


How great that you’re having such a wonderful time in Kauai!!
Loved seeing Knox’s hot sauce/apple combination…tell him apples dipped in salsa are really delicious too!


The hike looks amazing! We decided against even trying to get passes. We were a little frustrated by the fact that since our rental is on the route to the beach, in order for the shuttle to pick us up near our house we still had to jump through hoops. Plus the kids wouldn’t have wanted to do that hike and we were afraid either we would get hurt or we would be so pooped we wouldn’t want to do anything else for days! I can’t wait to read your whole write-up on the trip.

Hot sauce and apples? :) Well the saying is “I’ll put that s**t on anything” so I guess it can apply to any hot sauce, not just Reds :)

No nutella?! My kids were on a craze earlier this year and I found myself eating too much of it so I’ve forced myself not to indulge (plus I find that it has a super amount of caffeine that keeps me up). But if I see Nutella pancakes/crepes on the menu in Kauai I may still to have some (though nothing beats a Nutella crepe I had in Paris a couple months ago :) )

I hope you guys have a wonderful reunion with the kids.


We hiked the Kalalau Trail up to Hanakapi’ai Falls on our honeymoon in 1991! Kauai will always hold a special place in my heart. Glad you guys had such an amazing trip.

I only like Nutella on waffles or English muffins so it is melted and gooey.

I’m a hot sauce wimp, prefer mild or medium at the hottest, but now I want to try hot sauce on an apple!


Is that a rainbow in the picture of you and Andrew?! So cool!!!


I just bought Malibu Rising! I am saving it for my beach vacation end of August… It looks like you had a wonderful time :)


Planning on going to Kauai for the first time in November for our 10th anniversary, and this is the one difficult thing I want to do. I appreciated the longer look at what the hike is like at each step. Can’t wait!

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