Tuesday Tangents!

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

Oh, the 5k.  It always hurts from the very first step.

We did a 4-mile w/u, and this pic below is from the starting line of our 5k.

I think the combination of traveling, eating out every meal, not getting enough water, and the taper resulted in feeling disastrous.  I averaged a 5:55 on the course yesterday, and leading up to all 5 of my last marathons, I did this segment faster in the past.

But after doing marathons for a long time, I reminded myself that my best marathons have my worst workouts leading up to them.  One workout can’t predict our race day, especially in the taper.

Even during the warm-up and cool-down, I had to slow down.  Somehow, a distance I have been doing almost daily, turned into feeling like I was climbing Mt Everest.

Eleven miles @ 7:26 average.

Listening to this episode is now part of my taper tradition.  It explains all of our craziness.

Two things Ryan Hall talked about that I loved when talking about race nerves were:

  1.  What if race nerves are actually the secret weapon?  Why not embrace them?  What if those nerves are one of the things that help us to cover the race distance much faster than we run during training because they help fuel us?  That excitement means we care, and it is a way our body is preparing us to run fast.
  2.  When are nerves leading up to a race a bad thing?  If nerves or thoughts leading up to the race are causing anywhere on your body to tighten, it’s time to redirect and manage those nerves or thoughts.  “Any thought that you have that is making you tight, is making you worse… We want to avoid tightness at all costs.  The body does not perform well in running when we get tight.  Stay as loose as possible.”  If your nerves are from feeling like you aren’t good enough as a human or that people will love you less if you don’t hit your goals, it’s time to evaluate those thoughts to figure out why.  Our worth doesn’t change depending on what the clock says or how we perform, and it’s so important to realize this to avoid nerves caused by ideas like this!

My little errand buddy.

We made it to our favorite salad bar.  We hadn’t remembered the last vegetable we had, so we decided to grab some here at Harmon’s before the carb load begins, and I cut out fiber for 1-2 days before the marathon.  I had a salmon, avocado, and veggie bowl with some rolls, and it hit the spot.

Now for just a few tangents:

*I’m up in Salt Lake City a lot this week for a brand partnership.  I had a fitting yesterday, got back in my clothes, and then left for Brooke’s soccer game.  On the way to Brooke’s game, I stopped at a restroom and realized that MY PANTS WERE INSIDE OUT.  Did the brand notice when I was talking to them as I left?!  I sure hope not, but it is kind of hard to miss.  The taper messes with me.

*It feels so good to be at soccer games again!

*My sister’s current bathroom!  She has been hard at work with this one.  I cannot wait to see the finished product.

*The Vaporfly 3s are arriving at my house TODAY… I changed my mind and decided to give them a try before the marathon.  I will try them for my workout on Thursday, and if I love them, I will bring them to Boston.  Please do not follow my example for changing race shoes last second; this isn’t my first time doing this… oops.

*I may or may not have matched my nails to them because I am so excited.

*Boston runners—> Meghann shares tips for race day nutrition and times to eat your breakfastS leading up to each wave.  This is my 4th Boston, and I found it so helpful.  I’ll also be using this salt tip of hers.


Give me a tangent or two!

Fiber the day before a race? 

-Am I alone in cutting this out, or do other people do this too?

Parents reading—> Are your kids playing any spring sports this year?

Paint your nails or no thanks?  Long or short nails?

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Way to throw down a great 5K. Comparison can be tough.
I love that color combo!
Dying to see the result of your house and your sister’s bathroom!
Brooke looks like a natural on the soccer field!
Good luck putting your pants on better today!


I love the new nails!! :)


I definitely do not cut out fibre. In fact I add more. A few accidents along the course are an excellent way to scare the competition off and gain attention. And don’t we all love attention? 😆


Yes, I do like having painted nails, but they must be SHORT. I wear my nails about as short as they can possibly be. If they are long it drives me so nuts I’ll end up biting them off.


I tried the Vaporfly 3 for the first time yesterday and I love them even more than the original and Vaporfly 2! I hope you love them, too! Have a great day!


AHHHH so good to hear. I cannot wait to try mine out. They are just so pretty! Have a beautiful evening, Leanna!


Love your nails!!!
I’ve been doing dip nails for the past several months but finally had them taken off and am giving my nails a break. I love them but the nail artists use the drummell thing to shape and smooth my nails and they are SO thin now. They started to break under the dip. 😑
I always have bad workouts leading up to good races too. 😆😆


Oooops… Wearing your pants inside out and no one noticing. Ha ha. Taper brain is real!
I love that you match your nails to your race day shoes. So pretty too! And the shoes too.
Your sister’s bathroom is going to be amazing. What a great space already.
Can’t wait to hear what you think of the new shoes. Have a great Tuesday!


Love the nail color! Tapering is weird and I’ve only done it for a half. Haven’t run a full yet but hoping to next year.

My kids are in a spring sport. But we live in southern California, so we don’t have the snow you have had. But we have had a looooooot of rain. But we needed it so no complaints. They run for a youth club track team. We actually only have a few weeks left since we started mid-February.


I laughed at the inside out pants! I’ve definitely worn my shirt inside out.

I love fancy nails, but I rarely even paint them. I should try it out for a special occasion.

I love the skylights for your sister’s bathroom, how magnificent!

I had the worst run (like, do I even know how to run?) before my BEST marathon time. It really doesn’t mean a dang thing. You are so right, rest, hydrate and eat some good food! I don’t completely take out fiber, but mostly.

I think you’re going to have another great Boston!


Hi Janae! Your nails are so pretty! Yay for being able to play soccer outside! I cut out fiber before the race too! My tangent is that my mom and I tried this 100% cocoa chocolate bar and it wasn’t bad at all?? This one had raw honey in it too and cocoa butter and itbwas pretty smooth!
Happy Tuesday!


I love the new shoes; they are beautiful! I have a 13 year old daughter that plays soccer on a girls academy soccer team so we have been playing through the winter. We were up in Utah in the South Jordan area and Lone Peak High-school two weeks ago for games. It was cold but fun! I definitely love fall soccer more than spring soccer. While in Utah, my other daughter ( a senior in high school) and I toured Utah University. She’s thinking that’s the one! She wants to go into nursing.


What’s the rationale behind 11 miles that includes a workout a week before your goal race? I’m not asking to be critical. I’m interested in the training rationale behind double digit miles at this point because I haven’t seen it in any training plans I have used (but I’m a much slower runner.. I think I understand that the 5K is to get in one last speed workout with fast leg turnover, but why such a long wu/cd to add extra miles?

All baseball all of the time over here for sports. We were just in Boston last week for spring break and saw a game at Fenway. Andrew will love seeing the Angels there.


Hey Heather! It’s due to the fact that 11 miles for a long run is actually a huge step down for us after doing so much mileage through the training cycle. 11 miles was a short day for us during the hard weeks so for that to be our last ‘long run’ should feel like a big taper… even though it didn’t yesterday ha. If my mileage was lower, ie 50 miles a week during peak week then I’m sure the last long run would be around 8-9. Does that make sense? It definitely felt crazy to do this when I first started training with this group but now it feels normal. So glad you were able to see a game while in Boston. Have the best night and thanks for the question!


Ahhh! Makes sense. Thanks for explaining!


your pants inside out are sooooo the result of tapering. I’ve done that with running tights before if I am in a rush! But the pocket flaps on the outside is a dead giveaway, but perhaps with all the new styles lately anyone figured “interesting.”

The nails are perfect-sooo pretty and fun at the same time!!

I get so clutzy and chaotic during taper-like don’t ask me to chop veggies or cut anyone’s hair or anything remotely hazardous. It’s probably best you aren’t doing your own remodel at this time!


I GOT MY VAPORFLYS TODAY!!!! Nobody is as excited about them in my house so I came here to celebrate with you!!! These are my first pair (same color you got) and they came right after I did my speed run today and I’ve already been walking around the house in them lol. Did they come in the car with me and back to work?? Sure did lol. I can already tell that I am truly obsessed with them! I am so pumped for you and Boston, will be following along with you next Monday!!!


SARAH! I am doing a happy dance for you! I’ll share the excitement! They are so gorgeous. They cannot leave our sides, I totally understand why. Keep me updated with everything. Have a beautiful evening, Sarah!


Your “poor” workout and attitude about it reminds me of something I’ve noticed going into a race: the worse/bloated/gross I feel leading up to (and even in the corral!) a race, the better the race ends up being. I have more energy and enjoy the experience more. For me it means I’m fully rested.

Also, something weird I’ve noticed about myself: pasta makes me feel ick if I have it the day before a race. A little fiber actually helps me!


The nails are gorgeous! I don’t change up what I eat before a race.

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