Weekending + Phantom Pains + Week #15 Boston Training Log!

Saturday was another park run for Andrew and me. We found the perfect park near where we were staying, with a big field and play area for the kids to use while we ran around the park watching them. Andrew ran three days in a row; his legs were done by the end of our run on Saturday.

Skye joined me for part of the run too.

I’m pretty sure Beck spends 80% of his day squatting.

We stayed at Emilee’s amazing cabin in Midway for the last few days. I’m telling you, you need to put this place on your bucket list. Her cabin was dreamy. I’d seen pictures before, but our jaws dropped when we got there… We will be back.
A highlight for Beck was the Heber train. They had an Easter ride for families, and he couldn’t believe he was actually on a train.
He hasn’t stopped talking about it.

They played various games on the train along with dance parties; every age enjoyed it.

They were all pretty creeped out by the Easter bunny though.

This was Andrew’s reaction when he realized the Angels will be playing in Boston while we are there. So we are going to a game!

And they all decided to wake up insanely early on Easter to see what the bunny brought them.

We spent the day with my in-laws for Easter.

They always have the absolute best fruit at their house. Skye could truly live off of fruit if we let her, so she is always thrilled to eat at their house.

I cannot believe that Boston is just a week away. This one snuck up on me fast. We are supposed to have perfect weather this week, so I’m ready to soak up spring running here before we fly out.

My tip for people wanting to avoid thinking or worrying too much about their big race the week leading up to it–> make sure you have a crazy/full week, and the race will feel like the easy part of it all;). We are not supposed to be in our house for much of this week too, so we will figure out the week a day at a time.  This will be great practice for me to take the marathon just a mile at a time;)

Here’s what week 15 of training looked like:

Monday:  10.36 @ 8:30 pace

Tuesday: 9.13 miles @ 8:32 average

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:23 average

Thursday: 15.28 miles @ 7:07 w/ 7 x MTC miles (downhill) @ 5:37 average. .7 mile recoveries back to the start.

Friday: 9 miles @ 8:15

Saturday: 7.21 miles @ 8:26 average

Sunday: OFF!

Off for a 5k time trial and 38 miles on deck this week!  

PS I just finished Des Linden’s book, and if you are running Boston next week, I’m going to require you to read or listen to it before the race.

PPS I swear this is my first marathon taper where I am not experiencing phantom pains.  Something seems to always pop up (in my brain at least) when I am tapering (like my calf or foot hurting), but this time feels like a miracle because nothing is hurting!  I’m taking this as a really good sign.  Does anyone remember when my foot swole up in 2015, right before Boston… that one freaked me out.

IMG 8670


Thoughts on baseball games, and if you love them, which stadiums have you been to?  Or are there any that are near you?

Love the taper, hate it or somewhere in the middle?

-It felt extremely weird on Friday night not to be getting my long run stuff out and ready for the next morning, but I’m really enjoying the taper.

Tell me a highlight from your weekend.

What’s your workout today!  Anyone else going to have beautiful weather this week?

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That cabin looks amazing! What a great Easter weekend!
I finished Des’ book this Friday. I immediately rewatched her 2018 Boston finish. I cannot watch it without crying.
I can’t quite put my finger on why her book was SO good and hard to put down. Humor, vulnerability, thyroid dx, Natalie??
For baseball I have been to Wrigley Field the most. Hope Anderw has or will cross that one off soon.
Final comment because now I am rambling. We watched Paris Roubaix yesterday. I think I held my breath every time the cyclists were riding over the cobblestones. I was so hooked on the event that I found myself in a time crunch to run and then host Easter.


Her book is just amazing and everything makes so much sense now! Off to watch her finish again… so incredible. We need to see more Natalie and go on a trip with them! He wants to visit Wrigley field so so bad! Oh my goodness, I need to watch that. I hope it’s on YouTube! Your guests were so lucky yesterday to come eat your food:) Have a wonderful day, Molly!


That cabin looks amazing! What a fun few days for you guys!
We are absolutely having the best spring weather right now, and I am definitely soaking it all up. Yesterday was just perfect for Easter, to be outside all day. And so funny… We were all talking about how creepy Easter bunnies are. I don’t know why. Seeing Santa, perfectly fine, but the big Easter bunny costumes are weird. Ha ha. We never took our boys to see the mall bunny when they were little. Ha ha
We live 15-20 minutes from Angel’s stadium, and an hour from Dodgers stadium, so we ‘ve been to both many times (the LA Marathon starts at Dodgers stadium). I’ve also been to Coors field in Denver, but that’s it. Our oldest has been to Wrigley field in Chicago and said it’s really cool. But that will be awesome for you to go to the Angels game in Boston! There is so much history there.
I work at the food pantry this morning, so I’ll get in some strength work first, then a quick run later.
Hope your week is off to a great start!


Spring is here! Yay! I’m so glad you spent the whole day outside. Seriously, why does the bunny have to be such a creep! Andrew is so jealous with how close you are to those stadiums! Hope your run later is a great one. Thanks Wendy!


Hi Janae! My husband has a friend who is really into baseball so he’s been slowly getting into it. I think watching sports is a fun way to spend time with friends and eat snacks but I don’t really care about the game haha. We finally have good weather! Dad and I went biking this weekend.
Enjoy the taper!!


I am SO with you! I’m there watching for the people and the food ha… unless it’s running or tennis, then I’m there to watch the athletes ha. I love that you went biking with your dad. Your parents sound amazing! Have a beautiful day, Amy!


Ok, really I’m just here to say that Skye’s face in the Easter bunny pic has me DYING. That’s exactly how I feel around any mascot of any kind! Hahaha, so good.

Also, I am not a baseball fan in any way (sorry, Andrew), and yet I’ve been to two major league baseball games?! Diamondbacks in AZ and Oakland A’s. I think it would be fun to go to a Giants game because of the scenery though! So stoked for you at Boston!!


Hahaha Easter was her favorite holiday until she met that bunny 🐰! I have been to the diamondback stadium too, so incredible! Oh and you have to go to a Giants game just for the garlic fries haha. Hope you have a beautiful day, Tess!


I love taper! The extra energy reminds me what I’ve been training for.


I love that way of thinking about the extra energy! Just what I needed, thanks Elizabeth!


Apparently the baseball rules have changed a lot this year making it more enjoyable to watch?! We just bought tickets today for a game next month for my sons third birthday! (should be an adventure).
Rooting for you at Boston!


We’ve been to see the Giants, DBacks, Cubs, and Royals–excited to see a Red Sox game Friday night!!

I usually hate the taper, it’s like I forget how to run, but I haven’t cut back too much this time so I’m feeling good–hopefully I’m rested enough.


We are right near Midway between Heber & Kamas! Did you check out the crater or Judy’s donuts? There is also the best dairy farm with ice cream, cheese, milk and all the cows! My favorite restaurant in the WORLD is down the street from Midway. If you go back – Back 40 is a must! The whole area is beyond gorgeous!

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