More for the marathon than our wedding?

7 miles @ 8:24 average and another day where I felt worse than I have all training cycle on the run. It almost felt like I had the flu, but then the second I stopped running, I felt normal again. This taper has officially felt like my worst yet (and yes, I know I say that every time).

I had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. Andrew asked me if I am doing more prep (eyebrows/nails/obsessing over my outfit) for this marathon than I did for our wedding;). I think I am…

I definitely know I spent more money on my shoes for the marathon than my wedding, ha.

We went shopping for some clothes for Andrew’s new job. He will be wearing scrubs some days and business casual the others so that is a new thing for him. It felt weird to see him buying actual pants.

Not a pretty picture of my meal from Spitz (it was the doner basket, which is a bunch of heavenly Mediterranean items on top of sweet potato fries and normal fries), but I took this picture because more restaurants should put up a chalk wall for kids to draw on. It kept them so happy.

So did playing outside for hours.

Andrew’s heaven:

MY SHOES ARRIVED. I have a very good feeling about these but also started doubting my idea of wearing them for the race. I keep going back and forth! I probably won’t officially decide until race morning, ha.

I brought my massager to watch Skye at dance class. It’s totally normal to bring this to a public area and plug it in to work on my hamstrings and glutes for an hour.

Our floors had the top layer of stain placed yesterday. We love how they turned out and are ready to be inside again (slept at my sister’s house). This will make it a bit easier to eat at home again too, which we have been missing.

Next up–> painting!

Dinner was pancakes on the porch. So fancy.

What do you think? Is it too soon to be looking at Boston weather still? It’s just 5 days away, and I’m hoping that this is what we get… I’ve trained in the rain so I’m not worried about that, I’m worried about getting a hot day (even though 58° will feel hot to me after training all year in 20°).

Today’s blog post was brought to you by my new garage office;). The fumes were way too strong to be inside so this was my spot.

Too soon to trust the forecast? What is your optimal weather for a race? Have you ever had your perfect race weather on race day?

Who has read Kara Goucher’s new book? Let me know if I should start listening to it today!

How often do you eat out a week?

-Right now it’s like 1-2 times a day and it’s killing me but my goal when the renovations are over is one time a week.

Andrew is writing tomorrow’s post, have any questions for him?

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100% on Kara’s book! Loved it so much I read it all in one day! So thankful female athletes are using their platforms to speak up and bring awareness to their experiences in our sport.
Never too early to watch the forecast haha. Can’t wait to see how great Boston is for you!


I am too. So many amazing examples. We all look up to them so much. Done and done, I’ll download it now. Thanks Dawnmarie and I hope you have the best day!


Expensive shoes for running vs. shoes for wedding… I’m with you 100%! In fact, I don’t really get paying that much money for shoes in general (other than running shoes), they just get trashed. For my wedding, I just wore a pair of heels I had that I knew I could dance in.

Best weather, 40-45 and partly cloudy. It’s funny though, when you have friends and family that don’t run and they look at your race day and they are like “oh it’s supposed to be 72 and sunny! how lucky!” (this happened to me my first ever marathon). Runnner have a different idea of “best weather.” I’ve gotten this a few times. I actually PRed in my worst ever weather, but I was sort of peaking then anyway and had my first child a year after and haven’t had time for a full since (just lots of halves)… The Wineglass Marathon. It was 35 and rained, like POURED, the ENTIRE 26.2. I guess you wouldn’t mind ;-). I’d probably still take it over hot weather.

For Andrew, I know his blogs are normally lighthearted/funny but I am sort of curious what tips he has for being a supportive spouse when a taper is difficult or race day goals don’t go as planned… Just say nothing, try to be encouraging…? Personally I get more annoyed with my spouse sometimes when he tries to be encouraging so it’s a lose/lose for him unfortunately.


I haven’t read Kara Goucher’s new book yet. But I ordered it, along with Des Linden’s new book and Stephanie Bruce/Ben Rosario’s new book. I am SO excited to read all 3!


Wow! So many new running books, I’m excited!!y


The shoes are beautiful and we’re gonna need a full review on them!!

Ps – I think you guys need to try these:

Have the best day, Janae!


For Andrew: my daughter and I are dying to hear about your career change. No more DNP? What made you change your mind? I am a nurse and my daughter is in nursing school at SUU, so we are totally curious!


Questions for Andrew – I see you wearing a Specialized hat. Do you own a Specialized Bike? Do you have a road bike, gravel bike or hard tail in addition to your full suspension mountain bike? Have you competed in any organized rides/races or do you plan to? Have you ridden gravel or roads or do you stick to single track and mountain bike trails? What is your ideal mountain bike day/ride?

Here in the PNW I can ride a little bit of everything all in one ride – a combination of roads, paved trails, gravel access roads, and single track. Since I am a newer cyclist – a lot of the single track full of rocks and roots still terrifies me, lol.


I would totally be checking the weather now too. When are you flying out? It’s so exciting!
Perfect race weather for me would be anything in the 50’s, and overcast. My 1st marathon we had record setting heat! But I survived!
I would love to hear from Andrew about his new job. How he decided to make this change…
Have a great Wednesday Janae.


I am also obsessing over Boston weather. I’m ok with rain, but absolutely hate headwinds. Partly cloudy with a high of 55 and tailwind is ideal for me!
Kara’s book will REALLY make you not want to wear those race shoes, so go cautiously on that one. I’m also wearing Nikes for Boston and feel almost embarrassed to do so due to the book and some other things that have recently transpired with them. After these wear out, I think I’m done with Nike at least for the time being.
I rarely eat out but randomly this week I’m going out twice — tonight with a girlfriend and tomorrow on a date with my husband. His parents are visiting so we are taking advantage of the childcare.
I’m still hoping to get a chance to meet you this weekend :) Taper well, my friend!


I came here to say this – maybe you should listen to Kara’s book after Boston Janae, you won’t want to wear those new shoes. If they make some big changes I might reconsider them in the future, but no more Nike for me. I’m sure others are letting their stuff wear out too, Stacey, so you won’t be the only one. Plus it’s complicated for those of us who aren’t sponsored and only have so much money to spend, we can’t just replace everything right away.


Thank you for saying that, Julie. You helped ease my guilt a little!


Stacey – I completely agree – I can no longer wear anything remotely related to Nike. Not judging those who do, just know that for myself, I can’t support the brand or its actions.


If you think you might regret your shoe choice will you ask Andrew to have a backup pair ready to swap during the marathon? Or is that a no-go? Just curious.


It sure has been following your training cycle for Boston. Thank you for sharing with all of us!
Question for Andrew: Which one of your personality traits do you see in each of the kids.


Yes, I have a question for Andrew: Are you excited to see your bestie in Boston?!


The only appropriate time to check The weather in New England is at the current moment that you are experiencing :). Ha! It is way too early!

I am a couple of days behind on your posts but just know that if you are able to rest a couple of days leading up to the race, you will do great! So much going on with the house and moving around and traveling will definitely take a lot out of you. Do not put any emphasis on the 5K! You got a great workout done.

You and your family are adorable.

I look forward to Andrew’s post! With his new schedule being more ordinary, will Andrew be able to get to bed on the earlier side and exercise earlier in the day rather than at 11 PM?


Oh, and regarding Nike, I think they have a great product and support them. It’s hard to deny the quality of the company and their shoes! I think if we looked into the moral dealings of every company, we wouldn’t be buying anything.


This is more for Andrew, but FIGS (scrub company) has a professional line that looks so sharp for men and women. I love my FIGS scrubs and they are so durable and wash up perfectly (no ironing!!!)

I’d probably be checking the weather forecast every 6 hours. 58F and rain sounds super humid but so much better than blaring sun and humidity! THen again, maybe the rain will feel really good! I take rain over blasting heat any day!

I am almost done with Kara’s book. It is heartbreaking. I will say it’s sadly not shocking at all which makes it feel even more heartbreaking. There’s a certain brand that I won’t buy, nor have bought in years. Do you listen to Des and Kara’s podcast? It’s so good!


Same dilemma with the shoes…..they sure do feel good right out of the box though…..I’m from Minnesota/now Vermont so anything over 58 feels like Hawaii to me. I’m fine with rain and 50’s or cooler. Even a headwind if it can just not gust me back to Hopkinson….Kara’s book is really good. I’m still wearing the shoes but I enjoyed the book! Best of luck to you!!


Good luck in Boston!!! I just got the same shoes and am trying to decide if I want to race Eugene in them in a couple weeks. Would love to hear a review!


I read her new book! In 2 days lol


pancakes on porch is the kind of life I’m aspiring to. And all the love you have in yours. hugs and all the best for Boston!


I would love to hear from you. Thanks for great infor

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