(shoes, tank, bra, shorts)

7.05 miles @ 8:43 average yesterday, and I’m taking today off because my hamstring is telling me to… I’m trying SO hard to be overly cautious with it because I want to get to the starting line (better to be a bit undertrained than 1% overtrained).

We went to the mall to rent our kid’s skis for the season.  At our sporting goods store, you can rent skis/boots/poles for the season for $86!  Everyone will be skiing this winter with Beck in the pack on Andrew.

We stopped by the beautiful new Cliftons color that I love.

And, of course had to get some fries while we were there.

Goodbye to the training wheels as of yesterday…

And hello to my bib number, ah!

I have a few favorites to share this week:

*Brooke’s grandma on her dad’s side always sends fun things for us to do.  She sent Yoga Pretzels to us, and it has been so fun… it gets us all moving and talking.

It includes games, partner moves, and breathing/coping mechanisms for the kids.  The cards are easy for the big kids to read and for Skye to understand by looking at the pictures.  We have been doing a card each morning before school too!

*I love a sweatshirt that talks about something I strongly believe in…. Move Your Body For Your Mind.  Oversized, gorgeous color, and so soft… they give you 20% off with your first purchase too.

*While you are at Outdoor Voices, their long sleeves are amazing too.  Soft, great colors, perfect length, and use the 20% off too!

*Lindsey Hein + Dr. Stacy Sims = dream team for a podcast episode.  I am obsessed with learning more about how to work with our cycles in our training, and this episode is a must-listen!

*I also LOVED this episode with BYU’s women’s distance coach, Diljeet Taylor.  So helpful for the mental side of running!


What are you doing this weekend?  Busy or relaxing?

Who do you believe offers the best french fries?

Last podcast you listened to?

Last thing you bought from Amazon?!

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I’m sorry about your hamstring! My left hamstring has been giving me problems too! I’ve never had a sports massage before, but my friend recommended one so I think it’s time to do that- I’m training for a half in November and definitely want to get this hamstring figured out because it’s so frustrating and no matter the amount of stretching and rolling I do, it stays super tight ugh.

I think it’s great you’re taking a rest day and listening to your body- you are totally ready for next weekend and I know you’re going to crush it, your body knows what to do! Sending all the positive vibes for mental and physical strength and I hope you have a great weekend!!


Blaire, I am so sorry about your hamstring! I hope the sports massage is able to help! I need to go get one too. Hamstrings really are so tricky! Thank you so much, I cannot wait for next Saturday ahhh! Have a beautiful day and keep me updated on how you are doing!


11 mile run and afternoon with friends tomorrow, then soccer on Sunday! Hope you have a great weekend!

Last thing I bought on Amazon was a teeth whitening kit.

Last podcast I listened to was Ali on the Run, but I really want to listen to Meghan Markle’s podcast next, especially the episodes with Serena Williams and Mindy Kaling.


Your weekend sounds like it is going to be so much fun! Enjoy and go rock those 11 miles. I’ve been wanting to listen to her podcast too! Happy Friday, Mariah!


Happy Friday! Can we talk about that podcast with Lindsey and Stacy Sims? It was exactly when I needed to hear and have been looking for in regards to fueling/cycle/racing. Did you listen to any of her nutritionist series? It was really great and enlightening.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for being you! Cannot wait to watch you crush this marathon.
AND last January I “qualified” for Boston by like :30 seconds but was convinced that would never allow me to get in and run. So, that news that all are admitted was stunning to me. I’m sure you’re planning to run–can we do a meet up?


Avery!! You are running Boston ahhhhh! I am so incredibly thrilled for you. Yes, we will have to do a meet-up. I’m so excited about this. I didn’t listen to the nutrition series yet but I will now! I hope you have the best weekend!


Good for you for taking a day off and being cautious. So smart!
I’m back in Colorado, flew in last night. And already having so much fun with one sister. We’re heading to the mountains today with 2 of my other sisters (my one sister in the Vegas area wasn’t able to join us, darn) for a weekend of hiking, laughing, and hanging out. And I am going to soak in all the cool fall weather, because we are having another heat wave back home.
I love that you can rent skis for the entire season! That’s so nice. And way to Skye! No more training wheels.
Have a wonderful Friday!


Sister weekend! I am so happy for you guys. It sounds like the perfect time and enjoy the fall weather. Hopefully, it will cool down at home for you when you get back. Thanks friend, happy weekend!


I am running 18 miles on Saturday and then crewing my husband’s century ride on Sunday. Saturday sounds like it may be easier for me.
The last podcast that I listened to was Up First from NPR. My daily quick news update. Otherwise before that was Flightless Bird from Dax’s podcast “network” and the topic was RVs. Pretty funny.
Good luck with that darn hamstring!


That’s awesome you’re going to get all four kids out skiing! And congrats to Skye on riding without training wheels – maybe she’s ready for this kind of program?! https://www.pinkbike.com/news/video-the-flying-squirrels-and-radical-rippers-bellinghams-incredible-riding-club-and-development-team-for-girls.html

My friend who lives in Bellingham sent me that video and it looks like an amazing destination for running and biking, but an even better destination for getting girls into sports.

Have a great weekend and good luck resting up your hamstring!


Hi Janae! I’m slowly getting back into running so I’m meeting friends this weekend for running! I forgot how much I love running with people. Good luck resting your hamstring!!
Have an awesome day!


Hey! Skiing with kids in a backpack comes up frequently in the Backpacking With Babies And Kids Group and it is almost universally not allowed by US ski resorts because of issues with liability/safety. Backpacks and front packs cant get entangled on the lifts and kids have been injured in crashes (even with helmets on in the pack). Get the kid some toddler skis!


SO good to know! We will have to figure this out. Maybe we will just have him use Skye’s skis from when she was little:). Have a beautiful day, Jenn!


I don’t know about now, but do you remember the cheese fries and dipping sauce from the Training Table? It was our favorite college hangout, and when I went back home to visit my mom and it was closed I may have actually cried :)

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