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(shoes, bra, shorts)

Having your coach at your workout is the best because you are forced to stick to the game plan. Our coach gave us speed limits for the intervals, which were very helpful so that we didn’t dig ourselves into a hole too close to the race.

At this point, fitness isn’t being built… we are just sharpening up our form and leg turnover and keeping some intensity, so our bodies don’t forget what it feels like–> W/U for 1.8 miles and then seven downhill mile repeats (same ones we always do)–> 5:41, 5:40, 5:38, 5:33, 5:32, 5:25 & 5:16 (he said I could go harder for the last one:), 1.8-mile cooldown. The recoveries are a jog back up to the start of the intervals. With each interval, I felt better and better, and I am hoping that happens at the marathon:).

Fifteen miles total @ 7:13 average. Only one more double-digit run (11 miles on Saturday) and a total of 5 miles of speed left before the race. It is SO close.

And then it was home to the crew!

Plunj happened again and this time, I brought my foam roller to use in between the sauna and cold bath. My hamstring needs all of the TLC right now.

My friend Kelsey brought me her amazing pumpkin bread, half with chocolate chips and half with chocolate chips, because she knows that Andrew and I feel strongly about this topic.
She also gave me this. I love white chocolate.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing… our new theme in life:)

He thinks he should be sleeping in Knox’s room.

Last night’s watch was a great one:

Do you have an area on your body that tends to give you more problems than other areas?

-My left hamstring!

Favorite type of bread?

Feelings on rain? Love it, hate it, somewhere in the middle?

-I prefer the sun but there is something so cozy about a rainy day.

Who is using a coach these days? Who has in the past?

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First of all, I learned on your blog this morning that I’M RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON FOR A THIRD TIME! So, so, so excited :)

You are SO prepared for your marathon, and I know you’re going to crush it!

I’ve used a coach twice in the past, and both times I loved it. I’m jealous that you have a coach AND a running crew. Where I live, I seem to be too fast for one group and too slow for the other, so I just run on my own with my podcasts. I might use a coach for Boston again this year, because I’m much better at following a plan when someone is checking on me, and my coach is awesome.

It’s raining cats and dogs in CT this morning, and I love it as long as I can listen to it from inside. My favorite weather for running is overcast.

As I get older, my back and hips need more TLC than I give them. I’m working on that!


AHHH MARGIE! Congratulations, I hope to see you there! Thank you, I cannot wait for race day. Come move to Utah and run with us, please. Keep me updated on if you get a coach again for Boston. Overcast running > all other weather… that slight chill that usually comes with that type of weather is heavenly. Here’s to all the TLC for your back and hips during YOUR BOSTON training. So exciting! Have a wonderful day!


I can’t wait to make some pumpkin bread. I made pumpkin muffins the other night but I need to buy some pumpkin spice for my next batch to make them better. The challenge with moving, restocking my spice cabinet LOL.
Love the “there’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.” I feel like I have learned this over the years, the right clothing makes the experience in whatever weather much better so I try to invest in certain pieces of clothing for rain or cold weather.


Hahaha we moved here 4 years ago and I still struggle restocking my spice cabinet;). I hope you love your new place. AMEN, if we just dress properly then we can be outside all of the time. Especially with running… the right gear makes all of the difference. Happy Thursday, Alicia!


Beck’s expression: so mischievous and cute!
My biggest problem area is probably under my right shoulder blade. When it gets all tightened up, my mobility is terrible, I get a bad headache, and everything is off. Gotta try everything to keep those trouble spots happy!
I’ll spare you a complicated answer about bread and just say that it depends, LOL! Sandwich, breakfast, side for dinner…all different answers.
Rainy days are the pits for me. I can ever-so-rarely muster some energy for a misty adventure if I’m dressed right, but I’m all about the sunshine.
I’m stunned about Boston accepting all qualified runners! What a great feeling for everyone who earned it!


He is always up to something… you never know what you are going to get with him. Your shoulder problems do not sound fun, I am so sorry you have to deal with that. I agree… it made me so happy! Happy Thursday, Corey!


Just wanna say, you KNOW you are a speed demon when you are happy someone’s around to give you speed LIMITS! hahaha! You are incredible, Janae!!! (I would just need someone to tell me, “do NOT walk, Court!”)
I LOVE homemade cinnamon-bun bread (like with that gooey cinnamon swirl omg). And rainy days are great for cozy but man does it get to my mental game when there’s a series of rainy days in a row (like this week!). Have an awesome day, Janae!


Thank you, Courtney! I am getting SO excited! Ummm you will have to send me your favorite recipe for the cinnamon-bun bread, that sounds amazing. VALID POINT… I just like a day or two of rain, longer than that and I feel too sad. I hope you guys get some sunshine asap. Thanks friend!


Oh how I love the rain! That could be because we don’t get rain very much. I wonder if I would feel different if I lived in a place where it rained a lot, ha.
My hips are definitely the area that give me problems lately. I’m not sure why… Not stretching enough? Not warming up enough? So I am working on that.
I love pumpkin chocolate chip bread. But when it comes to more regular bread, it sort of depends on the day. Ha ha. But freshly baked bread is always so good.
Like Margie said, you are so ready for this race! Keep doing all of the things that are keeping your body happy.
Have a great Thursday!


My hip is a little off today too. Darn hips! I hope that yours cooperate more coming up. Thank you so much, Wendy! I cannot wait to be at the starting line. Have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! I’m making pumpkin bread this week too! Tis the season! Awesome job crushing that speed workout, and that’s so smart about the foam roller! My right knee is my big problem area. I live in Oregon so it rains a lot here and my running rain jacket was a great investment! Totally agree about the no bad weather only wrong clothing unless there’s wildfire smoke out or something.
Have a wonderful day!


I GET TO RUN BOSTON 2023!!!!!!!!! I qualified this year at Flying Pig only 8 seconds under my qualifying time and I did not care one bit because I’ve been chasing a BQ for 10 years and failing. So to hit the standard was a win in my book. Really didn’t think I’d get in to the race but put my name in on registration day anyway (because I could!). Was floored to get the news that all registrants were accepted. I’ll be there in 2023 for my first and my husband will be there for his third. So excited!


so happy for all the qualified Boston runners! making the standard, but not being able to run is such a blow. It’s crazy how up-and-down the race has been the last few years.
Favorite bread is probably focaccia, or a really soft sourdough. Also a biscuit- if that still counts as bread- haha!


So exciting about Boston! I qualified in the Fall last year but didn’t register :( I ran Boston in 2014 and it was amazing. I’d love to do it again some day but at this stage in my life I’ve realized that Spring marathons are probably not going to work for me. I need to wake up super early to start my weekend long runs to get done in time for all the kids stuff which just isn’t fun when its pitch black until 7:30 AM where I live (and icy and cold!) Pre kids I liked Spring marathons because there was no pressure to get up early to beat the heat. I did a lot of my long runs in the middle of the day, which seems so crazy now!

I have a coach now and its great but I am still looking for the right running crew. I’m in the same boat as Margie above – I am too slow for the one running group in the area that seems to be a lot of former college runners but also too fast for some of the other more casual groups. I am always so jealous of your big group of running friends. That would be amazing!

My IT band ALWAYS gives me a hard time. I’m planning to do PT after my marathon in a few weeks to get things figured out.

I love a nice sourdough or crusty french bread type situation with lots of butter.


I love running in the rain…..wind is not my fave, but rain is fine. Snow is kind of cool too.
that picture is perfect, i love stills that show our form….
I’m still dealing with some sort of illness, so another day of reading other’s blogs and watching tv and feeling sorry for myself……gotta run saturday, so this better be over quick


For whatever reason, my entire right side from my wrist down to my ankle is aways the side that gets injured from running or whatever! LOVE bread in general, but mostly fancy artisan bread. LOVE rain too. Also, I started using a coach (first time!) a few months ago and even though I’m still running very minimal mileage it’s amazing to have support and someone to tell me what to do every week.


Such great news for Boston qualifiers!! And you crushed that workout, I have such a good feeling for you for this race and without a doubt you have a training block you can be so proud of!

My right hamstring is acting up, maybe we need to send each other energy from our good legs?

And I love a good rainy day because it’s pretty rare for us (especially the sound of it hitting the roof), but I’d rather be out in the snow, seems way easier to deal with if you dress right.


I have to know are you pro or con chocolate chips? I LOVE pumpkin bread and i usually put dark chocolate chips in.

Right now my knees are my issue so I am working hard to strengthen them so I can run into old age.

I read the No Bad Weather book last year and loved it too ( I also tell my kids no bad weather just bad attitudes if they complain ;)

So excited to follow your race!


You’re so close to race day!!! You’re gonna crush it!!

The cinnamon chip monkey bread from Great Harvest is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever consumed in my life. Bold statement, I know :) Warm it up a little and put some TJ’s cookie butter on it and your life will be forever changed.

Have a great day, Janae!!


You’re so close to race day!! You’re gonna crush it!!

Favorite bread – The cinnamon chip monkey bread from Great Harvest is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever consumed. I know, bold statement :) But trust me on this … Heat it up a little and then put some TJ’s cookie butter on top of it and your life will forever be changed.

Have a great day, Janae!!

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