Silentish Saturday!

(tank, shorts, mat, bra)

Yoga with Brooke and Skye joined in for the Savasana.

Joined me for the hot tub.

He has a big test next week so he is studying around the clock.

Date with Brooke before she left for the weekend.

Decisions decisions.

Andrew is very happy with my nail choice;)

Mint brownie from my sis.

Constantly getting scared at my own house.

Hamstring is SO happy as I’m writing this and I feel so relieved.



Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Love the nails!!
And ha, ha… Getting scared at your own house. You should do a short video so we can see all of the Halloween at your house 😁
Hiking today! I’m looking forward to spending time with my sisters and taking in all the beauty of the Southern Colorado mountains.
Have a great weekend Janae 😊


Thanks Wendy, Andrew sure loves them. Hahah I am always jumping. I will totally do a video clip, great idea. HAVE the best time with your sisters. You are making me want to do this with my sister asap. Thanks friend, you too!


I love the nails! And the brownie…oh heaven! We are: 1. granddaughters soccer game, 2. supper out for husbands birthday and 3. hopefully a good long bike ride.


Thank you, Michele! I am going to have to get another one of those brownies today ha. Have the best time at the game (cheering for your daughter) and enjoy dinner out and the bike ride. Sounds perfect!


The nails are perfect. I love the scary house.

1. Starting to pack to move downtown. We’ve always wanted to live urban.

2. Errands to prepare for football gathering tomorrow including ingredients for crockpot sloppy joes. Yum.

3. Out to eat tonight with our children and their lives for youngest son’s birthday. Happy 24th birthday William!


Thank you, Belle! Andrew is pretty obsessed with them. I am so excited for you to get downtown and experience this new lifestyle. Sounds SO exciting! Happy birthday to your son… enoy that dinner together! And have a blast watching the game tomorrow!


Cute nails!!

11 miles this morning, there was a course preview for my half and it made me so much more confident for the race in a few weeks!

Resting a bit and doing some chores, then meeting friends for dinner! Have a great weekend!


Mariah, I love that you were able to try out the course and see how strong you are! You’ve got this. Have the best time at dinner!


Hi Janae! I’m going on a group run again! And making pumpkin bread for a bird watching event. So happy about your hamstring! Enjoy your weekend!


Yay for another group run! Those are truly my favorites. Enjoy the pumpkin bread and enjoy the bird watching. Thanks Amy, you too!


Hi! Have you tried dry needling for your hamstring? I have hamstring issues and it’s been recommended to me but I haven’t done it yet! Wondering if its worth it!? Good luck next weekend!


I’m obsessed with your nails! So cute and perfect for the first few days of fall going into Halloween month ;)

I’m so glad your hamstring is feeling better and so excited for your race next week! You are so strong and you’re going to fly!! :)

Also, I love your shirt/jacket in the picture with Andrew studying! Could you share where you got it?

Have a great weekend Janae!


Megan! Thank you so so much! Yes, my niece just came over to borrow it haha. Here are the links:

Have the best weekend and thank you!


3 things- doing an annual 5 k with my Mom and daughter, was 2nd in my age group, then family movie night tonight.

After having a very rough 6+ months with injuries and not yet recovered, this 5k was a confidence booster. I am not really doing much past 3 miles but my PT gave me the go ahead to do what I wanted for a 5 k and I was glad I decided to run. This has been a week that brought knee pain back after not having any since June ( none during running nor made worse by it). That occurring right as my hip issue is resolving has left me deflated. But today was good!


1. Ironman is in Chattanooga this weekend and the race is tomorrow. I am volunteering at a water station on the run course! I can’t wait. The downtown area is so pretty & I know the athletes love the location!

2. Decorating for Halloween & eating pizza tomorrow night. Is there ANYTHING better? (except maybe tacos, ha!)

3. My running group turns 3 years old this week so I am planning a “3-esta” (like fiesta!)

Have a great weekend!


Hey!! coming to salt lake (then park city) in a couple weeks.. what’s that donut place that is a must try? also, if you could only recommend one restaurant in SLC what would it be (any genre!!)? Thanks!!!

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