Silentish Saturday!

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

7 miles @ 8:26 average + 10 minute core on Peloton app.

Andrew flew Brooke to California.

He left these on the counter for me and they hit the spot.

We chatted before she left to be with her dad.

We hung out at home.

My nephews came over and we went through this thing of pickles (SO GOOD).

Andrew got home!

Really exciting things like the mall on a Friday night.

When the big kids are gone, Skye gets out the puzzles.

Off for a trail mini race!  The kids are going to go to my in-laws today and we will celebrate our anniversary.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Three things!
-long run of 10 miles!! Yay
-possibly day trip to providence RI with my husband (we live in the Boston area)
-eating yummy foods to refuel


TEN MILES! Ahhhhh that is awesome! I hope your day trip is amazing and you eat all of your favorite things. Have a great day, Mallory!


How is the sizing for the base pace tank? I am sometimes a 4 and sometimes a 6 in lulu tops and wondering which to get.


That is exactly how I am with lulu tops and I go with the 6 in the base pace tank. Happy Saturday, Wendy!


Started my sourdough levain first thing this morning.
Just finished a hilly run with a friend.
Now…watching TdF.

Have fun celebrating with Andrew!


Way to get in those hills! You are awesome, Molly and enjoy watching TdF!


Love those pickles! Our friend used to work in Boston and would get off the subway and buy pickles from the owner (who was selling them from a cart in a pickle suit outside the subway!). It’s so nice to see they’re doing well :)


No way, oh that is awesome! They sure have grown their business and they are truly the best pickles. Have a great day, Amanda!


Hi Janae! Today we are going to pick up our cat! Our friend was watching her when we were sick! And then the weather is gorgeous so probably go for a walk! It’ll be a bit before I can run again but I’m so happy to be able to get outside!
Happy weekend!!


Amy, I bet you are so ready to see your cat again! So happy you are feeling better and enjoy that fresh air, Amy! Thanks friend you too!


I swear, Skye is looking so grown up!
I did a 45 minute run on the treadmill with Becs this morning, and it was so much fun! I love when she throws in hill sprints!!
Our microwave died yesterday, so now we’re going to be looking for a new one.
Can’t wait to hear how your mini trail race went! And have a really wonderful time celebrating your anniversary!!

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