Friday Favorites!

(shoes, shirt, shorts)

This was a good way to start out my morning. The first few miles were tough because of the speed workout the day before but then my body warmed up to things.

I love living here.

Can you see why we call it Tadpole Loop? 875 ft of climbing for the morning!

Brooke is off to spend some time with her dad today and so she requested to go out with me before she leaves to grab an acai bowl.

I was very happy about this request.

Pure joy.

Lots of art happening lately.

We finished up with a s’mores night at our neighbors.


A few favorite things from the week:

*The perfect white tee from Amazon for $15. I went up a size and it fits perfect.

*Lindsey took our family photos and she even got a few where Beck isnt scowling at the camera😉 He was not happy when we were taking pics but I love how they turned out!

*It’s our SIX year anniversary today! I cannot believe how fast these years went by but they just keep getting better and better.

*This chart from Sarah (the entire post is so so good). It really helps to simplify things for me! I’m happy to report that I figured out that I will be on day 6 in my follicular stage for the St. George Marathon which is truly my FAVORITE day to race.

*The best cookie dough ice cream I have ever had in my life.


Tell me your weekend plans!

Have any favorite things this week?

Any recent Amazon finds that you love?

My neighbors were talking about how they went cage diving with great white sharks and I’m wondering if you would ever do that?

-Never. Ever.

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Agree on the best cookie dough ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s non dairy is the best! This weekend I’m doing a Glow Yoga class for fun Sunday. I’m not really sure what to expect other than we are supposed to wear neon and now I’m wishing I had those shorts you are sporting in the first photo. Saturday is supposed to rain so might be a good inside meal prepping day or something. After traveling for the 4th, I’ll be happy to have a low key weekend to relax.


You just cannot go wrong with Ben and Jerry’s… everything is so good. Ummmm I want to come to Glow Yoga, that sounds amazing. Oh these shorts would be perfect! Good luck with the meal prepping and hanging around… we are still recovering from the 4th too. I hope you had a great trip! Happy Friday, Alicia!


I’d rather stick needles into my eyes than go cage diving with sharks lol. That is an absolutely not for me!!

Can you link the white dress you have on in the family pictures please?! It’s so simple and pretty


Bahahaha right, not for me either! Thank you so much, I got it from a boutique and can’t find it online but the boutique does have a bunch of other beautiful dresses online! I hope you are having a great morning and happy weekend:).

Thanks Maureen!


Happy Anniversary!!! 6 years already??? That has gone by quickly. And look at how your beautiful family has grown together!
Ok, I need that t-shirt, I will be ordering one today.
Utah is beautiful for sure!
No big plans for us this weekend, just working on some stuff in the house and enjoying the outside summer life.
Have a great day Janae


Time has flown! You will have to let me know what you think of the shirt, I just love it. Good luck with getting everything done around the house and get in as much sunshine as possible. Your backyard is the best. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Happy anniversary! ❤️ Couple random things… target has $8 ribbed tshirts that are amazing and look similar to that Amazon one!

And have you tried the Netflix and chill flavor by Ben and Jerry’s (they have it non-dairy)? UNREAL!!!


Off to get the Target one too… you are the best! It’s in my freezer right now and it is heaven. Pure heaven! Hope your weekend is a beautiful one, Katie!


I love that ice cream as well! And honestly everything by Ben and Jerry’s is my favorite.

I would definitely go cage diving! I did something similar in Belize when I got married down there- we went snorkeling and there’s an area where nurse sharks come and you can jump in and swim with them- with no cage- but they are supposedly harmless!


Seriously. Every flavor is good (except Cherry Garcia haha)! Oh my goodness, you are SO brave! That is awesome and I hope you get the chance to go cage diving some day. Happy weekend, Gretchen!


*Molly, do not bring up the TdF again*….Oh what the heck. Best part of the week: TdF and plans this weekend is TdF and squeezing in a baby shower and a run.
Happy anniversary! Any fun plans?


DON’T EVER STOP! I love hearing about TdF (<-- I love that way of shortening it:)! Have a great run and an amazing time at the baby shower... ummmm still trying to figure it out ha! Definitely going to get out and celebrate!


Daily reader, rare commenter. Just wanted to say that I am planning a move to Utah that is a mixed bag for a lot of reasons—but your training photos are helping me look forward to it!!


Oh wow! This is so exciting (for me)! What part?


We are building in Lehi!! In one of the new neighborhoods by the new children’s hospital. Aiming for May!!


Happy 6th anniversary! And darling pictures! I was wondering what type of scooter you have so that you can fit a rider like Brooke behind you? Sorry if you’ve already said. We have a Honda metropolitan but it’s not the most comfortable thing for another rider. I just passed my motorcycle skills test a couple nights ago, so I’ll soon be an official driver haha.


Thank you Angela! We have the Genuine Scooters – Buddy Kick 125 and it fits me and Andrew at the same time! I love it so much!


Good morning, Janae!! Love how your family pics turned out and can’t wait to try all the B & J non-dairy flavors!!
Traveling this weekend for a birthday party with my college roommate and some of her family, plus seeing some of my family and my fiancé’s family along the way. Lots of visiting!!
I would love to cage dive, but the scuba diving would freak me out far more than the sharks!! Have a beautiful weekend, Janae!!


Happy, happy anniversary!!! I hope you two have a wonderful day!
I am off to find that ice cream!

I am hoping our weekend plans include taking out the boat. Last year only my oldest liked tubing (the younger 2 were terrified!). This year, my middle child decided she loves it and asks every day if we can take the boat out. Sadly, that means I got booted off my tube;-) We might have to buy a 3rd.

Oh my gosh, I would never go cave diving! How terrifying. I can’t even wear goggles when I swim because I am afraid of what is in the lake!

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


I just wanted to say you and Andrew have a beautiful family. I am SO, SO, SO happy for you and that things keep getting better and better. You deserve all the happiness.

I agree about the cage diving–nope, never!


Hi Janae! It’s been a while since I commented! My husband and I got covid last week and it’s been rough. We are getting better now though!
Loving those family pics, everyone looks so good! Happy anniversary!!


OH NO!!! I am so glad you guys are getting better but so sorry about the rough week. Thinking about you, Amy!


I’m having kind of a down time (tired, worn down), so this weekend it will be a reboot….and yes, I’m glued to watching the Tour de France…
cage dying? why? though I know people that won’t swim in the ocean because they’re afraid of sharks….I’ve snorkeled at an island off of Maui and yep, sharks that we were told are harmless…THEY’RE SHARKS! ..I have seen jaws



We have a couple single-serve mini cups of B&J cookie dough in the freezer right now. I think I just might have to have my little cup tomorrow night to celebrate finishing Day 1 of BODYPUMP instructor training. I have a tradition for my drive home from a training (and luckily this time I’m only driving out to the ‘burbs–so no big road trip) of stopping at a McDonalds (one of the only times when that sounds good to me) and getting a big french fries and a vanilla milkshake and then capping off instructor training weekend with an enormous burger from a place TOm and I love called Marlow’s. I did it after both RPM and Sprint training weekends, so I should do it with Pump. BUT: cookie dough in the middle!!! YES!!!!

You asked about recent Amazon finds. Not YET–I have a few things in my cart that I really want but haven’t pulled the trigger on. I always get so nervous about buying without trying on, but then I remember that Whole Foods is literally a mile away and there’s an amazon returns kiosk over by the cash registers. So I might have a couple cute shirts sometime soon. MAYBE!!

I hope Brooke has the BEST weekend with her dad and that all of you stay cool, safe, healthy, and smiling out there. :)


Love the family pictures! I did go on a shark dive in the Bahamas. Not a cage dive, but we all sat in a circle while they feed the sharks. They were nurse sharks, so not aggressive, but it was very memorable! As for the Amazon finds, I love the bras from Running Girl. The strappy one is soooo comfortable! I own several colors.


I am hoping our weekend plans include either hanging out in the creek to cool off or going out and using our SUP board we just got! We are getting over being sick in this house, so anxious to get outside!

Doing a cookie chase 5k tomorrow and ends with cookies! I’m curious as to where people who don’t have periods fall (due to either breastfeeding or implants, not bc of health reasons). I have been nursing for 13 months and counting with my second. With my first I went 20 months and didn’t get my period back until 2 months later. Not sure how long I plan to go with my second, but I’m in no rush, but wonder how that plays into performance!

When we went to South Africa 7 yrs ago, we went shark diving with Great Whites! It was so very cool. We had 3 sharks come by and one swam right by and I’m pretty sure I could’ve touched it, but was too scared. They ranged between 15-17 feet long.

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