Silentish Saturday!

Race day!

I stayed in bed until 10 am…. I lost track of how many times we were woken up on Thursday night, so an extra lazy morning was required.

I hope this desire to cook and bake keeps going throughout the summer.

He was attached to me yesterday.

Felt more nervous about speaking yesterday than about racing today.

IMG 1145

These kids love the expo, especially when they win donuts.

The usual.


The kids get to race too!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Long run, farmers market and gardening…….I’m so excited for a weekend at home.
Good luck! I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Thank you so much, Lee! Sounds like a beautiful weekend! Keep enjoying!


Go Janae Go!
Can’t wait to hear all about your race! Oh, and the kids’ races too ?


Thank you so much, Wendy! I did not feel great but that’s okay! The kids’ did amazing!


Yeah! Hope you have a great race, you’ve been killing it with the fasty fast legs !


Thank you, Tracy! You are the best. Hope your weekend is a beautiful one!


What was your talk about at the Expo? (I have never been to an expo so enlighten me, please :D )
planning my summer three-week hiking trip, going to a medieval festival and BBQ at night :)


Hey Moni! I talked all about my mental running tips! It was about 15 minutes long and I wish I would have filmed it. THREE-WEEK HIKING TRIP, you are amazing. That festival and BBQ sounds like so much fun. Enjoy!


Hi Janae! I hope it all went well!!! Cheering for you!!


Thank you so much, Amy! Hope your weekend is a beautiful one back at home!


rest recovery and repeat..I keep forget I’m 63.5 and not 18…..just finished up instructing yet another clinic, time to get ready for the next group……always a sad and exciting time


I am SO impressed by all that you do!


Hi Janae! Public speaking is SO challenging! Good for you!

Love your pants- did I miss where they are from? They look great on you!

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