Friday Favorites!

(Shorts, tank, shoes)

I love that we aren’t rushing everyone to school right after I finish my run.  7.11 miles @ 8:20 average with a few 30-second strides thrown in at the end.

I also love that they wanted to make breakfast and lunch yesterday for everyone.

Brookie and I went on some errands.  I love having them home from school.

And Andrew got to work on a few things on our exterior house remodel that he could do.

National Treasurer with Knox to finish off the night!

One more reminder that I’ll be speaking at the Utah Valley Marathon Expo today at 5 pm.  I would love to see you there!

From the first time I did this race:

Utah Valley Marathon 26


Let’s discuss some of my favorites from this week:

*This is our summer 2022 song.

IMG 9870

*Brooke and Knox BOTH made the soccer teams that they tried out for, which means we are practicing daily, and we will have a million games.  As you know, I’m always on a hunt for a good t-shirt, and my current favorites are HERE. The fabric is beyond soft, and they have the best color selections that I can’t ever find anywhere else (I love it with this belt bag).  A can of Diet Coke was required for an 8 pm practice (the kids are helping me to get better) because I’m generally in bed by then;)  I have three colors (I bought two more after wearing my first one) in size medium.

IMG 9809

*Beets.  I feel terrible about wasting so much of my life thinking they are gross.  I am currently in a stage of life where I want to eat them every single day.

IMG 9869

*This mist from dermalogica is saving me this summer already.  I spray it on in the morning and the evening, and it feels like I’m giving my skin the biggest drink of water.  It feels so good.  I’d love to hear what summer face products you love!

IMG 9416

*Andrew’s favorite thing= He got a bike rack that now fits all of our bikes.  He is so happy.

IMG 9727

*A board book that all of the kids are obsessed with.  They get to play and read at the same time.


Have a favorite moisturizer that you love for the summer?

Are beets your thing?

Have any big plans for this weekend?

Have a favorite summer song?

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I’m super impressed seeing your kids helping in the kitchen, I have an 18ish month old and eventually (farther down the line-what age is it even appropriate to start?! ah!) would love to teach her independence skills in the kitchen. If you have any tips that would be excellent!


I wish we could get your little one and beck together! I usually have them start putting away the dishes with me at around that age… beck will put away like one kids plate and a few spoons from the whole load. Once they are around 3, I have them cracking eggs and stirring etc and then from there they are excited to make things on there own at around 5/6! It’s so fun to see their confidence when they are doing things on their own in the kitchen. Good luck and keep me updated. Have a beautiful day, Kaytlin! PS your comment from two days had me shaking my head “yes” the whole time! Thanks for sharing.


Chris and I are celebrating a big anniversary this month so “Love You Like That” is my song of the summer.
If I lived in Utah, you know I’d be at the expo.
Happy weekend to you.


What I would give for you guys to move to Utah! Happy anniversary month and off to go listen to that song! Have the best day, Erica!


My daughter starts summer soccer on Tuesday (her dad is going to be coaching) so we will have many late nights on the soccer field this summer too so I will definitely look at those t-shirts. They look really comfortable.

Can you also share where you got Brooks shirt from?

I haven’t tried the dermalogica mist but I use to work at a hair salon and we sold dermatologica. I haven’t used it in a while but I loved the Daily Microfoliant.

Have a wonderful weekend


The pink shirt:)


Yay for soccer all summer… wish we could chat together at the fields. I love that your husband is coaching! Keep me updated on how it all goes. Brooke loves this shirt and has it in a few colors:
I LOVE the Daily Microfoliant too… let me know if you try the mist. Happy weekend, Ashlea!


I’m hoping to get to Top Gun this weekend – my husband has never seen the original so hopefully we can find time for him to watch it first, and then hit up the new one.

Music for a Sushi Restaurant (Harry Styles) is a great summer song right now. My daughter is a huge fan of his, so by proxy now I am too. :)


I have never seen the original either so I’m going to watch it this weekend before we go too! Let me know what you think of it! Adding that song to our summer playlist, thank you too. Hahaha I can see how you are now too;). Happy weekend, Amanda!


I’m jealous…how did you start liking beets? I desperately want to like them but have not been able to find a way to make them so that they don’t taste like dirt! No big plans for this weekend, which I am not mad about ;)


Erin, I truly do not know. I’m wondering if pregnancy changed my opinion on the taste of them. Try them roasted, that is my favorite way! Yay for a low-key weekend, those are the best.


Beets are more my thing if I don’t have to handle them, aka avoiding red hands.
I have been getting on my bike a little more lately and my husband is loving it. It’s the small things!
Good luck at your speech tonight. And more luck at the race!!


Bahaha I think you figured it out for me too… I only eat them when someone else prepares me! I love that you and your husband are biking more together. Thank you Molly and I hope your weekend is a great one!


I love beets!! I discovered my love for them just a few years ago.
I always love (loved) having everyone home during the summer (my husband is a high school teacher). It seems so laid back, no one rushing out first thing in the morning. Definitely a good recharge time of the year.
We’re having a graduation party for our son on Saturday, so we’re all looking forward to that! I still can’t believe my youngest is done with high school!
Have a great day!


Why did we go so long in life without them? It really is the best to have everyone home and together! Congrats to your son (AND YOU… you are an incredible mom) and enjoy the party! Thank you, Wendy!


Hi Janae! I love beets. My current favorite way to eat them is to get the precooked packets from Costco. Then I make a smoothie with beets, banana, frozen berries, and coconut water. You can also add flax seeds or any mix ins that you want.
Happy Friday!!


after a busy week, I am so sore, but still need a run tomorrow and something longer on Sunday…I’ve told my zoom meeting run clinic that’s we’d all meet from our favorite run location..I know one of them lives in Lema, so am looking forward to seeing that.
Dead tired, but there may be stair repeats tomorrow.
I love beats, they don’t love me…but yeah, steamed….beats, red peppers and cherries I should stay away from, but can’t…beat juice for some reason doesn’t seem to give me any GI troubles..
lots of fave summer tunes, usually something that brings back a memory, like Paul McCartney’s Uncle Albert….odd thing, did an outdoor spin this morning with ladies a bit older then me, their fave tune to spin to, an ACDC number….yikes?


Hey there – my husband wants that bikerack!

Question……do you have a post where you showed what you did on the Peloton when you are injured? I am off running for 4 weeks but am allowed spin / strength. I was wondering if you had a post where you showed your weekly schedule / how you kept fit? Did you aim to do x mins spin and x mins strength per day? Bit lost as to where to start!

Also – now you are running, how often do you do strength and which ones do you do etc?

Thanks xxx


GET THE BIKERACK! I don’t have a post on that but I should write one. I just chose a class based off of how I was feeling each day and what instructor I wanted. I usually just stick to Robin, Kendall and Cody. They are my favorites. Seriously the bike and strength kept me SO fit. I think you are going to do so great but I am so sorry you have to go through this. Follow me on peloton (janaebaron) and you can see my calendar! I usually just did what I had time for each day and a bit longer on Saturday. I usually do arms twice a week, legs twice a week and core a few times. I never really do more than 20 minutes a day! Thanks Gilly, happy weekend!


Thank you so much for your reply – I just followed so will have a look :)

That’s awesome advice – same as running I feel. Just be consistent and do a little bit each day and it will pay off! It is frustrating but aren’t we lucky to have access to such cool cross training options!
Thanks xxxx

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