I’ll be missing people this week (<--my thoughts on this) & Perfect Timing.

I was definitely planning on waiting to run until 2021 but once my doctor cleared me to run… I was too excited to wait any longer.  Stephanie said in the comments the other day that I was cleared at just the right time because I’ll be missing people a lot this week (talking more about that at the end of this post) and running will be a great way to start each day!

I was able to go run with my friend Maddie on Saturday and it felt so good to be out doing what I love again.

IMG 5038

Andrew’s work gave him a gift card to Chipotle so of course we went right away for the good stuff.  This picture reminded me of the picture below it:

IMG 5051

IMG 5058

While we were out we also had to get one of Skye’s ears repierced.  Her earring fell out one day and we didn’t notice for a few days and it closed up so fast!  We told her she could choose to get it pierced again or not and she wanted to.

IMG 5057

Beck is doing some major talking these days.

IMG 4131

And I have used our hot tub every day since my doctor told me I could.

IMG 4143

There was also a whole lot of couch time this weekend.

IMG 5046

We also made cookies but they didn’t taste very good so we just ate all of the peppermint kisses on top;)

A few random things to talk about:

*Brooke is loving her new camera and I am loving finding her pictures all over the house.  She told me she wants to be a photographer now.

IMG 5060

*Grace sent me this movie and it made me cry… please watch!

*ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!!  Do you think that she will become the fastest marathoner in American history eventually?

Screen Shot 2020 12 20 at 12 59 28 PM

*Brooke is leaving today to spend the week with her Dad, step-mom and little brother.  She is so excited and so are they!  Knox left last week and Andrew will be working like crazy this week taking care of people that I am sure want to be anywhere else but the hospital during the holidays.  I’m sure a lot of people are going to be missing people this year.  If you are, I just want to tell you that I am here for you and would love to email (one handed because feeding Beck is basically a full-time job right now ha) but I am really sorry that you are going through this and I feel a bit of what you are feeling too.

I am feeling very lucky that I will have Skye and Beck for every holiday (sharing can be hard on the holidays but of course it is the best thing for these kids of mine with two families!).  I’m grateful that Brooke will text me all week while she is gone (she has a phone to text me at her dad’s house and she sends some hilarious texts and her use of emojis is amazing) and that Andrew and I will be getting our favorite takeout and watching Modern Family non-stop after his shifts this week.

I hope this week you are filled with so much love and hope and I just want to give you a big hug but that is kind of hard because none of us live close to each other … and because of social distancing ha.  Enjoy all of the treats and if you are hoping for a White Christmas, I hope you get it.   Of course I’ll be blogging this week so you’ll have to keep me updated with all of the things you are up to!


Are you going to be missing people this week or will you be with most of your people?

Do you think Sara Hall will ever beat Deena Kastor’s record (2:19:36)?

Tell me what the highlight was of your weekend?

How cold is too cold for you to go out for a run?

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I envy your hot tub looks like a great way to spend time in the cold winter.

Our holidays look a little different but trying oh so hard to make it seem as normal as possible for my kiddos.

My big accomplishment of the weekend was getting all the gifts wrapped before my busy week on the ambulance starts.


I REALLLLLLY think you need a hot tub in your life, it really feels so nice! Your kids are so lucky to have a mom working so hard to give them all of the Christmas cheer during a hard year. Congrats on getting everything wrapped… that is a BIG task. Have a beautiful week, Shelley.


I will be with most of my people (hubby and son), but I’ll miss my sis/bro-in-law and nephews. We mail ordered presents for them and she met my hubby while he was driving home to TN from DC and handed of our loot. She snuck in some hot chocolate bombs and homemade shortbread!!!

Sara *could* certainly bear Deena’s record, but ai think it will be someone younger (not sure why I think they, but as Ryan is retired maybe Sara will want to retire too).

We saw the Jingle Beat light show at the Nashville fairgrounds and it was soooo cool! Tuned to music :). About an hour drive through experience.

If it gets into the teens I would reconsider running…


I am SO happy you will have your husband home for your Christmas and of course your son too. I love that you guys were able to get the gifts to your sis and her family:) I bet that light show was incredible, I’m jealous! The teens definitely hurt while running. Have the best day, Tonya!


That commercial made me cry! It was so freaking cute. Whoever came up with that idea was spot on.

I’ll be with some of my people this week but missing some too. It’s just a part of the craziness that is 2020 so I’m just telling myself that 2021 will be better :)

While I didn’t watch the marathon project, I saw Sara’s post and I think she could become the fastest American female marathoner. Time will tell though!


I am so glad you loved the commercial. I am so sorry you will be missing some and this year will make 2021 Christmas feel even sweeter. Have a beautiful day Maureen!


Hahaha the Skye burrito pic is amazing!

I think Sara Hall will beat the record! She already PRed by 2 minutes since London. She’s got this! But really what I loved about the top women is how most are in their 30s! We tend to think that after our 20s we’ll slow down, but this is more women proving that wrong!!


Haha I thought so too:). Right? A huge PR in a back to back marathon? INCREDIBLE. Yay for fast running in our 30s:) Have a great day, Mariah!


I know lots of people are missing folks, but I am loving the slow down and simplicity of the season. I hope with you and the two little it feels a little slower (in the good way – not the days that never end kinda way) and a little more magical in the simpleness. Put some tiny kids to bed and enjoy your hot tub and husband and delicious treats you don’t have to share with anyone — you won’t always have this space/time to do it!


Sage, this is so so good to hear. I’m so glad you are enjoying the slowing down and yes, this week will definitely feel slower and I can take it all in:). Thank you friend, that sure means a lot!


At first I thought Christmas was going to be hard. We normally travel to be with my husbands family. To add more 2020 this year, I’m being induced tomorrow morning so it’s like nothing else matters at this point. We’ve been in quarantine since my pre admission covid test Friday. (No news is good news!) We just spent the weekend finishing up things around the house and relaxing.

I did my Strava year in review, and for being pregnant most of the year and not running for 2 months (uncomfortable and gestational high blood pressure) I impressed myself with the amount of miles I got in. Especially since I can barely walk downstairs now ?.


Ok Sara Hall is amazing…BUT DID YOU KIERA D’AMATO???? 2:22?! I think Sara will do it. When she’s good…she’s AMAZING.
I think anything under about 60 is too cold to go for a run ;). But of course I do it anyway haha. My son’s daycare shut down this week for the first time since March because of the virus (a teacher got it from someone outside of the school! :() so we went to the park before I had to start work this morning. Two of our neighbors were there and they were in light jackets, saying how nice it was outside….I was wearing two jackets a hat, gloves and uggs and I was freezing. haha. I’m not made for this weather! It’s like 40-something.
I’m still on a running break to heal my ankle (one more week!), but I did do hot yoga over the weekend and it was SO nice. I hope I can make time for it once a week when I get back to training…it just feels so good. And I need it because I move around like an old lady.
YAY for take out and modern family and making the best of everything! I hope Brooke and Knox send lots of hilarious pictures. :)
Oh! And have you tried the Pfeffernuse cookies from trader joes? They came out with a mix for them too…we made them over the weekend and they are sooo good. I was surprised by how much my kids liked them too because they have so many spices.


Just want to say that your perspective is awesome and is so so so good for the kids. Not many families are so lucky to be a little more complicated yet everyone have a good attitude about it (although I recognize it’s hard and a process). It makes all the difference now and your kids will so appreciate it later.


Thank you SO much for your kind words. It means the world to me. I hope you have a beautiful week filled with so many new great memories!


Several highlights this weekend but wanted to share that I made your cinnamon roll recipe for the first time – practicing for Christmas morn. Yummy and much easier than I would have expected homemade cinnamon rolls to be. My 14 yo son while Playing PS online w friends said they’re good mom and when I said made them from scratch, he goes “oh wow – they’re really good.” New tradition!! (Thank you!) Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy the babies :)


Chris, this makes me so so happy! I am so glad that you guys loved them and enjoy them on Christmas too. Merry Christmas to you and I hope your week is filled with so many beautiful memories being made:)


I once ran in minus 30 degrees Celsius weather haha. No idea it was that cold and I got home and checked the temperature lol.

We took River snowshoeing and and she loved it. We bought her little puppy booties too haha. She was so excited to play in snow.

It is my last couple day of work and so excited because I will be off from tomorrow until January 5.

I am glad that Beck and Skye will be with you for all the holidays. There are so many things I will be missing. I miss being able to travel up to northern BC to visit my sis and her family and my two little nieces. I will miss gathering for Christmas dinner with the family. I love Christmas Eve Candle light service being in person which we can’t have right now.

But I am grateful I can do porch drop off for Christmas for my mom. For zoom because there will definitely be some zoom calls. And I am basically living in onesies right now and lol totally in holiday mode. And I saved some of my online purchases to open on Christmas haha.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday week and it is a peaceful one for you Janae!


Janae this post is so sweet. I hope you have a happy happy Christmas and may you get the gift of uninterrupted sleep haha!


Thank you SO much Chloe! Beck started that gift last night by only waking up once… hallelujah. I hope you have a beautiful week!


I once ran in minus 30 degrees Celsius weather hah. Didn’t know it was that cold until I got home and checked the temperature lol.

We took River snowshoeing this weekend and she loved it. We even bought her new little puppy booties haha.

I am excited because it’s my last couple days of work th$en I will be off from tomorrow until January 5.

I am so glad you have Beck and Skye for all the holidays . This year I will miss a lot of things. I miss being able to travel up to northern BC to visit my little nieces. I will miss gathering for family dinner. I will miss all the traditions especially Christmas Eve candlelight service. I miss the Christmas market and everything we once thought of as normal.

But I am grateful for zoom technology and porch drop off. And for basically living in onesies for the past month. I even saved some of my online purchases to open on Christmas lol.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday week and that it is peaceful Janae!


The highlight of my weekend? Oh that’s easy: taking a quick look at my bank account and doing a mental list of the gifts I have yet to buy and my expenses this week, then texting Tom on Friday when I was at work to see if he wanted to stick to our dinner plans (chicken caesar salads at home, as per usual…) or if he was up for meeting me at Marlow’s (a favorite local chain) after my work evening ended for an impromptu date night on me. He was up for Marlow’s, and I had one of my three go-to dishes–the chicken panini sandwich with truffle parm fries. I may not be able to afford date nights out all the time, but I am VERY well aware that even with how tight things often feel these days, I am in a much better place than I was a year ago (when Tom was paying for everything except my half of the rent and my car insurance…). And I am grateful as all heck for that, even when that gratitude feels laced with so much uncertainty and frustration. Date nights really are the best, even if it’s at a local place that’s not by any means fancy or special. Just having the time to connect (& in real clothes, instead of our pajamas or sweats or whatever…)

Beck Burrito!! I LOVE IT! (& I love Chipotle. Yum.)

I’m really happy (deeply happy, not in a generic ‘happy for you…’ way…) that you’re cleared to run and that you feel like it and that it can be a place of peace and therapy (smile) in a week where B and K are with their other parents and you have a bit more time to run through all of the memories of how Christmas has felt over the years–even the tough years when you and B moved back to Utah and your own uncertainty was very present. AND it’s great that you can hang in the hot tub–recovery, right? ;) Some like ice baths, some like epsom salts, and the hot tub is also essential for holistic wellness! LOL :)

OK I have to shower and get going–it’s my day off from the store, and the sweat from my spin class is dried but I have to head out to the outlets and a few other places to finish Tom’s Christmas shopping! (And who am I kidding–to stop at Great American Cookie between errands and treat myself to a red velvet brownie if they have any today…because when there’s a cookie shop right in the same strip as the three outlet stores I need to go to, OF COURSE it is an essential stop…)


I think you are such a positive energy out in the world and you are doing a great job helpine people remember we are all part of this big human family! Things are scary right now but reading your blog gives me that sense of normalcy and belonging, so thank you very much for that :)


I’m not gonna stop laughing about that burrito picture all day or prob all week. Thank you for bringing it to us!

All the very best to you, Janae! I’ve not had to share but I am always thinking of you and how selfless you are at doing it! You do it with style and Grace and kindness and such beautiful healthy-minded children you and Andrew are raising as a result.

Merry Christmas!!!!!


Merry Christmas dear lady & your sweet family!
I look forward everyday to reading your blog and the adventures you enjoy.
Thank you for sharing, and thinking of others.


Thank you so much Lorie, that means a lot to me. I hope you have a beautiful day and Merry Christmas to you!


Old people make me cry anyway, but holy cow, I’m sitting at my desk at school crying like a baby after that video! Hope y’all have a Merry Christmas! I live on the AL/TN state line, and we are praying for a white Christmas!


I swear, Beck changes every day!!
Like everything this year, Christmas will be a tad different, but still filled with lots of love and traditions. We will see a couple of family members, but definitely not all of them. Thankful for Zoom, so that we can see everyone that way.
Highlight of the weekend… Delivering gifts (door dash style) to family we haven’t seen since March! It was so heart warming to see their faces I’m person for a couple of quick minutes. Family really is the best gift of all.
We don’t get true cold weather here, but definitely below 20° is too cold for me to run. But that only happens when we’re visiting Colorado.
Have a really great week!!


Merry Christmas! Thank you for opening your life to us. You are such an inspiration to follow, and I love seeing all your blessings multiply each year. I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you.
Side note, I think you were so blessed to be pregnant with Beck through this pandemic, and have something to look forward to. It has been so fun following your pregnancy, postpartum journey. Plus, you did not have to cancel any of your favorite races since you were pregnant. Definitely something I miss a lot this past year. Have a beautiful holiday.


Its so weird, 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon Ryan Hall’s documentary, the 41st Day…….only after that I just searched Sara Hall and realized she was about to do this marathon. Wow, she did amazing!

It is going to be just the 3 of us this year. And, although I will miss my people I am seeing it as an opportunity to create the Holiday just as my family would like. Lots of people have lots of different needs, wants, visions, etc of how the day unfolds (at least in my family) so although I will gladly take all those things to see them……….this year it is Burns rules go. Feels simple, and I love it.


Oh that video bought tears to my eyes! So lovely.

I am definitely going to be missing people this year. With covid getting so bad in the UK we made the decision not the mix on Christmas day, but then being put into lockdown means we can’t even go for walk or do porch visits with our families! There will be lots of Skype this week for sure.

I really appreciate how much you share about your family dynamics – not everyone has the usual family dynamic and the fact you write so openly makes me feel better about my own situation (although parent related, I do not have children)

I really feel like Sara Hall could get the record! She was so close and her determination is like no other. I am rooting for her!

The highlight of my weekend was having an extra day off work, so I am prepared for the chaos that lies ahead, including working Christmas day for the first time! There will be plenty to look forward to after that shift and the next weekend, including my other half cooking a christmas dinner for the first time!

Never too cold, as long as it is not too slippery, just layer up! So happy that you are able to start running again, I’m sure we are all looking forward to seeing your amazing PR’s again :)

I hope you have a great week!!


That hot tub looks amazing!
We’ll be with my husband’s family and I am so excited….to see them but also for running………….I always know it’s easier to run on vacation in the morning than when I have to work, so I am hoping my runs will be great! This last week I only got 14 miles, even though I ran every day, there were too many days where I only had time for 1 mile. I am giving myself a pass with everything going on, but I am just itching for that “hour long-frozen snot-sweaty but yet cold run”!

Hope you have a great week!


Thank you for helping us through this time missing our loved ones! Your kindness is so appreciated. It’s going to be a tough week for a lot of people, myself included. I will not be with my family and miss them so much! A Zoom call on Christmas will help make me feel closer to them, but what I wouldn’t do for a hug…

Sending lots of Christmas cheer your way, to you and your family!


Joy. I am SO so sorry. Your comment made me tear up. I am so glad you guys are going to have a Zoom call but I wish so so badly you could all hug too. Sending hugs and love your way. Keep in touch and I’m always here!


You’re a brave soldier running in the snow–I’ve been tackling the treadmill at the gym the last few days due to snow here in NJ. And did some walking ‘old-school’ by purchasing Leslie Sansone 5-mile videos on Amazon Prime Video. I used to own the dvds but with having access to gyms and outside, I had donated them all years ago. I was so glad to see I was able to stream them and still perform activity at home…and avoid snow and ice.
Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow for my run yet–I need to see if the park roads are a bit cleaner before I venture out.


Sara Hall is my favorite marathoner and I definitely think she can set the new record! I wonder if she had a longer break after the London marathon if she would have been able to set the record on this course. An amazing day for her regardless!!!


I don’t believe it’s ever “too cold to run” but if it gets too cold around here and I pick the wrong roads to run on it can be VERY slippery! We very very rarely get snow so instead everything freezes and only the main roads usually get salted so my little side roads are often a bit too slippy for running… thank god for treadmills!


Whoa, the picture of Beck sleeping at the end of this post looks like Brooke!


Christmas is hard and I think it will be until I am reunited with my baby girl Olivia. This year is a little better because her little sister is with us. But when I see my two girls together, I always know there is one missing. I just know I have to be the best mom to my girls on earth and love my girl in heaven where she is safe in the arms of God.


Megan. I am so deeply sorry. I’m sending prayers that you feel her love and so much comfort this week. Thank you for sharing with me. I wish I could give you a big hug and cry with you. Your girls are all so lucky to have you.

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