15 Pictures from Our Christmas!

HELLO!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend full of time with loved ones, delicious food and relaxing!  We had a really amazing day together, the two of us, and then ended up getting Brooke back last night right before bedtime so that we could drive half way home to Utah last night!  Due to crazy traffic to Vegas the day after Christmas we decided to leave last night instead and I was beyond happy to see Brooke and get a head start to being all home together!  It feels like forever since we were all together and I’m looking forward to this entire week having everyone home (Beretta included:).

Let’s talk about yesterday for a second:

1.  We woke up at 9:30 (a little bit different than previous Christmas mornings and waking up before the sun comes up to do presents;) and opened our presents to each other.

2.  The best present I have ever received.  Andrew made an entire photo album of all of our favorite moments and included little notes on each picture.  It made me cry.

IMG 5258

3.  I somehow ended up with coal too;)

IMG 5260

4.  And I am VERY excited for this cook book.  I told Andrew that I really want to get into cake making so he bought this book and all of the supplies I need to get started.  Be prepared for cake pictures asap!

IMG 5257

4.  After we hung out for a bit at the hotel we went out on a hike and found a California Snowman.

IMG 5263

5.  Vitamin D is good for my soul.

IMG 5268

6.  We then drove to Andrew’s grandparents’ home and while we were there my family called!  Utah got dumped on with snow yesterday for a white Christmas.   We cannot wait to take the kids sledding this week and maybe I will brave the snow and run out there too!

IMG 5314

7.  A fancy dinner with his grandparents, some cousins and aunts and uncles.

IMG 5315

8.  Creamed corn is a Baron special and I am happy to be a part of this special.

IMG 5317

9.  We checked out of our hotel and then we were off to pick up Brooke.  She had an amazing Christmas and it felt so good to be with her again.

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10.  She fell asleep quick in the car after her busy day but goodness gracious, the hug she gave me when she first saw me felt amazing.

IMG 5358

11.  PS a reader sent this to me and it is so true:

IMG 5239

12.  PPS name the movie we watched yesterday:

IMG 5324

13.   Oh and let’s talk about Christmas Eve for a minute.  Andrew has always wanted to go to an NFL game so we made it out to the Rams game.  I’ve become really good at cheering for a specific team only for the time that we are at the game and then forgetting about the sport until I am watching a different game.  GO RAMS;)

IMG 5243

14.  We were REALLY missing the kids Christmas Eve Night (more so than I did on Christmas Day ((probably because I knew I got to see them soon)) but fondue always cheers you up right?

IMG 5248

15.  We went to the Melting Pot for dinner on Christmas Eve (neither of us had ever been) and it was really nice to have a long dinner together.  Usually we eat fast and are out of a restaurant and onto the next thing but we ended up going through the 4 courses in 2 hours.   We just talked and ate and made goals for 2017.  And the chocolate fondue was something else.

IMG 5251


Get something you are excited about on Christmas?

What does your week look like?  Work, out of town, family in town, running?

Ever been to an NFL game?  Which one?  Do you get really into sporting events? 

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Looks like y’all had a fun holiday together! Glad you have Brooke back now, though. :) I got some Target gift cards for Christmas, which is exactly what I wanted!

This week is going to be full of work, work and work after a day off today (thankful for that, at least!). And I used to work promotions for the Cowboys as a part-time job years ago, so I got to go to all of the home games after handing out flyers at the gates. I still haven’t been to a game at the new stadium, so I hope to be able to go to one soon!


ah, I love the melting pot! I don’t go often but every few years we go and I love the chocolate fondue :). there’s one right by my house actually so I am not sure why we don’t go all the time lol…Love football games! I usually go to Jets games but the Giants play in the same stadium so sometimes I see them too!


That photo album sounds like an amazing gift from Andrew! Such a great idea.

I have this week off since I’m a student, so I’ll be enjoying taking it easy before classes start again the first week of January.


This was my first Christmas where it was just me and the kids, so I was super nervous I would ruin it for them or disappoint them somehow, but it was great! Phew! It means that next year they are with their dad, but I try not to think about that too much.

I took the week off work to focus on writing deadlines, so I see a hand cramp in my future!


Oh Lynn, I am SO happy that this Christmas went so well with just you and the kids. You are amazing and next Christmas you need to go on a trip or something exciting! Good luck with that hand cramp!!!!


The Proposal!!! I love that movie. “Hence the boat!” So funny. Glad you are back with your babies. Your Christmas together with just Andrew sounded dreamy.


HAHAH YES!! So so funny!! Thank you Alisha and I hope you had an amazing Christmas!


Thanks, Janae!! I hope y’all have a great new years all together!!!


Merry Christmas to you guys! Some Vitamin D for Christmas sounds fabulous. The gift he made you just made my heart melt, what a sweet man! I hope your trip home was safe and fun. Here’s to a great end to 2016 this week! Make it merry!


My family is in town this weekend but other then that just relaxing. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. The Eagles are obviously huge around here. I’ve been to an Eagles game before but I’m not crazy into football or anything.


That movie is The Proposal LOL.

I have family in town and a lot of running coming up. So that’s how my week looks like.


The Proposal! Such a cute movie! I love all of the romantic comedies that Sandra Bullock does. Two Weeks Notice is probably my favorite movie of all time. If you haven’t seen it yet please watch it soon :)

I have off of work this week so my days will be full of running, family and relaxing! Also I need to get my highlights touched up haha!


I love hockey and baseball games. Baseball is slow enough that I can stroll the stadium and eat lots of junk. Hockey is always very action packed with great stadium energy.
My boyfriend bought me a new Garmin vivofit for Christmas so after 3 months of being unsure of how many steps I’ve taken I can now resume my 12k step daily goal. Woo hoo! I’m dogsitting my brothers dog all week while they are on a family trip to Europe.


The Proposal!

We actually are having a blizzard here! Luckily we still have power so that’s good!

Merry Christmas!


My sister-in-law is pregnant so I’m going to be an aunt again. It’s been a long time since we had a baby in the immediate family; my niece is 23! this is my brother-in-laws 2nd marriage and his wife is a bit younger. We were all pretty excited.

Today is a family get together with husband’s cousins. Then there’s work, doctor’s follow up app’ts for Paul (6 month CT scans), and a quick getaway at the end of it all. :)

I love football and have been to MetLife stadium to see various games (both the Giants and Jets play there).


I love the look of the LAYERED book! Does it only have desserts?


Merry Christmas!! It looks like you had a really special day. I love the movie The Proposal!


Have that same Christmas china! It’s my favorite and I can’t wait to pull it out every year!


NO WAY!! Oh that is awesome Laurie! I loved it!


A+ on the gifts, Andrew!! He’s a keeper, Janae ;) My husband hit it out of the park on gifts this year, too.


My fav Christmas gift was probably from my MIL: a hand woven scarf she bought from my friend’s boutique that was made by a super cool local artist I got to meet once.

This week: subbing on violin in a pit orchestra for Beauty and the Beast and catching up on as much sleep as possible (I’m a teacher and have a whole week off!!!) ps Also going to make (an hour or so) trip to Trader Joe’s for the first time in my life. Am I going to want to buy 1 of everything??? What should I not pass up??

NFL game: haha nope. I know zero people who love sports that much. :)


This week I will be back to work tomorrow. I was off Wednesday and Thursday due to the flu. (I had already taken that Friday off for my daughter’s birthday). I will have a lot to catch up at work! And I have to deal with my car. A kid hit me on Friday and my car had to be towed. Hoping to get the process moving after everything being on hold/closed due to the holiday.

We have an NFL team here in KC. We had season tickets previously. Now we try to make it to at least one game a year. The tailgating here is epic! I have also been to a Seattle Seahawks game for my birthday a few years ago. NFL games are always a blast!


The hubs and I got each other the exact same running socks, which I thought was hilarious! We also bought each other the same candy, tooth paste, chopstick. Apparently we know each other too well.

We got our kids a season pass to Universal Studios and had them go on a treasure hunt to find their gift and it was awesome to watch them and their excitement!

Today is usually our clean up Christmas Day, but the youngest and I are a bit under the weather so we’ll probably lay low instead.

The hubs loves the 49ers, that would have been an awesome game to be at!! We try and make it about once a year.


The Proposal!! Great movie!
My favorite gift was a multi-pot from Williams Sonoma. It’s a big pot that also has a colander pot so when you make pasta you just pull the colander pot out to drain your pasta. Seriously, it doesn’t take much for me to get excited.
This week looks a little crazy. Packing, packing, and more packing. And the Treadmill Hero people come Wednesday to disassemble my treadmill for moving. ?. Gonna miss that thing for a few weeks.


Okay, that pot sounds AMAZING. I might need one too now! Good luck with all of the moving and treadmill moving especially:) Good luck Ali and I would miss my treadmill too if I were you!!!


Hi Janae

Merry Christmas to you and the family. The movie is The Proposal – I love that movie!!



Yep, you got it!!! Such a good movie:) I hope you had a beautiful Christmas Wendy!!!


The Proposal. One of my all-time favorites! It makes me laugh every time… especially the part where Margret is “chanting from the heart” with Grandma Annie in the woods LOL


What wonderful, thoughtful gifts Andrew gave you! (besides the coal – haha!) That photo album was beyond amazing & the cookbook & supplies was such a cool idea, too!

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