Took some time to get over this…

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

Last big workout… done!  As far as speed goes, we have a 5k time trial and an interval workout of 3 x 2 minutes on/2 minutes off + 3 x 1 minute on/1 minute off left.

I am so excited to do this race with Lauren!   The goal is to stick together for all 26.4 miles (I’m just counting on it being longer because I don’t run the tangents super well in Boston), but if one of us needs to go ahead, the other will cheer them on.

14.7 miles @ 7:18 average pace with 7 x 1 mile (part flat, mostly downhill) @ 5:44 average, w/ .7 mile recoveries back up to the start.  My friend giving us workouts told us to do these intervals at a pace where we wouldn’t need to put our hands on our knees to recover or stop at the end of each one.  This pace felt pretty great for us, which was exciting because a few months ago, this was my all-out pace for just a few of them.  Runners love progress.

Last random fact about the morning—> I started eating my bagel with the lights off inside my house, and when I jumped in my car, I saw that my bagel was moldy because the light was on.  It took me some time to get over that situation.  Thankfully I had a few gels to give me some energy.

I wore my Carbon Hokas for the workout, but now after trying out the Nikes, the Hokas feel great and comfortable but not like speed shoes to me anymore.  I will be racing in these Nikes forever now.  I ordered another pair to have a fresh new pair for race day, and they are just so beautiful.

IMG 0398

Beck brings us his shoes to let us know that he is ready to get out of the house and adventure.

IMG 6151

I rotate through a few things after a workout, but this protein drink is always one of my favorites.

IMG 6152

We took the kids to the aquarium, and it was a huge hit.

IMG 6154

IMG 6160

They also had a clouded leopard there, which was Brooke’s favorite… She would learn all day about big cats if she could.

IMG 6164

We came home and had lunch while Beck napped, and then we went out to the girls’ #1 choice for dinner (trying to make spring break feel extra fun at home this year:):

Every meal should end with these:

Mary asked this question yesterday if anyone could help her out!

Screen Shot 2022 04 06 at 2 58 47 PM

Expiration dates with your food… follow them or not so much?

What have you been using for fuel right after you finish a workout?

Favorite chain restaurant?

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That sucks about the bagel! Good thing you didn’t eat the whole thing. Depending on the item is how strictly I follow expiration dates but I’m a big fan of the sniff test too haha.

Those protein drinks are my FAVORITE premade ones! I always have them on hand. Lately I’ve been using it as the “milk” for overnight oats on days when I go to the office for extra protein.


Valid point… at least I didn’t eat all of the mold! What a great idea to use this drink for your overnight oats, I have to try that. I hope your day is a wonderful one, Maureen!


I LOVE your Boston goals! Can’t wait to watch you crush it. :)

Ok, packed lunch: I also love talking meals. :)
nut butter/jelly/banana sandwich
1/2 avocado with some sea salt + apple
big salad with roasted veggies/nuts/berries–can cook chicken or meat the night before and toss on. Could even add salmon.
siete tortilla with guac + veggies
turkey sandwich + apple or fruit
AND always some Hu chocolate gems or a few pieces of a Hu or Evolved Chocolate bar
also, sometimes a Lara Bar and an apple or a Thunderbird bar and fruit is a good win.


Thank you! I am so excited! Okay, these ideas are seriously the best. Thank you for sharing, Avery!


I followed the link you provided the other day for the Nike 2% shoes. So many reviews were from people who received the shoes as a promotion. The reviews were mostly “I don’t run but I do wear these around the house. The shoes are like wearing clouds. I like them. I bet they would be good for running.” I was dying at the thought of the $250 price tag and just bopping around the house I them.
I think you need a free pair for this much better and legit review. Haaaa!


BAHAHAHAHA can you even imagine?!?! I didn’t take one walking step in mine… oh how I wish they sent them to me for free ha. Off to go read the reviews to get a good laugh. Happy Thursday, Molly!


Expiration dates are overrated. We play food roulette all of the time. Our daughter is convinced that she is invincible because of all the questionable food we’ve eaten. Of course, no one likes sour milk and that is where she draws the line!


Bahaha your comment made me so happy… ‘food roulette!’ That is amazing but I agree with you on sour milk… it is the worst! Have the best day, Jackie!


Those Nikes are SO PRETTY!! I love them :) And I would definitely throw up if I saw I ate something moldy…I have a big fear of spoiled food and have been really good lately about eating things quickly so I don’t waste them! For bread I always put them in the freezer just for that reason. I hope you eventually got over it lol!!

I’m also going to be looking at packed lunch ideas now that Dan is back at work! He’s just a sandwich guy but when I was in the office I had so much fun with packing lunch. My favorites were always bento-style boxes so I had lots of snacks! I would just do international themes with different types of cuisine and would have fun filling them up! I loved doing Greek ones with grape leaves, olives, Greek salad, pita, and hummus. Yum! :)


Thank you so much, they are almost too pretty to wear haha. Thank you for empathizing with me on the mold, I don’t know if I can eat a bagel again;). Ummm I need one of your bento boxes for lunch today, that sounds delicious! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Gretchen!


Those shoes are so pretty!!
After years of you talking about Brooks, it’s so fun to get your opinion on other shoes!
I follow expiration dates on dairy and meats very closely, but with everything else, it’s by what it looks like and smells like. I would have a hard time eating a bagel again after seeing mold on the part I didn’t eat… Eeeww
You really are making spring break at home fun! I love aquariums too.
Have a great day Janae ?


Good morning, Janae! What a bummer about your bagel. That happened to me with a sandwich once and it was so disappointing. Made me develop the habit of making my food with good lighting though LOL.
I pack my lunch all the time and leftovers are a given. However, favorites are things I can make/prep in batches ahead of time like various salads. Any I make with grains or legumes can be put in a pita too if you’re in more of a sandwich mood. I also bring in a container of hummus and leave it at work, then I just bring cut up veggies from home. I usually keep some kind of crackers in my office (also good with hummus) along with cereal (bring oat milk from home).
In my world expiration dates are merely a suggestion rather than a hard stop. I have friends that are obsessive about them though which leads to a lot of wasted food (and money) IMO.
Post workout fuel really depends on the workout. For less demanding ones, I usually just go with real food options which might be a snack or my next meal depending on timing. For harder workouts, I found a vegan recovery drink (powder form that I usually mix with plant milk).
I couldn’t decide between PF Changs and Cheesecake Factory for my favorite chain restaurant, so now of course I want BOTH immediately!
Happy Friday Eve, Janae!


Can you share which vegan powder please? Thanks!


Hi Christina! Happy to share, but first a disclaimer. I am neither representing nor endorsing the program associated with this. I stumbled across it through a friend of a friend and it works for me. Vegan options can be tough to find (it’s still pretty new to me, so perhaps more options than I am aware of).
Beachbody Performance: Recover – Plant-Based (chocolate). Unfortunately, they only offer chocolate as a vegan option, but not too bad or overly sweet. Good luck!!


I so understand about the bagel -I’ve been there! I have had moments of thinking… is it off or not, hmmmm. Haha.


Those shoes are beautiful! I am jealous of your shorts and tank weather. I was running in snow this morning. I am starting it get nervous that it is going to be freezing for my all my training up and then be 80 degrees the day of the race;-)

I am horrible at checking expiration dates. I typically do the sniff test or a small taste test, so far so good! I know my sister throws milk out on the expiration date.

I am not great at getting in something right after my workout–I am starting to pay closer attention, but typically I always have overnight oats ready to go for when I do sit down to eat after running.

Have a great Thursday Janae!


I bring my lunch to work almost every day and have found it easiest to pack leftovers in the evenings directly into a container that I can take to work. Last night we had stir fry and there were two extra servings so they went straight into two separate containers for work lunches. :)


good….how are the shins?…….meanwhile, I’m doing the Hard75 thing…..managed the gallon of water yesterday, working on no sugar or caffeine….


Thank you for posting this question! I just started a new job and am in desperate need of some easy-to-pack, high energy lunches! I will take all of the ideas. It is getting hot (I live in AZ) so I’ve been packing big salads, usually mexican-inspired with rice, black beans, lettuce, avocado and TJ’s delicious cilantro dressing. Chips on the side always.

Favorite chain will be Cafe Rio always and forever.

Good Luck with your race!! You’re going to kill it :)


Congrats on your new job!!!! I hope you get some Cafe Rio soon! Thanks, Rachel!


Hi this comment is for Mary! I love looking up Winny Hayes on YouTube or Instagram. She makes the yummiest packed lunches, mostly for her kids but they look so good that adults can have them too. She has inspired me to totally up my lunch game!
Also I have the Yeti thermos cups that are an absolute game changer. They are insulated and seal tight so you can pack a hot soup, or my favorite lunch of basmati rice, chicken, sautéed veggies and ghee. :)


Sorry on the moldy bagel…ew. We don’t follow expiration dates as they are really suggestions. I think you can usually tell if it’s still good or not. Of course, if it looks or smells bad, out it goes.

Still my favorite go to lunch to pack for work. I make a big batch of quinoa on Sunday and mix in whatever veggies floats my boat that week. I usually do cucumbers, black olives, tomatoes, and roasted peppers. I have used things like black beans, corn, pineapples, green beans, etc. I then divide the mix into 5 different tupperwares. In the morning before work, I’ll grab a tupperware and a yogurt and it’s amazing.

Post run. I have gotten hooked on UCAN. They have a chocolate vegan protein powder. I mix it with soy milk, cinnamon, and a banana. Yum.


Moldy bread is the worst tasting and smelling. blech. I am pretty strict on food expiration dates with perishables or meats, anything that’s freshly wrapped from a deli case (I buy in small quantities and use fast). That being said, if it’s sealed up and unopened then I’m reliant on the sniff and see test. Visible mold is a no go. ick. But an unopened yogurt a day or so past the “use by date” is fine. Do I feel sketchy about it? yup.

I love a good basic lunch (for a packed lunch). Sandwich, nuts, a fruit. Or a yummy rice salad or baked potato (with snacks throughout the day). I am an after work runner (so around 3:30/4) so I front load at breakfast, then split lunch into a late morning snack and mid afternoon snack, then fuel with banana and nuts after my run or ride. I am also a coffee drinker so that’s in the mix too!

No idea on chain restaurants-Cafe Yumm? Stumptown Coffee maybe? (the only chain restaurants where I live are McDonald’s or bakeries and they’re alllll sooooo goooood.)


My favorite source for meal prep/packed lunch ideas: Damn Delicious Meal Prep by Chungah Rhee. She has options for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Delicious and healthy, too.


I pack my lunch for work 3 days a week. We have the ez lunch containers from Amazon, so bento style. I pack it when I pack my girls lunch. One day a week it’s almond butter and jelly with veggies and fruit, then another it might be leftovers with fruit and veggies, and then often I do an English muffin pizza with dairy free cheese ( milk allergy). But I do vary things. This week I made a Mexican bean salad on Tuesday for dinner and that has been my lunch the past 2 days. I just pack it ahead.
I travel to see my students ( early intervention special Ed teacher) and so sometimes I have to eat while driving. I now have a back up snack bag which I find so helpful. I try to have healthier snacks, cliff bars, apples, nuts, etc in case I need things more portable. But it also helps to supplement my lunch!

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