Doesn’t Believe In Me & Recommendations?!

(shirt, shorts, shoes)

Yesterday’s run included some snowflakes and crazy wind… You just never know what you are going to get here.

8.2 miles @ 8:17 pace with Jo, 5-minute core workout, and all of the foam rolling

My watch does not believe in me for my new Boston sub-3 goal!  It’s strange because yesterday it also told me I ran my fastest mile (which definitely wasn’t) so I’m just going to forget what it tells me;)

IMG 6130

I have been eating this egg/hashbrowns/vegetable hash/bacon/tortilla combination every day for lunch.

IMG 6132

Followed by our blueberry muffins (from this cookbook), we could all live off of these.

IMG 6134

I then sat down to figure out the next four weeks—>  24 soccer games (and who knows how many practices ha) along with cross-country practices… Somehow only one of the games overlaps a bit.  It is a miracle!

Next on the day’s agenda was meeting up with my sister and her family for an indoor fun center that has it all…

IMG 0104

IMG 6143

IMG 0132

5 hours at this fun center left me feeling like I had run a marathon.

IMG 6141

Just a few Boston thoughts before I say goodbye today:

*Andrew will have a cannoli for me to eat right when I finish the marathon and I cannot wait.

450IMG 1991

*Do we trust the weather report this far ahead;). I’m sure loving the look of those temperatures!  Also, can somebody PLEASE help me understand wind forecasts.  If I want a tailwind at Boston, what would the report say?

Screen Shot 2022 04 05 at 9 34 32 AM

*I’m already planning on bringing an old pair of running shoes and socks to wear for the time leading up to the race in the Athlete’s Village.  This is what my shoes looked like in 2019 before switching them to my race shoes!

450IMG 2385 1


BOSTON RECOMMENDATIONS!?  We are trying to get our plans together!

Do you eat the same thing for lunch often or do you mix it up?

Have a dessert that your area is famous for?

I need to know your thoughts and feelings on these:

IMG 6131

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That indoor place looks so fun. Are you wearing the hoka kawanas? If so, wondering comfort wise do you like those or the Clifton’s?
Peeps are a big no for me, my daughter loves them. I got her cotton candy ones for her Easter basket.


Hey! I just got the kawanas the other day! I haven’t taken them out for a run yet but just based on walking in them… the Clifton’s feel more comfortable IMO. Still so comfortable but the Clifton’s are hard to beat! Your daughter is going to love the cotton candy peeps. Have a beautiful day!


Oh no no no to peeps hahah! Not a marshmallow fan. I’m sure my two year old would love them ;) all the more carb loading for you!!

Nanaimo bars from Vancouver Island, BC! Wondering if you’ve heard of them from Utah or when you visited Victoria with Andrew?


I just had to google the Nanaimo bars and my mouth water just looking at the pictures. Wow. I need those in my life! Have a great day Tara!


What a fun place to spend 5 hours!! And I can’t believe how big all the kids are getting.
Peeps are a definite no in our house. The boy’s used to like them when they were little, but no one will touch them anymore. Ha ha
Ya, I’m thinking it’s probably too far out to rely on the weather report just yet. Which of course makes planning so much harder. You just never know this time of year.
Yay… Adding in another early run with friends this morning. That always starts my day of good. ?


I mean I love garmin and the interface with other apps I use but the race predictor and training status are based on a finicky GPS and an even less reliable heart rate monitor so I’ve disabled all of that because it annoyed me. I had a friend who ran like a 19:xx 5k and then 2 days later her garmin said she was in 22:xx shape. OK garmin.

In Boston you gotta hit up JP Licks and Flour Bakery. Also there are a couple of good but $$$ chocolate shops on Newbury street that are worth a visit.


I second Victoria’s JP Licks and Flour recc!! I went to both of those places during my last Boston Marathon and fully plan to do the same again this year :)

Praying for those temps minus the rain!!


There are a few locations of “Flour Bakery and Cafe” around Boston/Cambridge and I recommend you drop in to one for some of the delicious baked goods and pastries. The baker, Joanna Chang, even has an awesome recipe book that I recommend for making creations at home.

Y’all are going to have the best time. Fingers crossed for weather to be good!


I wish I could meet you in Boston :) I always eat Italian food when I’m there. And mostly just love walking around– you’ll get to see spring in bloom, so perfect!!! I mix up lunch all the time, just using what’s in the fridge. Re: dessert, I live in VT so maple everything– one of the best desserts is a maple creamee (maple soft-serve ice cream). So good! Love Peeps– the staler, the better :)


You are going to do amazing at Boston! Your Garmin is waaaay off! I run much, much, much slower than you and less miles and mine has a similar marathon predicted time. I am guessing you can take an hour off your predicted finished time and I can add an hour mine ;-)

That fun place looks amazing! I would never be able to get my kids to leave.

I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. So boring!

Have a wonderful Wednesday Janae!


I usually get stuck on one lunch for about a week or so. Same with breakfast. Yes to peeps for me!


I always eat leftovers for lunch! Now that I work from home I’m too lazy to put together anything else and it’s been a great way to stop me from wasting any food. Today that’s going to be a kimchi noodle soup that I made the other day topped with an egg!

Peeps are a NO for me! And for desserts- in Pittsburgh we have a chain restaurant called Eat n’ Park that serves smiley cookies (sugar cookies with a frosted smile on them). You’ll see them at race finish lines and pretty much any big event! I’m not sure if Raleigh has any famous desserts, they’re mostly just known for BBQ :) Maybe sweet tea can be considered a dessert?


You need to eat there. Trust me! I lived in the Boston area for 40 years. That is hands down the best Italian restaurant in Boston.

I can’t wait to follow your Boston run. So excited for you!


Good morning, Janae! So exciting how close Boston is!! Mike’s cannolis are the BEST – enjoy yours :o)
I’m generally a “leftovers for lunch” or “whatever random stuff I can find in the fridge & pantry” kind of girl, so it can be just about anything. Your current fave looks delish though!
I’m from NY and moved back about 4 years ago. Most people associate NY with cheesecake, but there are also black & white cookies (I grew up calling them half moon cookies). New York is the second biggest apple producing state in the country, so I always associate apple desserts with my area.
Peeps = NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I ate them as a kid and now I cannot even imagine!
Have an awesome Wednesday, Janae :o)


I’ve never had a peep. Are they just marshmallows or are they flavoured?? In Canada, Smarties are something completely different (and far better in my opinion lol):

Your training is going so well! I’ll be rooting for you during the race.


Good morning! I think your Garmin is confused—you have totally got that goal in you!
As for Boston, I’ve never been so I’m gonna enjoy reading the comments for when I can visit. I don’t think I’ve got a qualifier time in me, but who know—maybe someday!
My small little town in KY has a donut shop and their donuts are amazing and unlike anything you’ve ever had!!
I totally get stuck on one thing for breakfast or lunch for a bit but I always come back to my apple with peanut butter for lunch many days. I work in a school so I have to have something quick that will keep me full. It seems like I want a snack in the afternoon no matter what I eat so that is a somewhat healthier choice for me.
I only like Peeps if they are super-fresh, but now a days, there are so many other options out there I choose something else instead!!


My 3.5 year old gets super excited when she sees peeps in the store. She asked for some today so she’ll get them in her easter basket! I LOVE gummies but I gave up candy for lent. I think there will be a pack of the haribo bunny mix in my easter basket. I like peeps but only if they are stale. I will open a pack and let it sit for a day or two then eat them.

I’ve been pretty interested in the accuracy of the garmin race predictor. I feel like mine is usually faster than what I actually run. I ran a 3:31 marathon in the fall and it was predicting I would run in the low 3:20s. But maybe I didn’t try as hard as I could have?


No no no peeps for me! haha
If you want a tailwind for Boston, I believe you want to look for a Southwest breeze


After reading your blog since forever, it was heartwarming to see your family picture with your sis. Gosh, I know everyone says “time slow down”, but passage of time is also beautiful.

I get in food ruts all the time, so yes I can do the same lunch no problem.


I was on the fence about bringing old shoes to Boston for Athletes Village- your photo convinced me though! I really hope we have a dry day, but I can see the ground being wet from prior rain.
I pretty much eat the same lunch every day. It’s too much work to think of new meals. haha


Yes yes yes… I hope it is dry but who knows what the grounds will be like before we get on the street! Happy tapering, Ida!


Boston recs that are a little less frequently recommended:
– Fat baby in south boston – BEST fried rice you will ever have, and amazing asian fusion foods
– Blackbird donuts (enough said :D)
– Annas Taqueria for the burrito of your dreams!

Enjoy! I will be rooting for you from the course.


Added these to my notes on my phone, thank you… I need that fried rice right this second. Can’t wait to see you out there, AHHHH! Have a great rest of your day, Kat!


You want a wind blowing East/NE for a tailwind in Boston. Only stale peeps for me, but I usually don’t eat them. So.much.sugar.
Question- Do you put other things in Easter baskets besides candy?
As a kid, we always had a little candy, fruit, books and small games, so that’s what I did with my kids.
My former and current husband thought this was crazy. You?


THANK YOU for the help! Agreed, stale is the only tolerable way to eat them. Yes, I absolutely do and sometimes I’ll put in a pair of shoes they have been wanting too. Hahah tell your husband you are not alone in this (ps Andrew thought it was strange of me too:). I hope your day is a great one, Jen!


I grew up on the Boston Marathon route and you inspire me as I’d love to run it one day!

The course travels west to east. I figured a wind from the west is best but Google told me southwest!

Good luck!!


YOU DID. ! Oh that is so cool and you have to keep me updated on your journey to the Boston Marathon. THANK YOU for the help… I guess I could have googled it ha but I trust you guys more;). Happy Wednesday, Mary!


24 soccer games!?! I feel like balancing the 10 we have this month is a lot LOL.

Peeps are gross, but my kids love them.

You are going to kill it at Boston this year =)


I’m not sure how we will do it haha. I hope your kids get some Peeps this season haha. Thanks Beth, I hope your day has been great so far!


When I’m at home I have eggs too for lunch as I don’t have time in the morning. But I would love some ideas for a packed lunch! I know you don’t have a packed lunch but do you or anyone else have ideas?


I will ask this in tomorrow’s post, hopefully we can find some great answers. Have an awesome day, Mary!


I think that looks like a headwind but you are strong and will persevere! Plus it’s Boston, so it will change 47 times throughout the course anyways!


Thanks for asking for the Boston recs! I needed those, too.

My one repeat I’m absolutely doing from my previous Boston trip- the Friendly Toast in Cambridge. I’m a french toast conneseiur and this remains in my mind my favorite french toast. Disclaimer- it was what I ate first thing in the morning after running a marathon, so who knows? Could have been ok. I’ll risk it and go back again to verify.

FYI- if the wind is WNW, we do a happy dance. Thanks for the tentative good news!!!

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