Friday Favorites!

(Shirt, shorts, shoes)

Of course, the day I could sleep in was the one morning that I woke up an hour before I usually do and I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Just a nice canyon run of 6.4 miles @ 8:49 average with a stop every tenth of a mile for something that one of the kids needed.

IMG 6202

The most important stop was to the water fountain that I have used at least 1,000 times during a run.

IMG 6206

Beck did well in the stroller, but I think 55 minutes is his max.  He just wanted to be free and the girls joined me for about a half-mile of running.

IMG 6208

IMG 6216

We started and ended at a park so that we could reward them with their favorite type of exercise afterward:

IMG 6243

We stopped to load up on my new running addiction on the way home.  These are pricey but worth every penny IMO for the happy stomach and energy boost that they give me.  If I had to write a list (which I probably should do..) of the top ten running items I couldn’t live without, these would 100% be on there.

IMG 6250


Let’s talk about my favorite things from this week:

*On the mornings when I feel really tired and I just want to stay in my warm bed when my alarm goes off—> I’ve been telling myself that I just need to get my running clothes on, and then I can get back in bed.  Once I am changed, I feel more awake and ready to get outside, and I don’t jump back in bed… I’m constantly tricking myself;)

*Wendy told me about this blueberry goat cheese on crackers, and I will forever be grateful for her recommendation.

IMG 6170

*This documentary on Netflix about Mardy Fish… it was so good.  Here is the trailer if you want to check it out:

*One more show (taper time = more tv;) but our family has LOVED watching this.  It is too cute.

Screen Shot 2022 04 05 at 6 50 33 PM

*I mentioned my favorite crop tanks on IG, but I thought I would share them here too (all under $20, and my friends have asked if a few of them are Lulu when I wear them)—> here, here, here, and here!

IMG 0363

*They had these out for samples at Costco, and as soon as we all tried one we put them into the cart seconds later.  I think this version is even better than the raspberries!

IMG 6249


Any documentaries that you have loved recently?

Do you wake up naturally or use an alarm?  Is your body pretty consistent with what time you wake up?

TJ’s lovers—> any other cheeses there we must try?

What are your weekend plans?

-I don’t have a long run this weekend, and I feel extremely strange about this fact.

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Okay, we don’t have a Trader Joe’s very close to us, but you ALWAYS make me want to renew my Costco membership!!! Those chocolate covered strawberry things look so good!!!!
My family’s big Easter addiction this year has been the “bigger” more egg sized M&Ms. They have gone QUICKLY in the candy dish!!! We’ve struggled to find a good jellybean bag that everyone likes though. My oldest daughter likes the Mike & Ike ones :)
And, I have yet to ever find those Tootsie Roll eggs still!!!!

Thanks for those Amazon tank recommendations!!! I am definitely bookmarking those!!!

This weekend we’re headed to the Jersey Shore/beach for my daughter’s volleyball tournament—Looking forward to a change of scenery for sure! And some boardwalk/beach running/hopefully pretty sunrises :)

Have THE BEST weekend, Janae!!!!!


PS. Does the Amazon tank that you’re wearing in the pic—the first link—run true to size or small??? Thank you!!!


I got it in my normal size and it feels perfect! I decided it is what I am going to wear for Boston, I love it so much! I need to send you some of the strawberries, you would love them! I must grab those M&Ms, yum! Have the best time at the tournament and Key West anytime soon? Thanks Jen, you too!


Thank you!!!!! Well, the family is so busy this summer that we aren’t hitting Key West :(. I’m very sad about that, but we’re thinking of doing a quick trip to Nashville?! I think that there is something good/fun about every/any location, so it will be an adventure :)


Oh my goodness, you will have to be on the lookout for my nephew in Nashville! That will be a BLAST!!! Happy tournament weekend!


How well did the kids sleep after this adventure?
Weekend plan include working, running after work, trying Maurten drink mix for the first time.
Side note, can we get those non-runner reviews of the NIke 2% from Nordstroms to try Maurten gels? “I’m no runner but I had a gel for an afternoon snack. It doesn’t taste like much but is great for on the go. These would probably be good for marathons. Sleek packaging.”


Hahaha very very well! You have to tell me about the Maurten drink mix, I’m very very interested! Hahaha seriously I told so many running friends about those reviews… and your quote just made my day! Thank you for the laughs, you are the best. Happy Friday, Molly!


Hey girl! It’s been so long since i’ve popped in to say hello! Just wanted to say good luck at Boston this year :) I’ll be there running as well – so exciting as it’s my first marathon and race postpartum! Not sure if you’re doing a meetup but would love to say hi if possible :)

Have a great weekend!


GERI!!!! This made me smile so big. I am SO excited for you to be at Boston and I would love to see you! I think I am going to plan something at the expo? Would that work? Thanks Geri, you too!


Those Tru Frus are now on my Costco list! Hopefully my Costco has them. I will need to check out those crop tanks! Do they hold up well in the wash?

This weekend I’m actually going to the Philadelphia Flyers game and sitting in a suite! One of my friends works for a company that has a box and she won tickets to the game so I get to go with, woo!


You will have to let me know what you think of them, so so good. So far they have all washed extremely well, the prices are just unreal! A SUITE… umm you are going to have the best weekend! Enjoy, Maureen!


I love sports documentaries! If you haven’t seen Drive to Survive you have to- they just released the fourth season and all of them are so good (I still like the first one’s getting a bit overly dramatic with the editing now!!). I think Naomi Osaka also has a documentary out that I really want to watch.

My husband swears by the Italian Truffle cheese from Trader Joe’s, and I love the little mozzerella balls for salad!

I have a race tomorrow on UNC’s campus, and then Sunday I’m driving up to Richmond for a trip with my family! I haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving so it’s going to be so fun to catch up and see how much my 2 year old nephew has changed :) Enjoy your non-long run weekend!!


Ummm how have I missed those… I cannot wait to watch! I will be grabbing both of those cheeses next time I am there, thank you. HAPPY RACE DAY TOMORROW! Sounds like a great weekend, cheering for you tomorrow!


YES YES YES to Drive to Survive. My husband and I are addicted and are actually planning our 10 year anniversary trip around going to a race next summer because of that show…and we are NOT car race people.


Yay! I’m glad you tried the goat cheese! It’s so yummy.
And now I will be looking for those fruit bites when I’m at Costco next. They look so good.
This weekend will contain much of the usual… Run, yoga, pool time, and some yard work. I have been trying to stay on top of the dandelions in our front yard, but I am not winning the battle! Ha ha
I love that Amazon has cute clothes for decent prices! I could use some new tanks, thanks for sharing.
Have a great Friday!


Thank you thank you for telling me about the goat cheese and you will have to let me know what you think of the strawberries if you get them. Sounds like a beautiful weekend and wishing you luck against those dandelions. Thanks Wendy, you too!


What a fun family outing!

I have a 15k tomorrow morning, so that is my primary activity besides church on Sunday.
I try to use an alarm clock, but usually the alarm clock comes in earlier – which is my 3 and 4 year old!

Enjoy your weekend off from a long run – that means Boston is right around the corner!


I hope you have the best time at your 15k tomorrow, that sounds like such a fun race distance. Hahah kids make the best alarm clocks;). Good luck tomorrow and thank you, Kristen!


Oh my word, your run reminds me when I used to take the kids with me on walks! It was a zoo;-) Somehow all 3 would end up in the stroller and I would be trying to balance bikes and scooters on the stroller while pushing.

I am going to have to track down those strawberries at Costco!

I would say I wake up consistently around 4:15-4:45, but I still set an alarm. However, if I set no alarm and know I can sleep in the next day, I am still awake anywhere from 5-6. I feel like I wasted 1/2 the day when I wake up after 6….I am working on that!

I have 8 miles at marathon pace and a long run of 15-17 miles. Tomorrow I am also taking the girls to the Mall of America. They are so excited. No matter how many times we go, they still love it.

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


Hahaha ‘a zoo’ is the perfect description… you are supermom! Let me know what you think of the strawberries. HOW DO YOU WAKE UP THAT EARLY? That is amazing. Sounds like the perfect weekend (I want to go to the mall of america) and go rock those MP miles! Thanks Becky!


I feel like I sound like a real city-dweller here, but you just left your stroller and bike behind when Beck wanted out??? We could leave stroller but never a bike here in Chicago.


I did not explain that well enough! Andrew and Beck stayed pretty close to it and we ran back and forth on the stretch near it too. But I’m sure we could have left it and it wouldn’t have been touched! PS I want to run the Chicago Marathon so so bad. I hope your day is off to a great start, Julie!


I would totally come cheer you on!!


TJ’s does a cranberry goat cheese version around the holidays that is even better than the blueberry!


I cannot wait to try it! THANK YOU!


I typically wake up naturally and am pretty consistent but lately I’ve been stressed out and a mess all around. My weekend plans are to do an experiment I should have done a month ago and to run a trail 15k.


I do have a lot of mornings like yours – waking up extra early when I don’t need to! Sigh. That’s so exciting you are going to Boston. I’ll be cheering for you (remotely)! And thanks for the tank top recommendations. I’ll be getting one for my daughter, so hopefully the small will be small enough… or I’ll be getting one for myself :)


I love the documentary series Dogs on you tube TV. Season 1 has 6 episodes. Warning you might cry. Some are subtitled as they feature stories from around the world.
I added the crop tanks to my wish list, will give them a try.
Same here no long run. I have a half marathon in 2 weeks.

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