Silentish Saturday!!

Laziest morning!

IMG 4884

Loved listening to this episode.

IMG 4881

RACE EXPO!  The girls love these as much as I do and it felt so good to be at one again.

IMG 4892

“Pain You Enjoy”

IMG 4893

Loved seeing Mel and Heather at the expo!

IMG 4902

SO excited to have a bib again!

IMG 4895

Went and saw Spirit… the girls loved it!

IMG 4917

Getting the legs ready to run fast.

IMG 4920

Carb loading at La Jolla Groves.

IMG 4929

IMG 4930

A good night for a date night.

IMG 4926


Tell me 3 things that you are doing today!

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Good luck with the race! So excited for you!

I’ll be doing a pool workout today and trying to hide from the heat…lots to get done around the house, so I guess that’s a good excuse to get it done!


It’s going to be so hot this weekend…I am stuck inside today working but will be jumping in the pool right after work :)
Is your date night outfit a jumpsuit? Do you have a link:)

Good luck at the race….so excited for you!!!


Go Janae Go!!
Can’t wait to hear all about the race ?
Run, yard work, pool… All weekend!


Ooooh! It’s happening!! Go, HRG, go. You’re reconnecting with your soul and freedom. Can’t wait for the recap and the numbers. I’m looking for them like Beck is looking at Brooke above, ha!

We’re seeing the new hair a lot now. I can really see the highlights. Looking good! Also on the personal front: aliens. Does Andrew think they are friends or foes for us? Related: I saw someone reference Job 38:31-32 recently. Not sure if this is in the LDS book, or not. (?)


I thought your hair looked shorter recently….cutee! Good Luck!


Good luck today!!

I can’t wait for race expos again too! And to see people racing, excited about running, cheering on their community. It’s been too long since we’ve all had the chance to experience that.


Good luck tomorrow!!! Run Strong!!!
I will be cleaning the backyard, starting to pack for a trip this week and hopefully taking a nap!!!!
Holy moly that pasta looks good!!!


I hope you are having an amazing race!!!

It looked like the perfect pre-race day , really is feeling like things are getting back to the way they used to be.

We are going to join some friends at the amusement park and maybe hit up the neighborhood pool this afternoon.


Hi Janae! Good luck!!! Time to see all that training pay off!!


I have been working, just getting back to walking from knee surgery (hoping to be running in the next month) and packing our house to move.

Your hair looks amazing! I think I want that length. What are you curling with? It looks awesome! Need a curl tutorial.


That pasta looks delicious. Carbonara? One of my favorite things to make. Good luck tomorrow!


We are taking our kids to see ‘Spirit’ today — their first time ever at the movie theater because they were so little when Covid started! PS: I really love your new hair!


You look SO GORGEOUS on date night! Love the black and gold accents!


Hi Janae! Thanks for the Spirit recommendation, I think I’ll take my girls to see it. I LOVE your new haircut! Would you mind sharing what tools you use to style it? Is it a wand or curling iron? Thank you!

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