I keep reminding myself…

(tank, shorts, shoes)

I’m tired.

There is a very low chance I would have done 10 x 1k without these people to chase after (picture during the cool-down, they were much farther ahead in the workout).  Knowing they were there doing the same thing that I was and not quitting forced me to do the same.

16.08 miles with 10 x 1k in the middle.  After each 1k interval, we did 1-2 minutes of very slow jogging/standing before the next.  My splits for these—>  4:03, 3:40, 4:07, 3:40, 4:08, 3:41, 4:17, 3:42, 4:19 and 3:38… half of them were uphill with a headwind, and half of them were downhill with a tailwind (although the tailwind never felt as strong as the headwind even though it was in the same location ha).  I was dying on those uphills!

IMG 5345

While I couldn’t get my legs to move like I wanted to for the workout, I kept reminding myself that marathon training is all about accumulating fatigue and balancing that with recovery.  We go into these workouts/long runs during training with fatigue in our bodies still from the previous workouts/long runs.  This prepares us to hit the full marathon distance on race day!  We go into the workouts/long runs tired, so while we may never hit 26 miles in training, starting the workouts/long runs fatigued trains us to be able to go the full distance when we are rested and energized from the taper.

Screen Shot 2022 03 23 at 9 49 05 AM

And now for a bunch of sentences per picture:

After my run, I did some stretching and strength for runners on the Peloton app.

IMG 5382

And then it was straight to gymnastics.

IMG 5398

My sister’s youngest made me a homemade oreo which was a big highlight of the day.

IMG 5399

And never in my life have I been happier to have leftovers in the fridge… my mom’s lasagna hit the spot.

IMG 5407

Beck loves to grab Brooke’s hand and take her on a walk around the house.

IMG 5403

I miss my Peloton but will get back to it again after Boston.

IMG 5411

Any other four-year-olds put out their full outfits, jewelry, and shoes for the next day right before they go to bed?

IMG 5339


Favorite speed workout and least favorite speed workout?

Do you do a lot of uphill/downhill in your training or is your area super flat?

A question from Brooke—> What is your favorite dessert?

Do you put your running clothes out the night before or get them in the morning?

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Whew! Reading about those 1K intervals made me tired, too! I think I’d prefer alternating downhill and uphill for that distance, though. Yasso 800s must be the worst for me, though. So tough to work through that many rounds.
My immediate area has almost no flat ground. I’ve been toying with an idea for an ultra spread over 2 days (4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours), but I can’t possibly make myself do it in my neighborhood with all the ups and downs. The C&O canal towpath is nearby, so that’s the go-to for flat long runs.
Favorite dessert? Very tough question, Brooke. Probably turtle brownies (fun to say and yummy to eat).
I might need Skye’s help with planning next-day outfits ;)


Hi Brooke! My favorite desserts are cookies and my very favorite cookies are peanut butter no bakes. My family has always called them Splat Cookies because you splat them out on the wax paper to cool. I’m going to have to make some this weekend! Hope you have a great day!


Oh my goodness, Brooke is going to love your comment because those are her favorite cookies. I hope it is okay that we are stealing your name for them now, so fun. Thanks friend, you too!


Favorite dessert is CHEESECAKE!!


I love lemon tart.


Hi Janae and Brooke. I like hills and hate speed; I know I’m weird. Favorite dessert, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. And the crisp must have a lot of the crisp part. Oh my gosh.


Good Morning..I’m loving following your Boston training! I also wanted to let you know that I have been doing the Peloton Mariana Fernandez yoga classes..specifically the lower body ones and Morning Yoga flow— they are AWESOME stretches for runners. They really should market them as Yoga for Runners…and I really don’t like yoga…LOL! She is a runner and gets it.
Favorite dessert is definitely cheesecake!


This is me I’m tired. 7 more school days until spring break and I am feeling it! The struggle is real this week for both me and my high school daughter. Between all her homework and track season we are running on fumes! We both feel like March is very long.

I had to smile about laying out your clothes the night before. My older kiddos (now in college) are triplets and we always “dressed our doors” starting in preschool to make our mornings smoother. All three of them still send me pictures of their doors dressed when the new semester starts, or if they have an event that they need to dress up for such as an interview or something. It always warms my Mama heart ❤️
Happy Friday Eve!


Way to go on your 16 miles!

I do not like doing speed work (I have yet to not get injured), so I don’t have any formal speed work trained in my workouts, but on days I feel like running fast, I will do a couple 400’s or at least fartlek type stuff on 1 run/week. I do seek out hills. Our area is pretty flat but we have a few big rolling hills so I make sure I hit those at least 2-3x’s on my longer runs.

Ice cream cakes are my absolute favorite dessert. However, we have been very into trying different kinds of brownies lately and cookies….haha, basically any kind of dessert;-)

I do not pick out my clothes the night before a run. Although I might put in a little more thought if I was running with other people/saw other people out on my run. I can’t always say I match.

Have a fabulous Thursday Janae!


I don’t think I have a favorite speed workout… I definitely don’t do them because I enjoy them! I definitely think doing them on a track is easier, maybe because it’s easy to see a rest/finish point?
My area is hilly – my city is right on a river bluff so while there are some flat areas (it is the Midwest, after all!), there are a LOT of hills! It’s sometimes unpleasant but it’s definitely good for me when I’m training for a race. I have developed routes to avoid hills if I need to though :)
Hi Brooke! My favorite dessert – probably lemon bars! Or anything lemon/berry!
I haven’t been doing any early morning workouts (pregnant me really really values my sleep!) but when I did, I usually put my clothes out the night before. It’s just easier to have one less thing to think about in the early morning hours!


I know what you mean running on tired legs. It is amazing how it all comes together on race day. I’m currently in week 12 of 18 on my plan and my legs like to argue with me in the morning before I start. It is super flat where I am at so all my hill training is pretty much on the treadmill. There are some hills about 45 minutes from our house so I like to go out there when I have the time.

To Brooke. I love anything with caramel in it. I once had a caramel banana pie and it was heavenly. If I asked my 4-year old, he would say sour gummy worms.

I have to get my runs in around 4:15-4:30 each morning and my husband is still asleep. Having my running clothes out and ready is a must.


I have to drive to run on a flat path – in my neighborhood I can get 400ft elevation in less than a mile, so I save my neighborhood runs for easy days because I do not like hills! I actually am finding I like the interval workouts on the Peloton tread as my favorite “speed” workout because I don’t have to think about when I can slow down, I know they will tell me.

Hey Brooke! I love cupcakes – all kinds, anytime of day.

I only lay my clothes out if it’s a race and I’m nervous, otherwise I know I’ll figure it out in the morning.


Favorite dessert: bread pudding!
I think I prefer tempo workouts and least favorite may be 1K repeats. I would rather do mile repearts and K repeats!

Is the homemade oreo a dry, snappy kind of cookie or more like a whoopie pie?


I love bread pudding but totally forgot about it! Yes yes to a tempo workout over the 1ks. These cookies are so moist and more like a whoopie pie. Let me know if you make them! Have a great day, Rachel!


So here’s a question that’s been bothering me a lot during this training cycle. I know how to tell the difference between “bad pain” and “good pain,” but I do not know how to tell the difference between “good” fatigue and “bad, no seriously, you need to rest” fatigue. I have been SO tired lately. The other day I fell asleep at my desk! I can’t tell if it’s normal tired or if it’s “you’re about to get sick if you don’t chill out” tired. Any advice? I get 8-10 hours every night and have pretty good sleep habits, I just can’t tell if this is how I should feel with my training load right now or if my body is telling me it’s too much.


Annie! I so so relate and I am feeling this so much today. I don’t know where that line is… I’ll write a post about this next week and see if anyone can help us! I need a nap right now too! Mind if I include your comment in the post? Hope you have a great day!


Hi Janae! We moved to a hilly area this year and running is so much harder now! I think the gradient of the hill is really important to not get injured. My favorite dessert right now is watermelon!
Have a great day!


I cannot wait for watermelon season here and those hills are making you so strong! Hope your Thursday has been great so far, Amy!


800s are probably my favorite speed workout, though I don’t do them very often. I tend to pick tempo work or trail runs as my hard efforts. Shorter stuff is really hard to do alone!
The roads near me are super flat, but there are lots of hills close by. It’s nice that I have my pick of terrain.
Great question Brooke! Ice cream is a go-to for me, but my favorites are key lime pie, mango with sticky rice and tiramisu.


Ida, I totally agree with you.. the shorter the interval, the harder it is for me! Give me the tempos and trails! That is awesome that you have both options for flat and hills. You now have me needing mango sticky rice. Have a beautiful day, Ida!


That is a hard question, Brooke. But I think I’d have to say a fresh-from-the-oven brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. :)


I am so with you on this, nothing like it! I hope we both get this soon. Have a beautiful day, Marilyn!


Hi Janae,

I’m curious if you’ve considered adding in an extra full rest day now that you are working out more? You may be running less but obviously tacking on strength workouts to run days and to spin days means your total exercise volume is significantly higher than what it was pre-Peloton. This is something I’ve been considering for myself so curious on your approach and why you ultimately decided to up your workouts without upping the number of rest days.



Hey Abigail! Great question! So I am not doing spin right now until after Boston and I’ve just been trying to get in some high mileage in this short prep for Boston so I can have a good race (and finish it ha). Starting next week I will be cutting my mileage down each week until the race wahoo. Hope your day is a great one and keep me updated with what you decide to do!


Hi Janae! I envy you having all those terrain options to run on :) I live close to the bottom on the side of a hill at the end of a dead end street. My street traverses the hill, so I have to go up, then down before choosing to go up (right) or down (left) onto a main road. (Crossing this street also puts me in another state, lol.) I usually choose to go up and over the hill at the beginning. Not only does it put me in a better area with sidewalks to run on, but I have no choice but to come back up and over the hill to get home.
Hi Brooke! My sweet tooth is a fan of dessert in general. There’s a fancy seafood restaurant near us that serves a Blood Orange Sherbet that makes your mouth sing. It’s my absolute favorite, once a year, treat. But for “regular” dessert, chocolate covered cannoli (Janae, you MUST go to Bova’s in the North End when you’re in Boston) or Moose Tracks ice cream.


I avoid hill repeats any chance I can….I’ll even head to the hills with friends intending to do hills, and then at some point take off on my own when no ones looking, run a route that has just as many hills, and return as they all finish with them never knowing…..oops, the secret’s out.
I like 15 second sprints…until i almost puke…
creme brulee…something I have to go out to have, home made is impossible
and yes, clothing, shoes and my hydration next to the bed…and I hide my phone and lap top…and try to get out the door before I actually wake up…..


Laughing at Skye putting clothes out. Starting them young. I started putting my outfits out the night before probably in middle school because I had to leave earlier and I would just get dressed right when I woke up. One less thing to think about in the morning. Now if I am going to the gym, I wear my sports bra and top to bed and lay my leggings out so I just have to put those on in the morning and go.

Favorite dessert: cookie cake! I’m going to order one for my birthday coming up in a couple weeks :)

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