Friday Favorites!

(Leggings, top, shoes)

I was reminded of something very important yesterday about marathon training—>  When my mileage is high, I need part of of my miles to be on the dirt.  My body and mind instantly felt better running on the dirt after so many road miles the last few weeks.

So much better.  Eight miles @ 9:28 pace with Jo, 1200 ft of climbing, and we finished the run with 4 x 30-second hill pushes.  Our goal this year is to make the hills our strength.

IMG 5418

After my run, I did a bit of upper body strength and foam rolling.  We got the big kids to school, and Beck was still asleep so we jumped in the hot tub.  Skye is always happy to join me there, and my muscles were begging for it.

IMG 5443

The highlight of the day was going to a BYU baseball game.

IMG 5530

Beck lasted for a little while in the seats but insisted on walking around for the rest of the time.

IMG 5535

We made it to the best time of the year here!

IMG 5541


I have a few favorite things to share today!

*If you like the cropped t-shirt look with high-waisted pants, you have to try my new favorite ones.  You will never feel a softer fabric in your life than this t-shirt.  PS RetailMeNot has a ton of discount codes for this brand.

I love the top with joggers or my black jeans and of course my arahis.

IMG 5295

*For Christmas, one of my brothers and his family gave us this bounce house, it’s a crowd favorite with these kids.  It is so easy to put up and put away, and they spend a lot of time on it.

IMG 5185

*Jennifer sent me the Sweetart Jelly Beans, and they are by far the best jelly bean out there.

IMG 5247

*My sister told us about ‘sock wrestling’, which is now a big deal at our house.  The object of the game is to get the other person’s socks off.

IMG 5220

We usually play one person against another or the entire family against Andrew.  We always have Skye wear tall soccer socks, so she has a chance.

IMG 5233

*One of our necessities for Easter each year… Egg spinners that you use markers with so you get to avoid the mess.  Every age can use it!

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 0526

*This show has been so fun to watch with Brooke on Netflix, and we have become experts on guessing which item is cake and which item is not cake!

IMG 5337

*I have a lot of favorites today, but I cannot get enough popcorn right now with extra butter and salt.  I think all of the gels I am taking for my runs make me need additional salt.

IMG 5413


Have any favorites from this week?

Anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

You can only eat sweet or salty foods for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Have a show you are loving right now?

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Going to NYC with a friend for the weekend, very excited!! Doing all the touristy things plus going to a Broadway play Saturday night!

Favorite for the week is Ali on the Run Friendship Fest, I’ve been catching up on episodes this week.

Have a great weekend!


Oh I am so jealous! You’ll have to let me know what you see. Enjoy! Off to catch up on those episodes, thanks Mariah. Happy Friday!


Are the sweet tart jelly beans better than starburst jelly beans?! Because those are my favorite so now I need to know if I have to try out sweet tart ones.

It’s 8:36 am and now I want salty and buttery popcorn… that will have to happen at some point this weekend! Such a good snack.


I really think they are better than the starburst! You will have to let me know what you think though! ENJOY the popcorn, it just hits the spot. Hope your day is a great one, Maureen!


Currently reading The Rose Code. Highly recommend!

You are saying Sweet Tart jelly beans are better than Starburst jelly beans? Maybe you should do a jelly bean bracket a-la Keira D’amato!


AWESOME! Thank you, I’m adding it to my list. Yep. They are actually better which I feel weird for even saying because I didn’t think it was possible. Hahah yes we will totally do that bracket. Happy Friday, Molly!


The baseball game looks so fun! We have a mix of mud, snow , rain and more mud, so baseball games will have to wait for a while here.

Oh my gosh, we are going to have to play sock wrestling! My kids would love that!

A favorite this week was getting out with the kids and rolllerblading (them, not me, I walk).

I choose sweet, hands down. The only time I crave salty is after a race. I don’t understand how people can choose chips over ice cream or a cookie!

I am watching Inventing Anna, I can’t say I love it, but it holds my attention while running on the treadmill. Some people find it hard to believe that it actually happened. However, years ago, I had a “friend” that pretty much did the same thing. I quickly realized she was scammy, but she got thousands ($5000-7000) from several people who were in the same social circles as me.
The kids and I watched the new Cheaper by the Dozen movie and loved it!

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


I hope that the snow disappears very soon! We need to move on from winter:). Let me know what they think of sock wrestling! Wish my kids could join for the rollerblading party! I hope you get all of the sweet soon. OH MY GOODNESS about that person in your life. That is unreal! How do people sleep at night when they do that kind of stuff?! We will have to watch the new Cheaper by the Dozen! Thanks Becky, hope your day is a great one!


Try the Sour Patch Kids jelly beans as well. Also, I could eat popcorn every day of my life.


I need to try those… I had the watermelon sour patch kids jelly beans and loved them but I’ll have to try the normal ones. I hope you have some popcorn today. Happy weekend, Meredith!


Love Sweet Tart jellybeans! I agree that they really are the best.
My next door neighbor has that same bounce house, and they use it all the time with their 2 little girls. And it seems to go up super fast.
This is the last weekend of spring break, and we’re having summer like weather, so I am planning on some pool time and anything outside. I’m still working on my hip flexor, but hoping to get in some easy miles and some point this weekend too.
We had a rough night with our dog last night, he’s 15+ years old, and we know he doesn’t have too much time left (he either had a seizure or a stroke) So I think we’re all feeling tired and emotionally drained this morning. We’ll see what the vet says today.
Love the Friday favorites! Have a great day Janae ?


Wendy, I am so sorry about your dog. My heart is broken for you all. Let me know what the vet says and I’m thinking about you. I hope you get some miles with no hip flexor problems and plenty of pool time. Thanks Wendy!


Sweet or salty is a tough one. If it’s not including fruit, I think I may choose salty. But I can’t give up oranges and grapes so if it includes all food then sweet for sure. Do you ever melt chocolate on your popcorn? Sweet+salty. I get white chocolate and sometimes add food coloring. It’s so good when it cools. I’m thinking so much about food right now hahaha


I will be melting chocolate on my popcorn tonight. That sounds amazing! I think you need to have it tonight too:). Happy weekend, Jenny!


Happy Friday, Janae! We had sleet and a little snow yesterday, so I am jealous of your very springlike weather! I know I won’t be though when you get into crazy Utah summer temps :o) Also, I would soooo be in that bounce house with your kids! I have a friend who loves when I visit, because I’m the only adult who will go on the trampoline with her daughter.
I cannot wrap my head around Sweet Tart jelly beans being better than Starburst. I taste test is now a MUST!
Sweet or salty? A decision cannot be made, so I pick dark chocolate covered pretzels for the best of both worlds LOL!
Have an awesome weekend, Janae!


SLEET AND SNOW?! Nooo. I forgot about our hot summers ha but I do like that better than the cold winter. Come over and jump, my kids would love you. Please give me your thoughts after you try this jelly bean variety, they are amazing. Haha way to go combining the sweet and salty, Brooke loves those too. Thanks friend, happy weekend to you!


Hi Janae! I am a salt fiend! Sock wrestling looks awesome, are you allowed to use your hands to take off other people’s socks? I could see it being fun either way.
Have a great day!


Hahaha I didn’t even think about just using feet to take them off, we will have to try that. We have just been using our hands. I hope you get all of the salt today and happy weekend!


I must try Sweettart jelly beans. The Starburst flav reds are my favorite. I can’t live without sweets.

This weekend my grandma and I are going on a lady date to the ballet. We try to go to something artsy every month and it’s my favorite.


Please tell me what you think of them, they are so so good. Have the best time on your lady date, I will absolutely be copying this with my grandkids. Thank you for sharing, Libbie!


I have been seeing that cake show on Netflix..I’m definitely going to be watching that with my daughter!
I’ve been eyeing those Madewell jeans you shared…I noticed they also come in a mid-rise fit. Do these ones fit above or below your belly button?

Excited to go bowling and out to eat tonight with my family.
Have a great weekend


You will have to let me know what you and your daughter think of it! Mine fit right below my belly button and I just love them so much. Have the best time bowling and eating out. Thanks Ashlea, you too!


If you want to make that buttered popcorn even more extra, sprinkle on some nutritional yeast! You’re welcome!


You are the best. THANK YOU!!! Have a great weekend, Jackie.


18 miles for me tomorrow and now I know what my treat will be afterwards…jellybeans and popcorn! Do you ever do stovetop popcorn? Way better than microwave in my opinion. And we sprinkle extra salt and a little Parmesan cheese on it. Hope y’all have a great weekend and I love your yellow running shoes. Makes me happy!


you’re wearing Hokas…I’ve been looking at speed goats, I do use the Arahi, love the Bondis….and yes, off road is way more fun than anything paved….
this weekend has to be good, this week has been a keeps getting in the way…..
sweet and salty……anything…after a run, if it isn’t nailed down, I eat it…..I know it’s not sweet and salty, but I’ve been learning how to make chinese food, so stir frying and deep frying chicken…….
show?…….right now for something to just watch, I’m still digging through the disney channel, Mulan is actually really good…and yeah, the Star Wars batch watching is still going on, am contemplating doing the same for Buffy….

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